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    to fast changing, to be worth to tell in the moment.
  1. hello, I have a question to the mods, admin of this page. add block plus, blocks here some skripts from "big brother google" (google-analytics 1x1 gif, googlesyndication java-script and some other crap (pay-pal 1x1 gif)) I am not a web-developer, so my question. Did you put this things on the side? Or is it from some third-party links to facebook, twitter, etc.? I know nearly ever site have such things (but not all).... Soon or later, I have the feeling google know us better then we us self... lg, Ody
  2. Ody

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    Imperial 'coconut' march (star wars)
  3. hi, I am sorry, a point "only by thinking to much". Is that what's still missing. lg, Ody
  4. hi, I do this, pool because I wan't to know. If this is only my problem. Always if I think on things by an internal monologue (On things like math, programming, Ideas on unspecifed things[if I want to buy somthing and think about that] ). My mood got bader from moment to moment (positiv thoughts included), after a while my thoughts circle about this thing, I can't stop thinking about that, I can't make my head to shut the fuck up. After a while psyche is leached out and I feel bad, not depressed but simply bad. So I ask my self, if extensiv thinking is bad for the human mood... lg, Ody
  5. tired.. tired...

  6. hi, I am a bipolar, and from the sight of the performence society. I am a completly looser. If I am not to depressed, maniac,low-selfesteamed or socialphobic to care about problems like job or education,future and something like that (and I wouldn't kill my self at this thoughts...) I am to easy defectable (maybe a small adhs part in me I don't know). I think I know what you are talking about. 90% of the time I am looking absolute normal to the people. (They don't care about things that my voice is sometimes very slow and monotonic, I don't show any feeling on my face on this day and in oposite my talking is sometimes emotional and realy fast, my acting is offended and open). People think because of this, It is nothing serious like a hay fever, annoying but not serious. They will only see a psychic ill if someone is running arround and talking naked about amargedon in a shopping street. You should better not talk with persons about your Illness that are not Involved. If I do such things they understand nothing, specialy if I tell them about depressions, notes on that like "Everyone have a bad day" and "A few persons have no problems to got out of the bed in the morning" and "I am sometimes depressed to" (they don't even know what that means) are not far. Most people think I am to dumb, lazy or associal to work, cause it's nothing serious and I got the 'bipolar genius joker'(or holding the buck) They don't care that I am 70% Invalid because my Illness. I think it's a lake of enlightenment of the 'mental well' folk. And most people think that what make them feel better about them self, not like the things are, anyway. PS.: I hope you aren't angry on me, It looks like I did understand nothing about what's the topic sense. sorry lg, Ody
  7. hey, cool I didn't know that! thanks. lets see... edit: wow, 112%! looks like I am to late.
  8. hate this anoying life

    1. Latin Girl

      Latin Girl

      sorry you hate this annoying life. Ditto!

  9. to lazy for everything go to bed again

  10. to tired to sleep...

  11. so who don't know this, 1.) Found a new song 2.) Wow, amazing (repeat x20) 3.) Boring 4.) Need a new song! By the way If I am feeling unwell of anexity or depression sometimes I wear 40% of the day earphones... Hard to don't hear everything 10x a day... But my ex-girl friend was freaking out too if I did something like that, buy him earphones if he doesn't stop. It looks more like a part of personality than a symptom. lg, Ody
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