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  1. Ok, so life sucks sometimes. It happens. Some days your riding high and others you wonder about your purpose. Recently, I've been going through this phase of wondering just what the hell I'm doing here. What is my purpose? I used to love my job. I didn't even mind that my boss was a micromanaging, controlling, deceitful, narcissistic dick. Water off a duck's back. Lately, however, it's been getting to me. Seems as though the aforementioned prick has decided my job can be done better. 10 years and I've never made a mistake with the equipment I handle while this a-hole FUBAR's it in some way almost every time and somehow manages to place the blame on others when called out on it. I get tired of not being told the score, of things changing in the middle, of the deception and lies. I get tired of there being only 1 way (a-hole's) of doing something or having the process made 3 times harder than it needs to be. I'm at the point of should I stay or should I go now? Thoughts? -grimmie knows
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