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  1. well like i said you CAN, doesnt mean you will. I noticed things after a few weeks, but it took about 2-3 months till full effects for me..........
  2. They told me the plan is to get me down to 2-3 meds but gonna take some time and that she thinks she wants to keep seroquel. And Wellbutrin, that she likes that combo for anxiety, depression. But we’re gonna play by ear and get rid of the lithium and klonopin first. But thank U very much
  3. In another thread I saw a new doctor today and am switching care. The first step is peeling back the lithium and klonopin. sleep has been just like it is now for some time with or without the vyvanse and amantadine.
  4. Vyvanse- fatigue and anxiety amantadjne- concussion issues cognitive fatigue Lithium-dunno at this point mood stabilization
  5. Well. Seen by resident and md. Dx of depression and anxiety, seeing zero symptoms of bipolar. starting to ween klonopin and lithium. Goal of reducing meds to 2-3 pills . Couldn’t be happier!
  6. so re visiting, im on 150n seroquel 100 traz 1mg klonopin 5mg melatonin take about 1.5-2 hours before bed. Im fine for about 1.5 hours then im almost immediately zombified and loopy, talking funny see new pdoc tommorow. Im open to suggestions Ive taken dalmane/Flurazapem before but very shortly...........bvut heard u should rely on benzos for sleep took remeron for a short period, was sooooo tired, but didnt give myself a chance to adjust, and it was when i was totally whacked out restoril? doxepin? i would prefer no ap's unless totally ditching seroquel, and NO zyprexa
  7. i dont see why not. BUt i do know vraylar can take a LONG time to see full effects like 2+months.........you can see effects in 2 weeks, but not that whole thing
  8. JT was a kind greeting for me here at CB. He helped me through my darkest times. Always supportive, always there. A truly wonderful human being.
  9. good question im gonna let them decide. But I want a severe peel back. I Needed them at a point, maybe. But theres a person in me that cant get out, im just flat
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