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  1. Wutev Dr. Troll I doubt u can synthesize my wavelengths I'm a soul of gr8 mystery, randomly stopping by teh crazy'bored's Can confidently say I overcome all obstacles put in my path thru god, I've been as fukt up or worse than any1 I've met, and my life has been rlly bad pretty much always. I sincerely feel like meds wud'v killed my soul, although I admit there wer many desperate times, but I turned to god. Truth
  2. Lol. Srsly tho, yr probly stuck in a big 'karmic' mess. FYI I feel like its the end of my life also. I've actually already died b4. Been to heaven and hell. Had obe's and nde's. Been dead like 3 days. Seen supernatural stuff since I wuz a little boy. I'd think the meds r causing mor problems also but idk yr whole story.. Congrats on being veg/vegan which is awsum and important, but there's also much mor to the truth in life
  3. No its probly not that easy, u have to b 1 of gods ppl. That means not a shitty carnivore zombie destroyer that bows to the world and meds and the system. U probly have to b spiritually alive and not unconscious from trusting evil doctors to fuk yr life to the point u have no mor soul. It takes a real courageous fight while not contributing to the cruelty of animals and succumbing to being a system slave. God saved my ass, and I can help most beings if they want to b good, I've overcome hell many times
  4. He's a corpse like u. I'm beyond all u jerks. Yr weak ass science and world bs ain't got nuthn on me. Fuk spelling also, shows how brainwashed u r by the system like a slave. I've been mostly vegan 10yrs 4 the animals and its healthier in every way, so yr probly jus cursed to b godless and lost. And I don't giv a fuq bout any of u evil h8rs, this site is full of shiz and I'm like the only 1 alive h e r e . also u don't kno the truth, or god, or real life. U kno curse, meds, bs world, and death. I got the truth, thanks Jesus! PS. And my life isn't this shitty site, mental illness, or the world. I get to move on past this evil place to experience mor as the beautiful soul I wuz created to b and am growing towards every day
  5. In fact, meds r suppose to b like 4th option, after environmental changes, cognitive/behavioral therapy, and diet. Its a evil program so no I will still b opposed to it and how it fuks ppl up way worse. And 4 the ppl who have a spiritual life then god can take care of them w/o meds. Raw vegan diet is huge help.
  6. No animal flesh is hellish cruelty and murder
  7. Yr a douche troll. Yr life's obviously a meaningless waste. The world wud b a better place w/o u. Yr mentally ill and a rlly shitty person.. And yr promoting unhealthy things 4 the rest of the ppl on here that need actual help. Yr a jerk and deserve to suffer and b miserable
  8. Treatment duzn't have to b meds. I got issues also but I'm h e r e to share
  9. Ya I am, jus from being human.. Sounds like the meds r fukn y'all up. I'd recommend going raw vegan and balancing out yr body/mind/spirit
  10. All death and violence and suffering is connected to evil. All love and compassion and peace is connected to good. Its fukn simple yet evry1 is so confused, truly sad.. Don't trust all the bs teaching about being human, its lies. The fake food, the meds, the system.. And the body/mind is a trap, and there's deeper reasons 4 the afflictions of mental illness I've realized. The enrgy is moving u in a direction 4 a purpose and I don't trust meds, jus keep going to realize the answers if u can b spiritual in life. Being raw vegan is a major answer, so is sobriety. I overcame basically all the obstacles in my life path w/ Jesus, being raw vegan, and sober 10yrs. I'm h e r e to share the truth if yr still spiritually alive
  11. Srsly y'all stop trusting science and the world and find the answers spiritually. Its like the common sense that's grounded in being a compassionate human being. I can prove my points w/ research also but I having a real connection to god and truth is way mor important. There shud b no violence or murder. And u shudn't promote the body anyway cuz the body/mind is slavery, and a trap to kill yr soul I wuz an unconscious zombie meast eater 20+ yrs, trust me I kno how disgusting it is now. U need to go watch vids on 'factory farming' its hell on earth. Its not about pleasure its about not being connected to misery and evil unnecessary suffering and murder.
  12. Yr mentally ill and disgusting. I'd prefer if u wer dripping in blood instead of the peaceful animals cuz yr jus another evil destroyer in this shitty world
  13. No. Mostly screw science, lots of the bible, and meds. Humans r frugavores. U can't trust the system or world and its teachings, its all lies. I'm not jus mentally I'll like y'all, I'm spiritually beyond this evil bs world and very consciously evolved and I'm speaking the truth.
  14. No to all y'all. Raw vegan is 4 evry1. Peaceful animals shudn't b murdered. And if yr all so caring and h8 misery then try having real compassion 4 the animals that suffer unnecessarily any way their caged/owned and slaughtered. There's no excuse 4 being so consciously unevolved.
  15. Spirits r real and life is a war over souls. Lots of other stuff also, but ya I've had supernatural experiences since I wuz a little boy, and I'm dam aware of the other weird life levels
  16. Jesus. Not church, not christian, not most of the manipulative and contradictory bible, jus Jesus. And b veg/vegan cuz those poor animals r horribly tortured and unnecessarily murdered, and humans r mean to b herbivores
  17. Jesus is my life, I'm single/never-married, haven't had any physical intimacy in like 10yrs, and ya I also have Supr high drive still. Jus get it out as simple/necessary as possible. I c it as a trap and as a lower-self animalistic drive. Wwjd?
  18. I've been thru a lot, I have the truth in life, been mostly vegan 10yrs, sober, never took meds, wuz severely messed-up in every way, always had a rlly bad life, god saved me, now I'm jus h e r e
  19. that's all false lower self stuff so not supposed to b u. Sex, world hobbies, body image...is not yr spirit/soul, simply a weaker way to express yr self while yr stuck h e r e , and its a worldly program to deceive u so u don't consciously evolve mor. Basically distractions and trying to kill yr soul (tru self)
  20. And eggs r nasty baby chicken embiotic fluids. Peaceful animals r mor important than shitty carnivores. Yr either another destroyer or a conscious being. Eating animal products is unnatural and causes all kinds of disease, w/ the most important problem being the unnecessary animal suffering and murder. So while veg/vegan is healthier and better in evryway, the point isn't to promote the body/mind cuz our worldly lives r mostly slavery anyway. The real reason is to consciously evolve and move beyond the animal program, so that u can realize mor than this hellish place of toil and suffering and vicious cycles. Jesus talked all about these things and that's how I wuz shown the absolute truth
  21. Also spirituality is the source of all things, so don't let meds drive yr enrgy. U and yr body/mind shud submit to yr soul and compassion 4 the peaceful animals that r horribly treated and unnecessarily murdered on 'factory farms'. Humans r designed to b raw vegan. Fuk the system and all the bs u have to fight 4 yr tru self, sober and cruelty free is how life is meant to b
  22. Animals r way diff than plants. Their complex emotional living beings that wud fight 4 their life. Vegan is a major answer. Spirituality is the big escape from the torture of the body/mind
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