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  1. Oh sorry, just saw the tag. I wasn't sure what SI stood for. For me, I don't mention them unless they are really intrusive. So random fleeting thoughts I probably wouldn't, but if they're there a lot and bothering me then I would even if it's passive with no intention behind it. If I'm thinking seriously about acting on them then it's time for a med change. Idk, that's just me.
  2. But some do ... I would hope there's an exception for kids who are medically at risk for a serious case and that there are plans to vaccinate those individuals.
  3. Most people here are not wearing masks anymore, except in a few settings where it's still required, like medical settings or activities for kids. Yep.
  4. I was recently diagnosed with gingivitis and have had issues with gums bleeding for a couple years. I think it's due to the meds as I am on several that can cause dry mouth. I've started using an alcohol-free mouthwash and chewing gum with xylitol ... is there anything else I can do? I don't want to change my meds since they are working.
  5. I'm fully vaxxed and still wear my mask. I have a kid who can't be vaccinated yet. I think a lot of the people walking around unmasked are not vaccinated as it seems the people against masks are usually against vaccines as well. And I agree it's very confusing.
  6. I know I already said this on the other thread, but I've had similar experiences and it was during a time I was having a lot of delusions, before I got on a therapeutic dose of AAP. I think they are visual illusions. I had one where I thought a person I passed in a building was a gorilla. It would have made no sense for there to be a gorilla there, but I had to really stop and look at them to make sure they were a person. ETA I've never had a full-on visual hallucination, just little stuff like this.
  7. I've had that happen and it's only when I had other psych symptoms going on so I think it is related although not super concerning in itself.
  8. Balancing symptoms vs side effects is such a challenge. Sorry, jarn.
  9. I know you posted this a month ago, but I really really like "The Center Cannot Hold" by Elyn Saks. It's a memoir about her schizophrenia. How are you doing, btw?
  10. I know someone who hallucinates on marijuana. I think it can really help some people and I'm pro-legalization, but we do have to be careful when prone to psychosis, I think.
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