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  1. glad to you hear you have a plan and got some help! hope it all works for you. FWIW ive taken trintellix in the past, i liked it. I know a few that have! Glad you have insurance and have some things going your way. Stay healthy.
  2. interesting thought.......you could be right...... I take the seroquel at night as well.....same time i take the remeron, and melatonin
  3. Hi! I havent been here for a while. I just wanted to say hang in there. There is hope. I hit a very bad lengthy period myself. Tons of med failures and hopelessness........Switch doctors, again! and finally got with the right people(not saying your not with them!) and got things together. It was a LONG process, i was on a ton of medications as well. Regardless. There is hope, hang in there! Ask about past meds, being combined with other meds in different combinations(assuming it wasnt crazy side effects why you stopped). The one thing I felt like mentioning....is I have migraines myself.....so I noticed the Ajovy, immitrex, Topamax, Riboflavin, magnesium which I assume are all for migraines.......Have you ever considered a TCA such as nortriptyline or amitryptiline(spelling may be off). I know they are used for migraine treatments very commonly, and fairly effectively. I have also heard some decent success with TCA's for depression as well. Perhaps some help with both the migraines and depression? Regardless, stay strong!
  4. Hey everyone! long time no talk. I hope everyone is doing well. Things are pretty good my way. Im down to 3 meds!! Remeron, seroquel, Vyvanse. But I have a question for anyone who has used Remeron for sleep. So Remeron has been good for me, helps anxiety, depression, and sleep. I started on 15mg and that was pretty good. Then I have had some depression, so they changed the dose to 30mg. The doc and I talked about how that may not be as effective for sleep. She had said I could add some more melatonin. I take 5, she said i could go up to 12 safely(she has a background in sleep medicine). Ive gone up to 8mg. Still not great. So I know remeron has dose specific properties. Basically under 30 more sedating, 7.5mg most sedation, 30 and up less sedating and more activating the higher you go, yes? Which is odd since dosing instructions usually are if you split the 45 dose to take 30 at night and 15 in the am...... Anyways....i had asked if I could split the dose, they said it likely would leave me quite tired. I had actually asked if I could take 7.5 at night 22.5 in the A.M. They told me they havent had anyone doing that dosing, that it would likely leave me tired during gthe day, but I could try it..... Has anyone tried something like that? What about taking 7.5mg letting that knock you out, then just taking the other 22.5 right before bed? I tried this the other night, and it really didnt seem to make me tired. Any suggestions? Other than just taking the meds much early. I can take that the seroquel and the melatonin together and be up for 4 hours......used to sack me within an hour, i know tolerances and such Anyways hope everyone is healthy, safe, and hopefully happy
  5. Hows your fluid intake? drinking more can lower it......... Did you get it checked at the same time of day? Same hours since last dose? etc.......... Alot of factors can lower it.
  6. From personal experience with bulking and cutting. When im restricting calories, it can mess with me. It only does if its one of two things Restricting too much too fast for quick results Prolonged cuts, with intense workouts..... both can mess withy our anxiety, depression, (im sure OCD), hormones, sleep, sex drive, irritability
  7. the strain your placing on CNS and body is insane. What an EXTREMELY RAPID weight loss. Good for you!, glad your able to lose it. But doesnt mean its the safe way, or a way that is not going to cause you major side effects.
  8. Think positive. I know easier said than done. But believe you have some good coming to you, and that you deserve it. You can get there. It sounds like you are making positive steps. Be thankful for that, every day. Keep moving forward. Realize you will have set backs, thats ok! Just keep your head up. Im always around, I get notifications,and i lurk!
  9. Thank you! hope all is well with you also! thank you thank you! im excited too! at that point in life, i didnt know what to do, i was out of options, literally no one else in the city could see me besides admitting myself. Thats how i ended up there. i told a few doctors about it, they all just shake their head. Ive read some of his reviews, and seen similar I used to obsess over it, but i dont now. But i never ever identified with that. I think sometimes the meds need to do the heavy lifting. Sometimes you need to do the heavy lifting. In reality at some point, you both must do some lifting........at some point, when and if you and your body are ready, you find the right mix Thank you sir!
  10. Ha yeah I'm still around! Thing with me when I crashed is I had so many other medical issues, and life issues. It was hard to sort it all out. I never identified as ever bein "up" only down. Anxiety yeah, a lot. I dunno. I think I set sabatoged a lot too with meds, if there was a side effect I tossed it aside. I also for the longest time wanted the med to do all the work. Then when I crashed I NEEDED a med to do the heavy lifting. Now I'm doing a lot of work. I think it's hard to sort things out, for ourselves, and for doctors. It's an ever evolving process. No case is cookie cutter. this may sound odd but I think he combination of life events and medical events lead to a huge downward spiral. The combination of the two crashed me mentally. But physically my body changed with the medical things. The meds were changing too physically. I think my literal cellular processes changed with the medical events. Just a theory.
  11. It was interesting. But then from there my pcp managed my meds until I got into an iop, including putting me back on klonopin, and managing the seroquel. But then the iop doc said he didn't see bipolar. But that since I had failed so many drugs, and that this other doc must have seen something, that we should hold that diagnosis and try that route. Then it stuck. Even when I got out of the iop the new doc said " I don't think your bipolar, but someone did, and you just can't know, I can't say for certain, so wel just stick with what's working for now" thus we stayed.
  12. It helped. But it mashed things down and sedated and such. Think at a time each med had a purpose. But we needed to peel back massively. Lithium was a game changer. It pulled me out of a very dark hole. It did help. But when I felt a bit better consistently and was clearly over medicated, we didn't wanna listen . that pdocs eval was strange. He told me to only answer what he asked. Not to expand on things. Time was limited. So if I tried to explain why I had anxiety in a situation he hissed at me and clapped his hand to shoosh. But his rationale was none of the meds they tried were working, so my anxiety had to me a manifestation of mania, and that I was bipolar 2. That was it. I tried to ask questions, I cried sitting there . He told me to leave and pointed at the door. Told me to drive myself to the psych hospital and enroll in an iop. Told me to stop all my meds , including 2 mg of klonopin cold turkey, and start seroquel. I even said that's not safe with the klonopin he told me I was fine.
  13. Thanks! My diagnosis was always anxiety and depression. Then along the way one dr who I didn't agree with said i was bp2. The next few doctors said they disagreed but was sticking with it since most meds weren't working. Long road of poor psychiatric care imho. but with the medical stuff. A few doctors urged for another opinion, along with my therapist(who works for my ex dr) that I still see. So I did. They were on board that the diagnosis and meds didn't make sense. The goal was to reduce medications. As soon as I got down to 300 lithium I could feeL the tides turning. The med reduction has been nothing but positive. But the turning point was some realizations in life. That you cant change things. Things happen for a reason. I can can control some of my thoughts, actions etc. it was just my time to finally turn the corner. The twice a week therapy along with the med changes were the big help. then my yoga teacher, and different views on life, and the world has changed me as well. Just the perfect storm of help. im still growing in all aspects. I stil have anxiety and depression. But with everything going on it's normal imho. also vocalizing a lot what I personally want and need. How are you?
  14. Hey all. I havent posted much for a while now. I still think about you guys. You all helped me so much , and I appreciate that. I wanted to come and tell you that. I don't remember exactly what I've posted and not. But Ive had some medical issues since last March, been off work and such. But in the midst of that. Many doctors urged me to get another psych opinion, said my meds didnt make sense, etc. My Pdoc wasn't listening to me anyways. So I did. I have been with a new doctor and her team, and its been wonderful. We've gone back to my old diagnosis, while still keeping an eye out for symptoms. The goal is to slowly peel back my meds. I have been totally off Lithium for some time. I am off of welbutrin, and cut the clonazapem down to 0.5mg. I feel wonderful, so much more clear. Only thing thats bothersome is night sweats. When the Lithium was initially cut down, and the clonazapem cut down, i started with night sweats. So we even stopped the tapers, and then proceeded more slowly. They have persisted for almost 5-6 months now. Drenching night sweats. They seem to think that it cant be from the meds at this point since its still persisting, but it correlated directly with the med reduction. But is what it is. I also used some time to dive into therapy more, was going intensively 2 times a week to work through some of my past issues. What a help. I think I finally was able to process alot, and change my way of thinking, and accept some things. Came to ALOT of realizations. Things that I think people can tell you 50398432 times, but until you are ready to hear it, you wont. Stupid things like, " you need to think positive", or "you need to find the good in things". Ive been able to really change my mindset. Some of that too was starting yoga. I found a studio that isnt just exercised and pose based, like most places in the U.S. It is holistic, and whole body/mind/spirit. It has really helped me again, change my thought process, and ground me. I am actually starting a training course to really dive into things even deeper. Anyways, just thought I'd drop by and update. I do check things out here and there. Thanks again to everyone, you truly made a massive difference in my life. If I can help anyone, or anyone needs to talk, just shoot me a message!
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