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  1. Yes I get like this when I'm paranoid. I end up feeling very hostile towards everyone because I think they are against me somehow.
  2. I found a trail I like and go for long walks, is that an option for you? I've gained weight too.
  3. It's been amazing for my anxiety. I rarely need to take Ativan anymore.
  4. Your experience of this sounds similar to mine. I have a lot of insight, and my quasi-delusional thinking went on for months and got worse before my pdoc decided to diagnose me with psychotic features. And she still doesn't worry about paranoid thoughts unless I'm losing insight. Anyway, it sounds like you have a good plan in place.
  5. OK. Well for me, I am able to reality test until I'm not anymore and it starts affecting my behavior. So I see those kind of thoughts as being a precursor to delusional thinking and try to catch them while I can still reality test.
  6. For me there's sometimes an element of reality ... like I got a ticket for something minor and that set off this persistent idea that the police were following me everywhere and planning to arrest me. Stress definitely contributes as well.
  7. Well my scarf didn't stay in place. I'm hoping my mom can make me a mask, as I can't sew and they are not available anywhere.
  8. I have to go to the store tomorrow. I'm going to tie a scarf over my nose and mouth. Maybe it won't do anything, but, whatever.
  9. Also I disagree with the author of that article that psychotic depression isn't real psychosis or whatever it is he's saying. Abilify has been very helpful for my psychotic symptoms.
  10. Why are you asking? Has your pdoc prescribed this combination to you and you're trying to decide whether to take it?
  11. I'm homeschooling my kid, so I actually have less time! But I started coloring again the other day. I'm trying to keep up with knitting and crochet but honestly I'm so exhausted that when I do get some free time I just stare at my iPad.
  12. I was just thinking about you today, wondering how you were coping.
  13. I'm managing. I have a 5 year old whom I'm now trying to homeschool, so I'm not really alone, but I am having a hard time with being cut off from all the social contacts I've managed to make in the last two years. It's also hard not to be able to take my son places to get his energy out and having to try to keep him engaged all day. Last week I was suicidal a lot of the time but this week has been somewhat better.
  14. How does anyone even get a new script for a benzo filled right now? Doesn't it have to be a paper script (as opposed to called in)? (And yes, I have been taking my Ativan more.)
  15. why her stomach hurts
  16. 5 mg helped me a little, maybe? But mostly with depressive symptoms. My delusional thoughts didn't really clear up until I went to 10 mg. I am like you in that I have a fair amount of insight with my delusional thoughts. The content is paranoid and weird and I definitely believe it to some extent but not 100%.
  17. I share your concerns about the side effects of antipsychotics. Abilify has been a really helpful med for me, though. I guess for me it's worth the risks, to have improved quality of life. But when I was still delusional I thought my pdoc was poisoning me ... That fear cleared up when she increased the dose.
  18. I only ever took generic when I was on Zoloft. It was fine for me. My pharmacy has changed manufacturers on my Prozac several times and I have not noticed any difference, but I know some people are more sensitive to those differences. Now with my Ativan, I do notice a difference (I think) between manufacturers.
  19. If you don't have a family history then it's pretty unlikely. I did develop psychosis but I have multiple immediate family members who have some form of it. In the unlikely event that you did develop psychosis, it wouldn't be the end of the world. You would find ways to treat and manage it just like with your OCD.
  20. Fluoxetine has been better than sertraline for me. Fewer side effects, at least.
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