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  1. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/2944635/ "No worse than the flu" my arse 😲
  2. If i understand both the question and the intent of the question correctly. No. You are not a bad person. But others might not know how to interact with you intuitively. This may result in various responses, including being scared of you. Or not trust you, even if you are being truthful. Understanding that these are just 2 of the natural responses to your described behaviours will go a long way to learning to live with your condition and develop appropriate coping strategies.
  3. I'm guessing that depends on how it affects things. You say that you focus more on the geometry. But are you capable of stopping that and shifting your focus back to the zoom meeting? If it is problematic, certainly mention it to care team.
  4. my state is re-closing international arrivals go into mandatory 14 day quarantine the mandatory 14 day quarantine was staffed by contractor security guards with little to no training the contractor security guards with little to no training traded sexual favours for going to the store for treats etc they got cooties the cooties spread now, i am home again
  5. oh, and recent trend for athletes is to swish pickle juice just the liquid in a pickle jar, swish in your mouth and discard (or swallow)
  6. do you get leg cramps at night? that is another symptom it can relate to too much water, maybe swap some for gatorade or similar if you really enjoy fluids i think potassium helps you digest salt and salt is "your backup fluids supply" like a reserves tank don't let it stay low. They put mum on a catharter and limited her to 600ml water a day when hers got really low
  7. Donald J Trump in a 1980s Metallica song
  8. I wonder if the degrees get lonely, being so few of them?
  9. Got tested last night. Just to be sure. Only mild symptoms, and increased migraines.
  10. i haven't taken seroquel, but risperdal is pretty weight neutral for me i did gain a bit, but that is easily explained by how shitty i feel, and my diet without it. I was underweight before
  11. we are not doing as well as NZ, but better than most places it blows my mind on multiple levels, that they managed to trace one cluster among quarantine security guards, to the passing around of a cigarette lighter during break times scary to think that this thing is so catchy incredible that they traced that. The logistics of working that out is a bit mind boggling for my little brain
  12. How long has it been ongoing, and have you recently changed meds? I had this for maybe 6 months when I started risperdal. Which ultimately didn't matter with my single status. It actually led me via google to crazymeds. Although I didn't follow the advice. It resolved itself with a sudden, unexpected, unexplained random public boner. Which is always awkward. Then progressed through occasionally taking interest in bewbies etc, and eventually back to my normal low grade libido. Which would probably disappoint most people. But is just how I roll.
  13. yes, will probably lose my toenail which means that i shouldn't have to clip that toenail for months... winning
  14. What do motorists find so difficult about right hand turns? (Where we drive on left) Traffic lights with median strip. I just had one keep going and presumably he thought I would duck out of his way or something. He ran over my toe. I punched his roof and kept going. He pulled over a few metres down the road.Hopefully he has learned about RH turning and giving way to pedestrians. The cunt.
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