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  1. the religious freedom act says that religious organisations can advertise for, and only hire people of their own faith\ i don't particularly have an opinion on it but the organisation he used as an example in press conference made a statement that they will hire anyone, and please leave them out of the debate
  2. full moon tomorrow. It ends up meaning about 4 days of me feeling like shit, with a racey, shouty head
  3. what sort of accounting? doing people's taxes, and needing to interact with them is very different to the "investor" end of the accounting spectrum both kind of have a massive hierachy to be scared of/delusional about. As opposed to work in a mum and pop type grocery for example. Authority figures that i need to answer to almost invariably do my head in, add to that the unseen bureaucracy dealing with clients can become very difficult with both negative symptoms and mood disorders (i see sza as your dx) it also makes me an abysmal interviewee. None of my jobs were ones that I interviewed for. They were things like when i started with an education relief agency and they desperately needed a substitute before my interview, so i was contracted one day blind, and it grew from there. Then with said agency i kept getting sent to one place, who sort of decided to just keep me without a real interview
  4. Do you have a tdoc for coping strategies? That is also a mammoth depacote dose, which may contribute to worsening them
  5. *Sounds* like tension/stress headaches. They can relate to anxiety, and as with other anxiety symptoms, worrying about them can make them worse. IF they are that, then dealing with the stress/anxiety triggers can help. They are a bugger. But should pass naturally. And are likely in no way damaging your brain. There is no kindling effects with tension headaches. Do mention them to GP or similar next time you happen to be there though.
  6. first thing to try would be improve sleep the night prior, get up in the morning and head out somewhere benzos used to be go to to help get sleep deeper so you can do the morning bit, these days more likely piffly sleep hygeine etc first up
  7. I posted an apology on the FB fan page of a lecturer from 20 years ago. With a note to pass apology to old head of department if he sees her too. I was a shit of a student. Got very good marks, but I was just an arsehole. And made more than one lecturer cry. The one I wrote to had, at the time, said not even his drill sergeant in the military treated him as badly as I did.
  8. Sulphur crested cockatoo landed in the back yard Boys panicked, then intrigued 😂
  9. Oh. Then labile is nothing like it. Have you consulted your care team on this? Inappropriate affect can have serious professional repercussions, it has with me. Any recent med tweaks? If so, you'll likely come good in a few weeks with this
  10. I meant that if you felt sad. It is perfectly appropriate affect. And more likely related to a mood disorder. I'm not familiar with the term labile.
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