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    sleep, sanity, cats, trashy television, psychopharmacology

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About Me

Living up in the frozen North and taking things day by day.  I moderate a bunch of boards, chiefly PTSD and Personality Disorders. 


Have taken:

ADs: Remeron, Wellbutrin XL, Celexa, Zoloft

Benzos: Ativan, Klonopin

Mood Stabilizers: valproic acid, Lamictal

AAPs: Seroquel, Latuda

Misc: zopiclone, trazodone, prazosin

Alternative Stuff: Melatonin, Fish Oil, Light Box, N-acetyl cysteine

Psychotherapy: group DBT, individual DBT, supportive psychotherapy, trauma therapy


If you want to hear me talk about myself still more, you can read my nifty mod profile here.

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