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  1. Better than earlier. Not "Good", but thoughts are flowing and varied. Hope that it lasts. It is 4am, I'm planning on getting fasting blood tests today. Drinking lots of water. After nurse couldn't get a drop of blood from me last time. Consequently peeing a whole lot.
  2. 3 fucking days, anger ruminating about bad tdocs. It won't let up. And of course, the ever mythical "good tdoc" (oxymoron) would be the logical start to fixing this.
  3. yesterday got to 20C! (68F) round numbers are special today is typical melbourne spring. 4 seasons in one day
  4. Birthday/hatchday boy on the right. He is 8. So a senior.
  5. what smells funny? clown farts
  6. what did one carrot say to the other? nothing, carrots can't talk
  7. (Obviously ideally voiced, not written) Knock knock Who's there? Interrupting cow Interru.... MOO!
  8. 1 on 1 I do OK. Honestly rarely progress passed small talk. I could have known you for years, and still the bulk of our conversation would be "Is there anything better than potatoes with butter?" Groups I can't do talk big or small. I tend to just insert an occasional smart arse comment in that situation.
  9. Raining. Expecting a few days of it, before it clears up again 😐
  10. Caffeine reacts to heat. So dark roasts that are slowly heated a long time away from the actual cup have a bunch of it in the roaster, rather than cup of coffee. Sorry, useless info
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