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  1. i would ask your doc. See what he says your options are.
  2. i agree with this. Find a new therapist is tough. Ive gone through a few, you need to click. Its very intimate. You need comfort IMHO. Sometimes that takes some searching unfortunately
  3. Has anyone tried this? ive been doing yoga and meditation I think I may try this.
  4. i think they read the cache and cookies saved in your browser......but im no expert.
  5. can access ur history i believe
  6. wondered myself. I have worked in some high pressure, management jobs, public positions, etc...........and was crumbling inside, Going to an iop at night, but getting it done at work........out of work i couldnt function. I had to have people get my groceries
  7. unfortunately, consistency is key! but obviously you do what you can
  8. It takes a while, like anything it takes some work! I understand the concerns. If you are worried, by all means, go see a doctor! better safe than sorry. But it sounds like the connection is a little off, thats why its jumping, maybe see if there is some troubleshooting for connectivity issues. 185 is high, id doubt its that high, but, again, when in doubt, you can always double check it manually and compare.......ive had times were mines way off that way. If you see that 185 stopp immediately and check your carotid or wrist and see where your pulse is..... Its high, its tough to keep that high for 10 min, i wouldnt keep it that high for 10 min, but ive done hour workouts keeping my hr avg of 158 ish......so its doable......my suggestion is to do whats comfortable. I can maintain in the 155 range and have a conversation with you to an extent. Where as others cant breathe and have chest pains and blurry vision. Vice versa some in the 130 range are uncomfortable. Stick with whats comfortable, what you feel is safe, and gradually build up
  9. Hi @Blahblah im in healthcare, and use hr monitors. Hopefully I can help. First my hearts very fit and very strong, so i'll relate your questions to my heart. When i wake up mr HR is about 38, during the day at rest i sit around 55. When you say you woke up and tracked it? tracked it how? your HR naturally jumps all over the place. It is completely normal that if your laying in bed its around 70, then u get up stand up take a few steps it jumps to the mid 80's, low 90s's, as your walking, then slows down as u sit. If your doing jumping jacks, then yeah your HR should go up that high. I work out my heart around 150-155BPM steady. So thats normal. But if your not used to that type of activity the HR is going to feel crazy till you adjust to it. Perhaps do one minute intervals with 30-60 breaks at first if it seems too much. If your heart is out of shape, yes you can cough, phlegm etc, your body is working on overdrive. 180 is high, I have hit 180 in excercise, your max heart im guessing shouldnt be much above 180, but dont fret, if its not staying there your ok, just be careful. Also keep in mind, Im guessing you didnt buy a state of the art Heart rate monitor. Things arent always completely accurate. They do lose the sensors at times, jump around due to poor connectivity, poor signals, poor bluetooth etc. For instance I have a polar HR monitor, chest strap. I use during excercise. It wasn't cheap, its a very good brand, and has thousand upon thousands of positive reviews. Religiously, every workout I will be steady at say 150 and then it drops to 149, 148 , and i say there it goes, and steadily it drops quick to say 135, stays there 30 seconds, then climbs back up........does it a few times a work out. Obviously my HR didnt drop 15-20 beats just like that. Also occassionaly i'll see a quick spike to 160, 165 then right back. It happens. Just keep in mind connectivity issues. I think your fine!!
  10. Im not saying its the exact same situation. But the nurse also told me up front. "your're on xanax. Well you will be coming off that he DOES NOT prescribe benzodiazapenes. Is that going to be a problem." I just said I wasn't sure how good of an idea it was, but I was open to new ideas. I went to the appointment, he said well you have been on it for a while, and it seems to help you, and you still have anxiety, im not gonna take you off it. Saw that doc for 2 years, never an issue. But again, im just giving you a different perspective. I know alot of meds scared me, or i wanted to stay on this and that. But i didnt feel good. Well clearly what I was on wasnt working, yeah one "helped" but it didnt fix things, or have them wear I wanted to be. So finally i said F it, i HAVE to be open to new ideas, meds etc. Im not saying you should come off, or do anything. But I think it may be a good idea, to at least go to the appointment. Like i said before, treat it as a second opinion. See what he has to say, express your concerns, and what you are looking for. The worst thing that can happen is you go, and you and the doctor are not a good match. In which case, you don't go back to him, and you continue with your current doctor, and wait for the others to have something available, NOTHING changes. Best case, you find some middle ground, or new thinking, and find a new way to attempt to attack your situation. I recently knew I had to switch doctors. I was over medicated, and my doc wasn't listening. Heck 3 sessions in a row, he wasn't even sure what meds I was on. My therapist who WORKS FOR HIM, was begging me to go see someone else, as was 2 other doctors I was seeing for other issues. My options were a doctor who basically does your eval and transfers you to a CRNP for care, or a 3rd year resident student, who functions on their own, but is overseen by a regular Pdoc. I ended up choosing the 3rd year resident. I told her up front in the eval that i felt over medicated, i wanted a second opinion on meds, diagnosis, and POSSIBLY to transfer care. She was absolutely fine with all that. We did the eval. She told me what she thought, asked me if i had questions, asked if agreed, and asked if I wanted to continue with her or return to my doctor. I chose going with her. Ive been weaning off of Klonopin, and lithium. Ive been on benzos for god 15-20 years. I also take them to help sleep. It was tough dropping down 0.5 mg for a week or so, but ive adjusted,granted its been 6 weeks, were going very slow. I also have come down 600mg of lithium and will be off of it soon. I M a different person. My mom, dad, sister all are amazed at how I am now. Im not dead to the world, im also not as tense, irritable etc. I have emotions. Its crazy. What I am getting at is. You are in control. You have a doc you follow now. You have the opportunity for another opinion. It sounds like you aren't happy where you are. Why not at least see what they have to say? Just keep in mind, this was the nurse who said this not the doc. And assumptions are running wild based on a single comment from a nurse.....
  11. hi. hope things are well. I think you have to ask yourself why are you switching doctors? Is it that you dont feel well now? You dont like your med regime? Your looking for a new approach? If thats the case........then maybe be open to the change.........Maybe he has another way to manage those symptoms. Also......you can discuss that with him. You can express your concerns. Also , you can go to the appointment, see what he says, doesnt mean oyu have to transfer care to him. You can thank him for the opinion, and go back to your other doc. also FWIW, ive been to 2 different doctors, who i was told up front, they dont prescribe benzos. Low and behold, they had me on benzos.........
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