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  1. Expecting air fryer delivery today I am still of the opinion that it is clever marketing of a miniature oven But mum likes to roast vegetables for her lunch. And can't always manage big oven
  2. That sounds right Rapid shifts are something I get the day of a migraine coming
  3. I think that is mostly good? If you were currently in a mood disturbance then you might have 2 weeks up (which is often diagnosed when witnessed by a professional without person noticing) then weeks or months down
  4. Flues comments about society's different view of dicks and cunts
  5. IMO it prolly is psychosis I think at the very least, a half way caring spirit guide would recommend a professional tattooist, with appropriate safet and health regulations
  6. there was an ad campaign to raise a pinky finger to hoon drivers here, to imply small dick now i am wondering sign language for outy labia
  7. And apparently it is OK to criticise penis size, with no empirical evidence. But not comment on a lady's labia length or potential odour
  8. Long inner labia that is a darker tone than regular body skin, neat but not bald is my preference Hope that helps
  9. Are you able to distract yourself Like, if you were currently in the grip of a spider attack, and someone says "Hi simba, would you like a donut?" where does your mind go then?
  10. Any Australian who saw arachnophobia in the 90s said "But they are just huntsmen"
  11. Thank you Apparently my pulse was 134, he said that it's just because I am scared of him
  12. He said focus on routine and my movements is not about control or surveillance. Then asked me how I think that medics would go about treating someone who they know nothing about Which admittedly makes sense
  13. He said that I'm a bit paranoid. Thinks it's early enough that eliminating the anxiety inducing triggers by taking a break from all but essential health care should nip it in the bud He said some of the appointments and interactions which I described between us never happened. That he would remember and shouting matches stick in doctors minds. But I remember them. I described one in detail and his bewildered look was a bit haunting
  14. Can people just give thoughts on something, while I'm waiting on an appointment? (Lack of) trust in health professionals is huge for me. It has kinda been waves of severity over several years. Dx Schizoaffective disorder with largely seasonal depression. The thoughts of health professionals can either centre around going over old appointments and confrontations. Or thoughts that my whole team is colluding, to control my every move. Maybe that is what health care teams do? But the nature of the thoughts, in being suspicious that immediate authority figures are against me personally. And the focus on control and monitoring/surveiling is somewhat consistant with previous cycles of delusions, where hallucinations follow after, and that leads to med tweak (And terrible embarrassing realisation that some of my behaviours and outbursts at people were... misguided) I recently fired them all, except GP. After dietitian and tdoc both asked similar questions on consecutive weeks. That can't be normal So, TL;DNR is Do doctors and the likes control and monitor by definition? Maybe they do, maybe not every move for every person. I think some degree of guiding lifestyle fits the job description. But how much is normal? Is commenting on seeing me walking into a local cafe normal? And judging what I was doing there?
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