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  1. I didn't really know where to post this, but................... I am one of the sufferers of the economy downfall, being unemployed for 9 months this time around I actually found out today that a county close to me has a 911 dispatch position available in which I just printed out the application to send. Earlier this year, I had gone thru the process of a 911 position with a different county and found out last week that I did not get the job. Anyway, I had also contacted an attorney in regards to applying for disability. My pdoc gave me the letter stating the I was "unstable and until we could get my meds in line, I was unable to work". Apparently, the law firm thinks I have a good chance of getting disability since I received a huge folder from them today with a bunch of papers I have to sign or whatever. I am just requesting from my friends and others here for prayers and/or happy thoughts my way, for one of these to come thru quickly. I am just about to the stage of losing my house. Thanks to all!
  2. I want to go spend the night at Olga's! Back in the nineties - I went to work for this law firm that I found out when I started a girl (that's what I call her -she was early twenties) that used to live across the street from me worked there She went to the senior partner and told him that I lived with someone who was molesting my girls (which wasn't true - it was an ex-husband that I had divorced some 7-8 years prior to) Anyway we ended up having a big hoe-down in front of the whole office I won - she ended up getting "let go" about 2 weeks after that That's the problem I am having at my job now - I think the one person I do talk to which is my close co-worker - is not exactly keeping things to herself that I tell her She is the only one that I have told about DH's stuff - but I think that other ppl know It just really sucks!
  3. thanks, artemsia & nulltrooper for your replies! I've been on them since rehab last November & they seem to be working ok the articles seemed interesting but, I don't understand all that pharmacological stuff, tho Since my pdoc never really told me why she put me on both and a new gp I went to asked me why I was taking the elavil and that made me curious Any chance of explaining it another way?
  4. Why would my pdoc prescribe both of these to take?
  5. I have 2 One on the outside of my left ankle of a purple rose - spur of the moment thing when I got remarried in 2001 the other is on the outside of my right ankle (and much larger) which I got for our 5th anniversary the tat is of 2 hearts joined with angel wings and a halo - the hearts say "Fly Free" which is kinda been my thing for a while the hearts represent my 2 girls I just want to fly - Sugar Ray
  6. just to put my 2 cents in, but.............. S9 - you know you can get thru this - you have before - think about your kids - I don't mean to sound harsh but I know you realize "things" herrfous - you're not an asshole My mom tried to commit suicide when I was 8 - by putting a gun to her head I've had to live with that and her subsequent disabilities since (my mom passed away March 07) My dad was an alchoholic - who ended up drinking himself to death in 1987 (I was 26) I have tried myself several times to no avail My pdoc knows that I have suicidal ideations (just no current plans since the others have not worked) but does nothing besides gives me meds Depression & addiction run in my family So I just survive I do believe that you are more apt to develop depression/addiction problems if it runs in your family I am not the only one in my immediate family just the only one that will admit I have and problem & try to fix it Stuff was always hush-hush when I was growing up too Life goes on - whether you want it to or not
  7. hi, jeff you & I both know that there are so many ppl here that can relate to how you feel. I am very happy that you do realize the impact it would have on your daughter if something happened to you. you just have to realize that you are not alone in this journey I know how the med changes can make you feel - I know I have been thru many myself just hang in there and remember there is a rainbow for you.......
  8. revenge is oh so sweet death is even better
  9. I have episodes of intense itching on my forearms/wrists - so bad that I have actually broken the skin to open sores the numbness in fingers comes often also but I don't really remember a connection between the two only because my fingers become numb more often than the itching occurs sorry I couldn't be of more help only sympathizing with you cause I have no idea what causes it either
  10. Hi, Lucky and welcome to CB!! I think you will truly like it here and it was nice chatting with you Hope to see you back in chat soon! wakko
  11. hi, guys I don't know if it would help you or not but I take 2400mg/day of neurontin and I absolutely love it not only does it help with the anxiety but helps me be more social (read: being nice to ppl - lol) Good luck!
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