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  1. Yeah that's pretty much why I'm interested in it, but at the same time I feel I'd have to be pretty grounded if I want to help others first. Not that I feel I'm incapable, I'm pretty confident I'd be good at it (hopefully!) but it seems like a stressful career. Anywho, thanks for the welcome.
  2. Thank you! Thank you, and yes crazy fun! I've had worse paranoid periods before, so afraid of having a psychosis every day because I was afraid of nothing being real. Now I'm pretty grounded, but not enough to where I can be completely independent.
  3. I've joined this forum once before, but never really contributed much. I'd like to be a part of it, because it's nice to have a community of people you can relate to, but I'm also weirdly paranoid when it comes to using public forums on the internetz. As for why I'm here, I'm pretty off the walls paranoid. Not sure what's wrong with me exactly. I've been "diagnosed" bipolar, but that was from someone who talked to me for about 15ish minutes and left me with a bunch of pills. I'm skeptical if I truly am bipolar, because I really don't act out in any outlandish ways. At worst I'm self destructive sometimes (bad times) but I tend to keep a lid on it. Not that that makes it better, but I also feel like I'm self aware enough to not let my weirdness negatively effect those around me. So what does that make me? Who knows, but I wish I could just exist like a "normal" person and not have any crazy hangups. I'm still trying to talk with psychologists to figure out what's "wrong" with me, but until then ehh. I'm worried it could be some type of schizophrenia, but what do I know? I'm mostly just existing right now trying to maybe get back into school. I've mostly been interested in studying psychology (ironic? ?) but I'd also like financial security. I'd also like to become a philosophy major, but that's probably even more detrimental to that.
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