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  1. My mom didn't even have a good reason, aside baseless paranoia about microchip trackers (I think). I didn't get any of the required vaccinations after 13. My "deadbeat" dad was responsible for that until he gave up on her shit. Then, she just forged the papers. When I got to college, I just got bloodt ested for immunity before going with the vaccinations... And I had the immunity
  2. The faster I go, the less I can read. I started out with nice, organized penmanship but, all is lost. SHIT I NEED TO DRAW A LINE SEPARATING THAT FROM THIS... I don't need notes. I'll remember everything if I just pay... Lol, that toupee is awful. I wonder why he'd rather wear a toupe than get hair plugs. Hair plugs are gross. I saw a hair transplant on TLC once. What the fuck happened to graphic surgeries and why is honey booboo a thing?
  3. Im on generic adderall 40mg/day for ADD or ADHD and generic lamictal 200mg/day for bipolar. Both for over a year... Heads up, FYI I found out I am bipolar because antidepressants speed up the roller coaster. Useful information. Anyway, I don't know where one brain farquabble (just made that one up) ends and the other begins or, if its just an infinite loop or a layer cake or... Yup. I was unmedicated for the first 25 ish years of my life and finally got adderall at 28? 29? Before that I was a general space cadet staring at a wall, stuck in my head with thoughts of doom or infinite loops of a single line of a song... For days. It still happens. Gotta slap myself from time to time. Did I mention dermatillomania? Between that and the Internet like this here forum, Im lost for hours... With Adderall, at least im awake for them... But im still useless until I smoken the marijana... Then I can do manual labor but, never at any point can I sit my ass down to get through a job application or, do something productive to better my life. Im also slow as shit with my work so, its easy to spend hours not getting anywhere and abandon the job out of frustration. I leave 40 tabs open on my computer and phone at all times until I manage to purge... Down to 30. Bookmarks? I got bookmarks for years... Literally, I havent looked at them... Just leave the window open... OK, its been like a month and still havent done anything... BOOKMARK IT! Maybe ill organize my bookmarks one day but I'll probably just give up after clicking on it to see if it was useful and winding up with 5 more subsequent open tabs. What the hell was I making this post for? I can't remember... Maybe it's up there. Edit: I leave projects out to remind me to do them but, then I just consciously avoid them. It took a half hour to set up the workspace... But I need to rearrange the furniture first. Dont forget to vacuum the old corner and the new corner...
  4. No part of my body is sacred. Anywhere is fair game and I think about it constantly. Picking my cuticles fingers and toes 24/7 and arms while driving. Thighs, nipples and pubes on the toilet. Face in the mirror... Hours a day. Pulling, plucking, pinching, prodding, needling, sometimes cutting, scraping, scratching...
  5. I just hear indistinguishable mumblings. Sometimes its just people outside and I feel better. I used to go to weekend long events and hear people laughing and shouting for days after the fact.
  6. Wouldja look at that. July 2017 and I'm looking for info on Zydus Lamotrigine because I look like a domestic abuse victim with all the bruising from things as basic as scratching an itch. I didn't think The lamotrigine I've been in 200mg for over a year is working for my mood anymore. I just learned my pharmacy changed from TEVA to Zydus. I never considered generic manufacturer variations because "it's no different from the brand name." Everything hurts...
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