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  1. i meant mental as is in WILLPOWER, not psych conditions looking into suboxone
  2. imo its a mental problem (control_, physically i may need them for my back, i havent been on xanax for years
  3. i need guidance for which i'll then discuss with my dr.- appr five year i have started on a low dose of darvocet 2 time a day, all the way up to the big boys dialudid. currently on Norco 10/320. typical addict, hard to admit i'll say that.i feel nothing like i did when i began each, now feel nothing but extremely exhausted from the time i get up at 7am until about 1pm--remember i take these ontop of psych meds i take them, because "I need them, or so my mind now thinks" i do have lumber problems, but these drugs are a bigger problem if there were 2 drugs same color etc but one said hydromorphone and the other motrin, but they were switced inside--i would go for the hydro and think i was buzzed although it was motrin? did that make sense.. i quit cigars after 3 years never drank addidcted to xanax for 5 years-off now Advice: How can i trick myself into taking a placebo per se when i go reaching for a hydro.. What are your thoughts, what would you say to your dr., for help Lew
  4. very interesting info...i am now taking the seroquel and klonopin right before i go to bed, for me its not the lamictal and cymbalta which i take in the am, i am fine getting up etc. i usually do eat around 6pm, i'll add a snack with the meds at bed
  5. good to know i am not alone but sorry you experienced it...trying to still adjust, i think the seroquel and klonopin mix is doing it--because i take the lamictal all at once in the am w/no side effects
  6. i updated my sig to be specific..last night was bizzare, i was laying down around 8pm and the door beel rang, i got up fast went to the door opened it, and just stared at the person and didnt say anything, felt very lightheaded and confused
  7. have been on Lamictal 6 weeks, just started the cymbalta30, will switch tomorrow to 100 lam in am, and 50 lam at pm..may stick with the 30mg cymbalta for two weeks before going up
  8. last night was brutal, i learned my lessen to get up very slow from laying down after taking my night time meds..i never experienced the light headness where i honestly felt as if i were going to pass out, it could be that it's lowered my blood pressure, especially w/taking the seroquel and klonopin my pdoc said i can take the 1.50 any time, ive been taking the 50 in the am to counter the jitters of the 30mg of cymbalta.. i may switch to take all 1.50 in the am, with the 30 cymbalta, and keep the seroquel and klonopin at night pdoc has me upping to 60mg cymbalta week 2, the 90 week 3 i am just concerned a. i am offsetting the cymbalta w/the lamictal b. i cant be passing out during the day with the increase of lamictal the lamictal is keeping me awake and doesnt have the sedative effects it did at lower dose i guess it's trial and error also, what does it mean when a drug is more ACTIVATING?
  9. it may have to do with a persons weight as well--i am 250..adding the lam and ser really took the side effects to a minimum..i do feel tired for about an hour after taking the lam and ser in the am after waking up..but its a good trade off right now to minimize the jitters from starting the cymbalta thanks 4 your input
  10. than i'll remove the lamictal and seroquel back to the evening dose..but i'll be upping to 60 then 90, do you have experience of side effects returning w/ every dose increase?
  11. i am on cymbalta at 30mg for one week and increasing to 60 then 90--i was on effexor but shot blood pressure high--pdoc said cymbalta acts similiar to the effexor w/o bp. day one i felt the "speeding" and little jittery..and head rush and dizziness when rising fast. the pdoc said to take my lamictal 50 am and 1mg night and the seroquel 100mg am and it's eliminated the speeding jitters, the cymbalta already effects my alertness and feeling awake...i know ppeople say they get tired on it--but i am totally opposite--gives me energy and i wake earlier were all different-one works for some, etc.
  12. i had a brief one page synopsis of when and how my symptoms began at 18-now 45, my past medications, and diagnosis from other pdocs, your current meds and your mood past 6 months she thanked me and said it was very helpful and saved alot of time
  13. Well after 2 months i finally got to see my new PDOC, she increased my Lamictal from 1mg, to 1.5 then 2mg after 2 weeks. She also dicontinued the Wellbutrin, as I told her it did nothing to alleviate my depression. I ran Lexapro and Celexa by her and she said I would have better results with Cymbalta 30 week one, 60mg week two, then 90mg..i had success with it two years ago but doc maxed me out at 30..why i dont know--this Pdoc said since then theyve found the 90 to be the most benefit but to take it up slow She saw that i had great results from Effexor XR, but had to stop due to it increasing my blood pressure--she said this is has the beneficial effect as Effexor without the High Blood pressure--i had the one side effext of waking up thru the night, but no sweats i am giving it time and live w/the side effects, sure they'll pass, i had bad side effects w/the lamictal in the first week but stuck w/it and feel it may be working just an update Lew
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