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  1. I like astrophysics. I am particularly interested in the theories surrounding the big bang and expansion of the universe....existing models do not quite explain the rate in which the universe is expanding, which means there is still something exciting out there we do not quite understand yet. Love the ideas about the multiverse, so exciting. Also interested in quantum physics although I find it difficult to understand. Again, the less we know the more the mystery. All very fascinating.
  2. I share a birthday with Weird Al. So astrologically speaking....
  3. Two weeks ago thought a little bit of wine sounded good. Umm seven trips through rehab didn't clue you in that this may be a bad idea? Nope - solution this week equals buy wine in the box instead of the bottle, less trips to store. Not bad, drinking wine not liquor it will be ok. Fuck that you are already starting to shake early in the day before wine is consumed. My cat just burped.
  4. I will have to give them a try, thanks. It is easy to over do the carb -y stuff, good to have a healthier option once in a while
  5. I am sure it will be fantastic, your preparations look flawless. I have a very ignorant question. What does kohl rabi taste like? The checkout lady in the grocery store mentioned it the other day and I realized I have no idea what it's like or how to eat it. I had this same type of revelation with parsnips a couple years ago, so I tried them and they are now one of my favorite foods. I don't want to miss out on another vegetable gem.
  6. Thanks @Wonderful.Cheese, @Unstrung Harp, @CrazyRedhead@Rabbit37, and everyone else - all of this helps!
  7. Thanks for this, I feel better. I want to do something for her, my problems started at the same age but I didn't get help and turned to self-medication, which probably just screwed me up worse. So I want to do something, but I worry about doing the wrong thing. I am respecting her wishes and letting her try the prozac, and I will just observe and see how she does. If she ends up on long-term meds yet makes it to college, I will be overjoyed. She is flunking 90% of her classes now, I am willing to give it a try just to get out of this rut.
  8. My daughter has struggled through middle school, first they tried to treat her for adhd but she doesn't want to take the meds, which i can I understand. She has been seeing a therapist for depression & anxiety also, and now her doc has prescribed prozac. She actually does want to take it, but I worry about the effect of psych meds on a developing brain. Will it set her up to need meds her whole life? At the same time, considering she refused adhd meds but jumped at the chance when the doc asked if she wanted something for depression and anxiety, there must be some suffering there she wants to alleviate. I don't know the right answer, this age is a critical time in brain development, I want to set her up for future success rather than have her mess up adulthood the way I did. I don't know if this is a breach of the first-person rule to ask? Mostly I would be interested in how parents with MI have coped with watching their children develop the same symptoms.
  9. Boots, definitely boots. I buy them at the thrift shop so I don't feel guilty about all the boots I buy. Is your diet majority herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous?
  10. It's warmed up a bit, now 9 (-12.7 C). Living in this environment, I'm pretty sure the joke is on us. although I have noticed it's a point of pride around here that we can withstand these temperatures (and it will get colder than this in January & February). We kind of like to brag about it.
  11. Looks like we're on about the same cocktail (except trazodone, I hate that stuff), and I have memory issues that come & go, but I think it's more linked to depression than meds. Gets worse when I'm symptomatic. I'm up to 450 on the bupropion xl and when I bumped from 300-450 the only issue I had was a decreased ability to use the bathroom regularly but that's another topic.
  12. That's about what I've experienced. Extremely agitated, feel like my skin is crawling and I want to crawl out of it. Anxiety and OCD are at their worst, everything is extremely loud, I am in perpetual sensory overload and lose the ability to filter anything out, irritability is also on max. Thoughts are very dark, begin interpreting negative messages in normal everyday things. Sometimes a bit of paranoia.
  13. Haha I am with you on this. One benefit, it is usually very cold at my desk, but the explosion of anxiety every time I have to phone someone or run a conference call causes me to flush red and sweat profusely. I no longer notice the cold after that.
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