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  1. Last year, after several repeated blood tests over years with elevated proteins etc, an ultrasound showed NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) GP mentioned briefly that epilim (Sodium Valproate/Depakene) can cause/complicate this. I take it for complex partial/focal seizures. I don't currently have a neurologist, since nothing has changed in several years. Just thinking about my options, and seeking thoughts before I ask doctors. I started this med about 2 decades ago. I was working full time, and getting around town by bicycle, including riding down the busiest road in my then state. So absence seizures were legitimately posing dangers. I'm on disability, and don't ride now It was also raised at one point, to counter what turned out to be SSRI related S/E So, I'm wondering about lowering, or changing for something less brutal on the liver, or even trialling slowly coming off it all together? Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. Started preparing for rental inspection next week. I've heard that not all countries do these. But here, the landlord comes once every 6 to 12 months to check that we look after their investment. How picky she is varies. Sometimes she's only here 30 seconds. Other times she goes over everything with a fine tooth comb. I took a bunch of stuff to the garage. Started on my laundry pile. We are generally not terrible. So a week is plenty to tidy up.
  3. My understanding is that CFS is an autoimmune disease? Some form of AI disease would also make sense, since you report rarely catching flu etc. If there is an upside to autoimmune diseases, it is avoiding most viruses and infection
  4. i like the term "complimentary medicine" it isn't a replacement, but various massage techniques, herbs etc can add an extra X% buffer to stability etc. Which is good it sits along side prescribed by pdoc meds
  5. just while i have this in my clipboard https://time.com/4659308/misophonia-noisy-eating-science/?fbclid=IwAR0gMjFunmromx47sKjoJ3SeM9-PtrQ548iOAantxKBdharziizEq4xH9hg i'm sure that my dad suffered this. I used to get smacked every time i made noise while eating chips/crisps. If the bag crinkled-smack, if there was a crisp sound-smack, if i cried and said it was impossible-also smack, and told i WILL finish them in silence
  6. tradesman came today, to install a shower that mum can use independently but, he hung around complaining about everything. With a focus on people with mental illness claiming disability support pension i don't think he realised i was home, until i went down that end of the house for a pee, at which point he decided rather quickly that he had to leave
  7. t-rex were likely scavengers, and didn't hunt based on latest research roosters are shit heads. Seriously arseholes. If they can't shag something, they'll beat it up for sport. If they can shag it, they will, as often as possible. Imagine being raped half hourly or so, that is living with a rooster so yes, the in egg analysis is good, IMO
  8. as an aside, sort of you might remember that i rented a 24 hour home blood pressure monitor? it cost $80 for the day, and apparently none of that cost is footed by our public health system. So i imagine similar there, or potentially less with $ conversion it was really worthwhile for me, and very different to clinic readings. Sleeping was OK too but, mine was high in clinic with anxiety, not low
  9. Risperdal is a big one if it is orthostatic hypotension (sp?) Ie. BP drops when changing from seated to standing
  10. i have 2 pill boxes invariably neglect to fill them the up side is that i get to have a false sense of security but, i am hopeless. Couldn't organise a root in a brothel
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