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  1. I am wondering, is there anything morally wrong with this? My uninhibited self is sort of a sexy Geisha Girl [see "Yoko Litter" for a very extreme of this]. Yes, I do dress 'that way' if the situation calls for it. I asked my friend with ASD about it and in his opinion is really is in actuality not feminine at all [miniskirts, heels, makeup etc.]. My caring, empathic. helpful and emotional behavior makes this pattern of behavior my natural state. It's instinctual for me to be caring and serving of others. My girlfriends usually call me a "lesbian". My mother encourages it, but m
  2. Every time I bring up bipolar to my doctors they usually avoid the subject indicating no to me.
  3. PS: Does "insane" mean "impossible"?
  4. It's beautiful. ❤️ I need to see that episode.
  5. Vote. … I voted "sane". Reply with opinions if needed. Thank you for listening. ❤️
  6. [Moderators: if this is the wrong place to post this topic please do move it to the correct one] Back when I used Facebook heavily I found myself extending my ability to helping those "friends" which much more than half seemed to suffer from severe mental illness. I can't pinpoint if they first were unhappy and isolated or whether the site was making them unhappy. My guess would be perhaps both. I love this board. I love the great minds, the interaction, fun/helpful topics and very ironically the sanity compared to those people. I simply became overextended and exhausted accommodatin
  7. I agree with this summation. I feel posters should be able to be "abstract" as long as they are not trying to steer people the wrong way or trying to get people off of their Dr. prescribed meds etc.
  8. My pdoc says "even 45 is too much" of Remeron. From personal experience his assumption was correct for me as going from 30-45 was no benefit + more side effects. The best relief from Remeron was going from 15 to 30. 7.5 just makes me feel like shit and eat everything in the house. I'm ALL for starting at the lowest dose but you probably want to skip 7.5 and try 15 for a week or two then up to 30. 7.5 just makes the depression worse for me.
  9. [Lamictal] PERFECT for a combination of sad and mad, even if no bipolar.
  10. The video is a metaphor. I suppose I could be both of these characters (more likely the younger Caucasian one lol). Kenpo Karate is very close to my heart. This movie was cool too. I wish to shift gears to Dragon [see video]. Does that come internally (self-reliance), or externally from others (external help and affection/love)? How does one blend in to society but not lose ones individuality? All I know if I will never "conform" to anything. What I "need/want" is vitality.
  11. My "lows". (usually in bed) My "normal~mildly ecstatic" (Usually practicing Kenpo during listening to this kind of music)
  12. For me I find that it "prevents" depression rather than "relieves" depression. It works quickly for me, anywhere between a few hours after the first pill to a week. This is one I go on and off. It never looses it's effectiveness either.
  13. If I am indeed a bipolar (not saying it's impossible, just IDK right now) my lows would have to be somewhere between "stay in bed and watch Star Trek for two weeks" and "feeling normal~mildly ecstatic".
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