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  1. I promise this is not a troll. Vistaril and Xanax are sedating, this med for me was nothing less than paralyzing... Like it was meant to take down an elephant.My pdoc says it takes over 400-600 ish to help psychosis … "voices" for example. I'm not one to pick on meds but after my experience with it I am perpetually mad at it. It did help my paranoia, but at the expense of every single other emotion. Even worse, the ability to express it physically and verbally . To be honest I'm actually jealous of people that this stuff works for.
  2. I'm not against meds at all, but there is something off about quell. I have never witnessed a person on Seroquel have anything more than a zombie life, if any. One guy I met on 600mg was given quell because he "kept having the urge to shoot at Arab looking people". Is this the best they can do for homicidally? I took 25mg of this once. Threw the rest in the trash and then fired my pdoc. It feels like it was meant to restrain "bad" people. I do not get this feeling at all from Risperdal, abilify or even Zyprexa. Does anyone on this actually maintain an active social life, family, high-paying job etc. etc. etc?
  3. Hello. Anybody here knowledgeable about astrophysics? It is one of my favorite subjects. I hope to live to see Faster-than-Light travel to become ubiquitous. We have to find a way around Einstein's theory of relativity for this to happen. I think we will have vehicles that can do this by 5000 a.d. , and then by 10,000 humanity would be certainly spread through the Milky Way Galaxy if not further... 12,020 a.d. = Star Wars meets "The Borg" in my view. Type II approaching Type III. -Thanks for listening
  4. Hiya. I browse this group a couple times a week. I enjoy the discussions. Especially about pathology and treatments. I am 37 almost 38 so I am sort of being forced to outgrow the whole "if only the world was X to me" this would happen thing, but you will see a desperate rant once in a while . For those who know M.B.T.I. I am an "ENFJ" I am an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. From my perspective they can work well in tandem with traditional allopathic treatments. I hope one day to teach Medicine at University one day... 'Eastern and Western Integrative Medicine'. ..My specialty is genetics and longevity. I expect humanity that is still alive today to have a lifespan of 500-1000 no less. It is my life's work since I was 7 years old. Glad to be here and thanks for listening!
  5. I will look into that, thank you.Adding magnesium or niacin is great for suicidal thoughts. [re: risperidone] My pdoc told me this about it … Serotonin only 0.5-1mg, Serotonin and Dopamine 1-3mg, Dopamine only 4mg+. Therapeutic effect for psychosis is due to blocking the D2 and D4 receptors.
  6. Venlafaxine and mirtazapine is a common thing to try for severe treatment resistant depression. Or bupropion and mirtazapine
  7. I'm not sure where you are getting 50,000 from. I take 5000 IU twice per day with meals, sometimes 20,000-30,000 in the winter usually no longer than a week, or two or three. Yes, all of those supplements and doses are psych approved. My Psych and my Naturopath have teamed up. After the years of isolation from the sun and a very poor diet we came to find out I was severely deficient in D and those other nutrients. The multivitamin is to fill in the gaps with the minerals and the b vitamins etc..
  8. Disturbing/morbid thoughts and agitation. It also helps my OCD and to a lesser extent anxiety. I start with 0.25 or 0.5mg and go up by .25 or .5 increments every 3 days. I was told I can add it back in "if I feel the need to".
  9. Hello. I am currently taking 15mg Adderall for energy and focus due to ADHD symptoms. I wish to add back in my risperidone. I don't need much. Under 2mgs does the trick just fine. I have only been on Adderall for 1 year and it's a miracle med for me so I have never taken them both together. Upon looking them up the mechanism of action of the two meds seems to be diametrically opposed... Risperdal blocks dopamine, serotonin etc. but Adderall obviously releases it. Is anybody on this combination? If so how is it working for you? -Thanks for listening
  10. I am very sensitive to weight gain from psych meds but six months of 1500mg Depakote did not put one pound on me. Just 0.25 mg of risperidone puts 5 pounds every week on me, unless I'm doing heavy cardio exercise every day.
  11. You sound like me. The doctors actually have to think with us types. Much of the time they can't just follow the "standard dose" or "standard titration" lol. Many years ago one lady put me on 20 mg of Zyprexa .She had the most lethal titration I have ever encountered (keep in mind I am not psychotic of bipolar), this was merely for for "GAD" and she thought instead of a benzo this would help the "paranoia" and not be addictive. After about a week on the 20 I tossed it in the trash and found a new doctor.[re: Effexor] Yeah, the higher the dose the more it hit the norep. receptors. My pdoc described it as "acts like a TCA over 150mg. As long as it doesn't squash my emotions (celexa did this, so did Lexapro) I might as well try the 37.5. I hope your effexor does you well too. "Painful dysphoria" sounds all too uncomfortable and familiar and I hope I can get some brain cells going with the effex to think above and beyond the negatives.
  12. Has anybody had luck with very low dose Effexor xr. Like only 37.5 or 75mg a day? I generally do not very well on the higher doses of the dual acting SNRIs. Although awesome for depression I could only tolerate 30mg of brand Cymbalta. 60mg make me feel horrible. I had to go off of it and when I tried generic 30mg Cymbalta again it was not the same kind of miracle relief. My doctor mentioned Effexor as he claims "there are very few drug interactions compared to Cymbalta" and the last thing I need right now is any wacky interactions with my meds (check my signature). I would love to hear your experience with Effexor xr. Thanks for listening.
  13. His drinking makes whatever it is 100,000x worse. My mother and his doctors are pressuring him to check into rehab.
  14. Yes, but not always necessarily. From what he spoke about his "mental problems" they were there in his early 20s. Cluster B personality disorders are very,very,very often rooted in not getting attention, being smothered or both at the beginning stages of life and perhaps it's the mid life crisis that made it more obvious but is just in the burned out phase of his life. The reason why I am thinking it's cluster b (narcissistic personality disorder, borderline etc.) is because he needs those closest to him to need him. They can't really be themselves and sort of have to confirm to his value system. I'm a straight male but often get called a "faggot" by him because I have a very feminine way about me and said "I'm the faggot of the family" because of my choice to not marry and have children. I always have girlfriends but they usually understand it. Years and years back he would get VERY anxious about it, now it comes out as crude insults and belittling.
  15. The pdoc mentioned Dementia but honestly am really skeptical about it. All I know there is a FUCKTON of projection in this home. I remember bringing up the subject of trauma bonding (which sounds like what he went through most of his life) with him and he just didn't want to hear about it even though the person I remembered used to enjoy talking about sort of out-there and intense issues. He needs a walker and falls on the floor an average of 2-3 times a week due to his spinal stenosis and drinking all day and night. It's absolutely surreal that he rationalizes this all as normal. I am concerned that person I once new has had his personality completely decimated. I sort of have become the family detective to prevent myself from getting damaged from this.
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