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  1. Sorry I am not sure where to post this, but I have made my username too personal and need to change it. Is this possible without closing and opening a new account?? Thanks
  2. Well I am doing way better. I am on only 600 mg of lithium. I think the abilify is helping, which i take at night. I have only had to take seroquel for sleep once this week. I think the ritalin that gives me more energy lets me get more done and by the time it wears off I am actually tired. My mood is better. So we will see next month what happens. I have really started to watch what i eat and exercise. I have actually lost weight. I think when you are on all these meds that make you gain wight and I mean a lot of weight and in addition the same meds are not helping, well it is just frustrating. I think it is alot of trial and error and you need alot of patience,
  3. Feel free to PM me if you want more info or have questions. peace, Phoenix
  4. Since I have been back from oversees I have been cycling. I have gone from one med to the next in the last 4 months. I have had major problems sleeping and the only thing that works is seroquel. Another weight gain med. I am also on lethium which has cause major weight gain. I am also on lamictal. I was also recently diagnosed adhd so I went from ritalin to adderall back to ritalin xl. I am on 10 mg of the ritalin so I am not sure if it is working aside from more energy. So after going back to the doc complaining I still am swinging and rapid cycling he put me on abilify. The goal is to get me off the lethium because of hte weight gain. He tells me the ritalin will help with this and the abilify does not cause weight gain/ So i check out abilify online and many people have had weight gain. I feel so desperate. I am tired of running from med to med and I am so tired of the weight gain. I have been exercised and dieting to little avail. I think the doc is just going down the list of meds to see what will eventually work. Please stable bp2 tell me what works for you.
  5. I have been eating like crazy. I am on lithium and was wondering if anyone has tried apple cider vinegar for weight lose. I have been using it for about 10 days. I originally used if for bloating. I have not seen any weight lose.
  6. I was on welburtin before the dx me bp. I was on 20 mg of ritalin and did not respond well. So he put me down to 10 it doesn't do much. But here is the kicker I can 't sleep even off stims have not slept well. I took the ritalin at night tonight just to see and I am totaly laid back and tired. I also took it with my lethium which i take at ngiht. I can't write or communicate for shit ans you can see. Like someone turned on an idiot light. I Know it is suppose to calm you down but not this much. It seems when it give me energy it makes me a bitch. The sex thing is a prob for my hb, but I don't know if it i isfrom the med or the meds which I would think would help in that area. Or the ptsd nightmares I have been hving. I need to bring this stuff up to my pdoc. shit this med stuff really gets old. I also think I am cycling every two weeks. Because I have the same syptoms of extreme irritablitity, lace of focus and tireness. thanks for the advice
  7. I have this since before I was dx with bp2. I have als been recently dx add in addtion. The add ritalin seems to be making me tired lazy. Anyhow exactly every two weeks I get extreemly bitchy irritable and crazy. Meds don't calm down. The only thing that works is fo rme to just go to sleep. I also occasionaly get sick to my stomach and throw up. I thought for some reason this was related to my period because it is so consistant with the timing. I am now wondering if i am cycling. can a person cycle that closely and if so what causes it. I get really irritable extremely tired and anti social. I am pretty sure the ritalin is not working since I have tried from 5mg to 20mg. I am alos have an iud put in to replace the hormone birth control bills. my meds are lithium 900mg lamicatal 300mg ritalin 10mg birth control
  8. I have been no ritalin for about a month only 10mg. I take it in at 7 am and then I am so tired I go back to bed. I ahve also been having trouble sleeping at night. I this from sleeping so much during the day or the ritalin???? Also I have NO sext drive. are there other add meds that don;t have this side effect??
  9. I am bp2 and recently dx adhd. I was put on ritalin and it worked but I had too many side effects. Fever and high blood pressure was one. So then my doc put me on adderall same thing only worse and it did not work. It also made me hypomanic. I have not taken it for a couple days and I still have a fever of 100 degrees. It should be out of my system by now so I am wondering if it is a virus of some sort???
  10. Can amphetamine trigger mania? Yes, in some people with bipolar, but that does not mean that all people with bipolar will be triggered by it. Are the symptoms you've described the same as your usual symptoms of hypomania/mania? somewhat but I also get irritable around my period. I haven't taken the medicine for a couple days and I still have a fever. I am wondering if I have some virus. I also feel like my blood pressure is high. I talked to the doc and he switched my back to ritalin but to a lower dosage. the fever concerns me especially since i have not taken the meds in a couple days.
  11. This is more of me just bitching for the sake of bitching. I would bitch my blog but feel a sense of relieve that if I bitch on a board I am heard. So I am bp2 and newly dx adhd. First tired ritalin worked fine sucky side effects. now adderal. Fever, heart rate up, high blood pressure and here comes the hypomania. I first thought my period is coming, no I am not feeling well, no I am still pissed off that the fucking teacher did nothing about the little shit spitting on my sons face. mmm manic I guess. SO i medicated myself and went to bed. Trust me the best thing for everyone. If you look at me wrong when I am like this I will probably take your head off. It is not until later I have enough notion to realize I am in one of those moods. I usually just think it is from all of the shit around me, which very well could have let to it I tried again with the adderall and I feel like I am in a dream like state. Still irritatebly but not as bad.. I am wondering if this will go away. I am also wondering why the pussy of a principal allows this kids who has been bully my son to get away with all this shit. first my space harassment, spitting, constand name calling. Mmm stupid me ignore him finally two meetings with the counselor (bullshit) the kids leave the office and calls him a snitch) \ Okay son sometimes you follow the rules and do what you are suppose to do and the teachers don't. this is life and will not be the first time this happens. SO now you have my permission to do what you dad told you to do in the first place. If he bothers you kick his ass and I am sure he will get the word around not to mess with you anymore. this is how we did it. we duked it out. Telling are you kidding he is in 6th grade. Mmm I am still pissed and my hb says I am overreacting, that he should have just kicked his ass to begin with because this has been going on too long. suspended yah day home. I guess.
  12. I was dx bp2 and recently add my doc put me on ritalin which gave me high bp and high poblems. So now he tries adderall, which I asked him won't that do the same thing side effect wise because it is in the same class. So i took it and the same shit high fever tireness, high bp and pulse. So I went of it a day and I was tired as hell then I thought okay let me try it again I did the fever was still there but the bp down but I was short of beath. THe funny thing is I am like not wanting to do anything no enegy. He started me out on a low 5mg dose. My period is about to start. And I seem to be mad a the world. Husband wont hlep kids wont pick up ......
  13. I am bp2 so if anyone knows a med for adhd that works well with that please let me know. I have had leg pain at night like really bad. I have also had really bad eye redness and burning. Will that go away or are these more severe side effects.
  14. I attribute alot of trying not to care as much to my hb. He has a big role in the community and used ot stress over whatever one thought and said about the disissions (sp) he made. He finally learned to not care what they thought. I am working on it, I just keep saying to myself I don't care. It doesn't matter. He helps to because many times I try to tell him these things that to him are really unimportant and after a few minutes he just tells me Honestly I don't want to hear this it is not really important or worth talking about. I used to think oh I am just venting but really he is right it is a waste of time and usually leads to no where. In regards to my sister in law. I did discover some shadiness. Like she was not honest that she signed up for facebook and had been viewing my accounts not important but not honest. I learned this in really a character flaw of her and not my prob. I also learned the level of the closeness of our relationship. I used to think you could only have one type of friends, meaning you could tell them everything and all that, but I think there are different type of friends and relationships. There is so much gossip and compitetion and jelous with woman it is not worth it for me. But I do love being able to pour my heart out to people i don;'t know any day than to someone I have known for years. I don't care, I don;t care, I don;t care............................................................................ ................
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