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  1. i am both a morning and night person afternoons i struggle with i think that is owing to working night shift in my teens, into starting early 2 and 3 hours from home 20s into 30s IDK though
  2. I don't remember details, sorry. I just know that was the only time I used the blink rating. When I was confused by the response in the memes thread
  3. No. Just general Sorry. I think we are meant to say "they" now But, I have NFI
  4. not today, exactly but, i recently saw a screenshot of an app that counts mg of tar avoided since quitting smoking so, i installed it, but it wouldn't count higher than 50 a day so i uninstalled it, and did the math 70 rollies a day (i estimated 10mg tar per rollie) since 22nd nov 2013, and it is around 1.5kg of tar not in my lungs i really thought my gp would stop lecturing me if i quit. But now, he complains that i am fat, have high bp and cholesterol, and is generally grumpier than before
  5. i'm all self conscious about even the heart now just cause it is in discussion, brain says "if i click it now, will she think..." lol
  6. i've used that blink post rating once, and then i posted about it it was when dj over reacted to a pic in the "memes that make you go hmm" thread i click heart a fair bit, mostly when just reading, as a silent show of support. I hope that doesn't bother anyone?
  7. I think Maddy was always in charge of removing ratings systems. I miss her
  8. there's an emoticon for that. In the old, pre smart phone ones
  9. Do you mean one that I use? My two most frequently used are 😫 and Sorry if I've done something wrong. Which I am excelling at this week. Thinking of taking up making an arse out of myself professionally, really
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