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  1. Hey! So big decisions have been made in the last few days. I'm still on Brintellix because I wasn't comfortable with changing anything without a psychiatrist (my GP has been handling my meds) because I started getting really intense suicidal thoughts. My psychologist has been MIA and decided to just quit suddenly and leave me hanging. My GP couldn't get a hold of a psychiatrist at the psychiatric hospital I was referred to a few months ago. So basically I've been left to deal with the anxiety myself, which I obviously haven't done a good job with. My mom finally just snapped after seeing
  2. Hey all! So big update: I'm quitting Trintellix. I spoke to my GP today and we agreed something should have improved by this point, but all I feel is anxiety/panic and nausea. There are few meds I haven't tried in the last 20 years but I'm going to give Wellbutrin another go. I was on it 6 years ago but quit because of the increased anxiety side effect. I was really stubborn back then though and had had no cognitive behavioral therapy and just generally had a shitty attitude towards my anxiety so I'm hoping I'll cope better now. Ive read mixed reviews on Wellbutrin (I only read a few this
  3. Hey! So the Truxal made me pass out when I was getting out of bed. Needless to say, I stopped taking it! It was lowering my blood pressure too much. I just went up to 10mg of Trintellix to kind of get it over with. I still feel terrible but not any more terrible than 7.5mg. I've started taking a benzo in the middle of the day to help ease the panic attacks. I'm just so damn neaseated all the time and it's so hard to handle. I know it's most likely just my anxiety making me sick but it's exhausting. I told my doc that if he thinks Trintellix is still my best option that I'll stick with it
  4. Hey all! So I upped my meds from 5mg to 7.5mg 6 days ago and things have been rocky. My anxiety skyrocketed and I was nauseous all the time (probably because of the anxiety) and it was just terrible. I asked my doc about giving me Klonopin but Norway doesn't really use that med unless it's given to an in-patient because it's so addictive. Norway has a huge opioid problem (in relation to how small the country is) so they are super anal about stuff like this. Anyways, I got a prescription for an old antipsychotic called Truxal to help with the anxiety and panic. It helps but makes me super
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that obsessively reads about my meds! I think it's smart to read up on what you're putting in your body but I obviously take it too far. I'm trying to just trust my doctor now. Im not sure if Trintellix is working or if me taking a benzo every night is what's helping but I think it's actually the Trintellix since the benzo I take only works for around 4 hours. I didn't go on Trintellix for depression per say since I don't technically have a depressive disorder, but I had become extremely depressed due to my situation and had very intrusive suicidal thoughts
  6. I will definitely keep you posted! I've started feeling a little less anxious, wether that's due to not going through withdrawals anymore or Trintellix starting to kick in is too early to say. But thank god im not in a constant state of panic anymore! I do take a benzo before I take Trintellix, the generic name is Oxazepam. I was taking 25mg of that but today went down to 15mg. I hate how tired benzos make me but I taken them when necessary. I would have preferred a stronger and longer lasting benzo but Norway is pretty strict about prescribing them (and just about anything else that isn't nas
  7. Thank you SO MUCH for your reply! I really needed to hear something positive about Trintellix! I've been feeling nauseas but that could very well just be all in my head (I'm very often nauseas just purely because I'm thinking too much) or if could be the Luvox withdrawals. If I feel even the tiniest bit of stomach upset I panic and then feel nauseas because I'm anxious, then I convince myself that the nausea is real and I'm going to throw up. I never do though ? I was almost going to give up and quit Trintellix yesterday because just the thought of it making me sick was giving me panic attacks
  8. Hi! I kinda dropped off the face of the earth there for a bit but I thought I would update about how being on Trintellix is so far (it's still called Brintellix here in Norway where I'm currently living so the whole Trintellix/Brintellix thing confused me for a sec ?). I've been on Trintellix for over a week and haven't thrown up. It's been a really rough start but that is purely my fault because I misunderstood my doc and stopped my old med (Luvox) cold turkey (was only on 100mg for a month) so I was experiencing withdrawals. LOTS of anxiety, nausea, brain zaps and all that shit. Now im comin
  9. Thanks for answering! I bought some ginger tea today to help keep a calm stomach, and I'll keep taking an anti nausea pill along with the med. Its ridiculous that I'm so afraid of throwing up but never do, but I guess OCD never really makes any real sense. Neither does GAD. I'll update if I develop nausea. Good luck with your GAD
  10. Also, I've never had nausea as a side effect from any other of the billion meds I've tried.
  11. I have no idea if I'm doing this right so bear with me: I have GAD and OCD (such a lovely combo) and I just got prescribed Brintellix to help me get out of the recent anxiety/panic hole I've dug myself into. I've been on every SSRI under the sun (I was diagnosed with this shit storm of anxiety, panic attacks and OCD when I was 11 and am now currently 31) and have had great success through the years with Luvox. Then I made the "mistake" or thinking I could live without it and stopped taking it (with my psychiatrist monitoring me) and now I can't even go to the mailbox without panicking. Al
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