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  1. I have a box of pencils in my desk at work. They are not for writing. They are for snapping when I feel like snapping at others. It works, though. 

    1. helenllama


      that sounds like a good idea


    2. Cerberus


      You might consider using pretzel sticks as an alternative. They're not as expensive, they still have a satisfying breakage, and they would keep your mouth busy so you don't say something snarky to the other person.

  2. Glad for a few days off work and looking forward to college football games soon

  3. Happy for College Football season!

  4. Hi everyone - hope that you all find some happiness in the upcoming holidays in whatever form that may be. 

  5. Is anyone else experiencing either a new feature or a glitch where I am logged off after a half hour or so of inactivity? Just curious if it was my computer or this message board feature . . . 

  6. Hello from a coastal NC neighbor!

    1. AnxietyGirl74


      hi. how are you/ Sorry my computer screwed up so it won't let me do question marks. I actually had to move to coastal SC but I'm still pretty close. I used to go to Trinity Wellness Center when I was in Leland. Now I go to Michael Wilcox in Garden City. 

      I hope you're doing well. This is the time of year I usually have a rough time. I'm actually doing well so far, though. I was shocked,  but in a good way. Glad to hear from a neighbor even if it is a little further than originally thought.

  7. Great weekend for college football!

  8. Disappointed upon learning that the new "Roseanne" episodes are going to be political. :(

  9. Excited to watch another episode of 9-1-1 with Angela Bassett tonight


  10. East coast snow and ice storm - no driving for me!

  11. Looking forward to a few days off to relax and enjoy life being different for a few days

  12. Our community cat Patches has been missing 4 nights - prayers appreciated

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    2. cipher
    3. lifequake


      Hoping Patches returns to you all...

    4. jt07


      Keeping you in my thoughts.

  13. The NFL preseason starts tonight! Welcome back football I have missed you!

  14. Watching the NFL draft. Should be sleeping at some point though!

  15. WTF my sweetheart owes on her taxes, she claimed zero but still owes the gov $$$

  16. I finished my third song on my upcoming CD. Titled "Episode". Other track is "Mania". My messed up brain has to be good for something!

  17. Go Green Bay Packers!

  18. I am giving thanks that I don't have to spend the holiday in Walmart

  19. Just got my 8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, 4 mint/4 shortbread.....should last me 2 months...maybe

    1. Wooster


      OMG... you are a paragon of virtue if you can make them last two months.

    2. malachite


      Would last me a week. I can't support the Girl Scouts, because of this.

    3. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      There are three cases in the trunk of my car right now (but not mostly for us).

  20. Still smiling about Auburn beating Alabama!

    1. december_brigette


      I don't even watch football or the SEC but I know what you are talking about. :)

  21. I hate Olive Garden. Waiter was an asshole over my 2 gift cards which gave him 15% tip. Not to mention they hand you the dinner menu at lunchtime. Guess they just expect 20% now and harass you when you give less. Rat Bastards!

    1. koa


      Olive garden should be avoided at all costs.

    2. MrTastybutt


      I agree with koakua.

    3. crtclms


      Never been. Their advertising alone warned me to stay far, far away.

  22. Loved watching the Orange Bowl, WVU kicked some major azz!

  23. Who else is dreading the end of the college football season?

  24. I hope Adele gets Album, Song and Record of the Year @ the Grammys!

  25. Glad to not be laboring on Labor Day

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