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  1. i heard it used to be called something else. They chose iceland to ward off constant invasions they were having. Not peaceful immigration, constant violent overthrows? dunno though
  2. Worried. I have a mole, which has all 5 of these warning signs. Skin check booked for Monday.
  3. No. I just use tapatalk app more than a browser on my phone. All good
  4. Jimi Hendrix and John cage. And I'll take them both dead, please, so I don't need to talk to an actual human. Have you ever had an exotic pet? Reptiles, spiders etc?
  5. Anxiety? Particularly if thoughts are what might happen. Depressive thought patterns focus on the past. Anxiety the future
  6. savoury by a mile but, my blood pressure is having tantrums, so trying to limit salt do you like MSG? great stuff
  7. parsnips do you like game meats?
  8. i'm in one of those longing, wallowing type moods, where looking through old pics is cathartic but, the gallery seems borked?
  9. i use neem oil based liquid soap. The scent is mild, but bad. It does wonders for my psoriasis and dandruff does your skin require half the pharmacy skin section to stay in reasonable shape, like mine?
  10. winter: 3 doonas pulled up over my head summer: nothing have you ever asked a barista to remake your coffee?
  11. On paper: apologies On keyboard: the (always typing teh) Do you have any plants in bloom in your garden atm?
  12. You aren't very specific about the blackouts. But, mine are a form of epilepsy. Previously called petit mal seizures, now called complex partial seizures. One of my old pdocs explained how these seizures can effect psychotic symptoms of other disorders. Can make them more prominent or just change them. I've experienced A-typical visual hallucinations for eg. And epilepsy has a kindling effect of doing brain damage with every seizure. Even if it is barely noticeable. I'm not a doctor though. And don't even play one on t.v.
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