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  1. as an aside, sort of you might remember that i rented a 24 hour home blood pressure monitor? it cost $80 for the day, and apparently none of that cost is footed by our public health system. So i imagine similar there, or potentially less with $ conversion it was really worthwhile for me, and very different to clinic readings. Sleeping was OK too but, mine was high in clinic with anxiety, not low
  2. Risperdal is a big one if it is orthostatic hypotension (sp?) Ie. BP drops when changing from seated to standing
  3. i have 2 pill boxes invariably neglect to fill them the up side is that i get to have a false sense of security but, i am hopeless. Couldn't organise a root in a brothel
  4. You could try staying awake overnight, throughout the morning etc. Works for me better than approved methods. Your tdoc might slap you.
  5. Granted. You now complete war and peace in 3 minutes 23 seconds and your book budget consumes all your free cash. I wish that this smoke from the fires would subside
  6. Not strictly a weather post. But, in case anyone wondered. Safe here, from bush fires. Just lots of smoke to deal with.
  7. Not sure if I like 2020 so far Humid year, and it smells like bush fire 4 out of 10
  8. Granted. But you'll get bubonic plague in its place (which is very treatable with antibiotics now) I wish that the 2020s see a return to rock n roll
  9. I'm trying to stay awake, to improve the likelihood of staying awake tomorrow during hooman hours when guests are here. Being so tired is making me sad 😫 No one should have to be awake in the middle of the afternoon
  10. they taste OK. Similar to broccolini, or broccoli stems. but they make a healthy substitute for stuff high in white carbiness
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