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  1. I haven't thought about putting pressure on my wrist before. That may be something to look into. I have done the rubber band thing, but I kept snapping them and they kept breaking, so I quit. And thank you, birdonawire for your kind words! Those words of encouragment really mean a lot to me. My roommate wrote words of encouragement on my legs in Sharpie and it meant the world that she would do that for me. Thank y'all again for the advice. I really do appreciate it!
  2. I've found that cold really help a lot when I'm really fighting the urges away. Ice cubes help if I squeeze them between my hands or hold them at the pulse points of my wrists, but that's not really something I can do in public. I haven't tried drawing positive things on myself (I used to write hateful things in Sharpie, but she found that the same night as the scars, so I stopped that after a few weeks). I've heard of the Butterfly Project, so I may try that if nothing else helps. I really need to sit down with her and talk about it, but I'm not really one to talk about how I'm feeling. I'll post more once I get signal. Thank you to everyone who's helping me. It took a long time to gather the courage to post on here.
  3. My best friend/roommate found out I cut myself about a year-and-a-half ago and tried to get me to stop (long story, I basically got black-out drunk and she found the cuts while helping me into bed). I hid it from her for maybe a year afterwards. Well, a couple days ago, she walked in on me organizing my first-aid supplies and tools and put two and two together. She confronted me and asked me to stop. I told her I've been trying and I'm still trying. She told me to text or call her the next time I want to. My dilemma is we both have anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, so I don't want to make her worse with my problems. I'm so mad at myself for getting caught again. She threatened to throw my stuff away, but finally said she wouldn't if I promised to try to stop. It's so hard when that voice gets louder and tells you you're a failure and your best friend is going to leave you because of your issues. So, long story short, do y'all have any tips to help the urges at least calm? Thank you in advance, everyone
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