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  1. Dr asked me if I'd consider a statin. Cholesterol levels have been moderately high for 11 years. Current test was 7.3 total, 4.8 LDL. I'm 40. Blood pressure is high too. Both common in my family. Just after thoughts. Have heard mixed ideas on usefulness. Although they seem pretty benign S/E wise.
  2. CBs suggestion board provides a nice little history lesson of 15-20 years worth People had to really push for "Other" as a 3rd option. Velvis had to google hard to work out how to make IPB recognise 3 Then later people wanted more personalised. There were suggestions like "Lotus flower" as a gender option. Can't remember if that was ever realised It was revised again later If you view profiles of long time members, some will still have the old versions. I think mine auto changed from"man" to "male" when i edited something else that was mostly a reply to FiS BTW
  3. vegemite toast i have done for 40 years, so pretty much routine by now what devices do you currently have going? things like radio/tv, not fridge etc. If that makes sense
  4. Currently they are coming down from a sugar high. They have a big grevillia flower from the yard to munch on today.
  5. For me, days here and there don't even warrant mentioning to a Dr. They do get very low. For me, 2 weeks to a month of utter disfunction. Then mention to a doc. I've learned that when I force myself out of the house in public. The best response to random social workers approaching and asking "Are you homeless?" Is to respond "No. Are you?" But I have no job, few responsibilities. Ymmv
  6. Just for slow/off days: yogawithadriene.com Or her YouTube channel Her dog is awesome too Older videos are better. Recently she seems to cater to lower denominator
  7. The 2nd pic really makes me smile inside
  8. Is it OK if I play devil's advocate? Benzos are habit forming, and can lead to feeling like you need larger doses over time. I have seen first hand, patients demanding higher doses aggressively and even violently. The clinic might have a jaded history with previous patients who abused them. Which sucks, and ultimately means that it is probably not a clinic that you need in your life.
  9. Do you take it more than once? Anxiety will do it, anxiety about heart rate will do it. On first measure, my resting is often 110-130. A few goes and some distraction like talking to someone and it comes down to lower
  10. Someone IRL said "Good Morning" to me on a walk recently. Not over the internet, but F2F. It was horrible. I still haven't recovered. It was very distressing They weren't even walking a dog. So it's not like good morning meant "Do you want to pat my pupper? It is good if they socialize " I could understand that as a part of training for the beautiful, sentient being. But not a human
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