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  1. I also forgot about drugs like bentyl and levsin as anti-spasmodics i have used both, bentyl is more gentle, and lasts longer......levsin comes in quick and hard just a quick bit, im sure uv'e read
  2. Stress will do it big time as well . Elavil and some tricyclics help a lot. Prozac actually really helped me. Culturelle or align, yes it is to be those two pro biotics. it took me 30+ years to fully figure mine out. Had problems since i was a kid, severely.
  3. i have combine, along with a SLEW of other GI issues, everyone is unique. People will say fiber, the FODMAP diet, pills, etc............. Biggest thing for me has been diet............DO you have triggers
  4. i guess, but it seems for a while we threw darts at a wall.......... then new doc built upon some things, but just kept adding, and adding till we got to where we are........... i dunno just scared you know.....
  5. I’m actually familiar with that type of gangrene and had some patients with it. Extremely scary and I’m glad it all worked out for u. thing for me is prior to this issue I was doing very wel. I want off my handfuls of pills. Polypharmacy etc. but here I am in limbo. I kinda feel like it’s a double edged sword
  6. Has anyone experienced other medical issues greatly worsening their depression and anxiety? How did you or you and your PDOC handle it
  7. lithium and water for me too! but i work out alot, most people think its because of that. People just think i have my idiosyncrasy's . I dont explain. I just let them think what they want. It can be embarassing. I have over th epast year dveloped this constant lip biting. I work with the public, and part of a team. Im on full display..........I get it. But ive found keep things under wraps, disclose as little as you can. I find not really answering and leaving things vague works for me
  8. just reading some of this and to tack on i resisted mood stabilizers, i tried lamictal, and suggested it, some side effects, little effect. Hard resist to lithium, i eventually said lets do it, without pdoc bringing it up. Its been very little on the side effect profile for me. where is @browri had alot of issues with it
  9. wow im sorry for suggesting some things. WHen i was in a hole, i needed those suggestions. I also never stated to pull treatment out of ones ass. My suggestion was to start exploring other options. Looks like its time to take a step back on here again, as things seem to being taken wrong, again. Good luck @BrianOCD I hope you find some relief
  10. im sorry your're struggling. I am not sure i can relate to your feelings. But if you are experiencing things, and not getting help from your doc. You start looking for a new one asap. You also weigh your options of IOP, PHP, inpatient. Why sit in misery
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