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  1. Ordered a single espresso. 1 ounce or 32 ml Was served this Left 1 star review explaining that extra water is not philanthropic. The bulk of the caffeine is in the first shot, with caffeine being volatile to heat. Same reason why light roast is more caffeine than dark roasted Additional shots just scald the bean and ruin the taste of beans, as in the vegetable matter
  2. One of Mum's home helpers had a client test positive. So we had to get tested and quarantine until results came back I can go buy food now that the results are good. And get out in the sunshine that disappeared yesterday when we got hit with rain off the southern Ocean So, that's good
  3. Kangaroo is very similar to venison. Pretty nice
  4. croc is texture of gristly pork, with a seafood flavour
  5. if you feel better on a med than off, or function better, then i'd keep that med if a med interferes more than what it was treating, i'd ditch that med 2c
  6. Too cold for October We don't even have groundhogs, to forewarn that winter will be long We are rudderless
  7. Irony is a needle phobic nurse Have just finished a chat with nurse sister. That yes, suspected heart attack is call 000 ASAP. And you won't know for sure that you need an IV drip until they do tests. They might just give back the valium that they took away 😂🤣
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-03/melbourne-longest-lockdown/100510710 most locked down city on earth do i win cookies or something?
  9. I often think that American accents sound exhausting Surely they don't speak like that by default There was an American woman in a Cafe I attended recently. I just sort of watched and listened, wondering if she gets home to hubby and properly says "Sgarn on cunt?" in a normal voice
  10. At the risk of being zero help, and annoying Your two posts appear to be a process of working it out yourself. Almost a bit presque-vu, like you have the answer but need to type-think? Happy to offer cheer squad services for your journalling, if that helps?
  11. All good. Apparently no big deal on the murmur, or the palpitations etc Ideally would not be there. But no drama
  12. Expecting air fryer delivery today I am still of the opinion that it is clever marketing of a miniature oven But mum likes to roast vegetables for her lunch. And can't always manage big oven
  13. That sounds right Rapid shifts are something I get the day of a migraine coming
  14. I think that is mostly good? If you were currently in a mood disturbance then you might have 2 weeks up (which is often diagnosed when witnessed by a professional without person noticing) then weeks or months down
  15. Flues comments about society's different view of dicks and cunts
  16. IMO it prolly is psychosis I think at the very least, a half way caring spirit guide would recommend a professional tattooist, with appropriate safet and health regulations
  17. there was an ad campaign to raise a pinky finger to hoon drivers here, to imply small dick now i am wondering sign language for outy labia
  18. And apparently it is OK to criticise penis size, with no empirical evidence. But not comment on a lady's labia length or potential odour
  19. Long inner labia that is a darker tone than regular body skin, neat but not bald is my preference Hope that helps
  20. Are you able to distract yourself Like, if you were currently in the grip of a spider attack, and someone says "Hi simba, would you like a donut?" where does your mind go then?
  21. Any Australian who saw arachnophobia in the 90s said "But they are just huntsmen"
  22. Thank you Apparently my pulse was 134, he said that it's just because I am scared of him
  23. He said focus on routine and my movements is not about control or surveillance. Then asked me how I think that medics would go about treating someone who they know nothing about Which admittedly makes sense
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