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  1. I did maybe 4 sessions. Lots of "Life sucks, and that's OK" type stuff. Some mindfulness. And an emphasis on yourself as a self aware being. 2 out of 10. Would not recommend.
  2. Strong rumours that we will be stage 4 lockdown by Wednesday. Similar to what NZ had.
  3. Outside current circumstances I travel 2 suburbs for a good pharmacist. Local one is a bit ordinary. Sorry that they put you through that while already struggling.
  4. Back to 1500mg Just not working out, mood wise, and with migraines. Hopefully my brain will STFU soon. At least my friends received some nice gifts out of the experiment. So, that's good.
  5. Times like these I see why a doctorate takes 11+ years I think that I will just keep charts until I get next cymbalta script in a few weeks, and hopefully that will be enough data to be meaningful
  6. Thanks. I'll read up. First blurb said approved 2014, which is more recent than I've struggled this much with them.
  7. isn't that what that kardashian woman uses to floof her lips up? i've not heard this
  8. i need a break from these migraines for non sufferers, a migraine isn't just some flashing light stuff followed by a few hours pain. They are more like a week long experience. With the prior-to-aura (prodrome) and after-throbbing-pain (postdrome or hangover) being dominantly mood disturbance, with some funky dejavu and anxiety and stuff so with migraines every second day lately, my attempted mood charting is full of asterisk about why today doesn't count
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