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  1. I’ve been going through hell this past year. Still don’t really know who I am. Still have voices see things, but I’m getting really emotional. I lfeel love for my family again like I can remember. Feel a bit like I’ve been in a bad dream. The risperdal didn’t seem to be helping been on two month after a year and half no meds. I became catatonic was walking streets aimlessly. My mom got from the sreets. Can the meds just all of a sudden kick in is what I’m asking ?
  2. What antipsychotic has the least serotonin activation? I can’t handle it I get manic and mean.
  3. I hope you can get it too. Maybe we can talk if you need. I get very lonely.
  4. Me too I won’t survive without them. At least you can be with your family. I can’t because I’ve been dangerous. What meds are you on?
  5. Are you at least able to stay home and be a part of life. I keep wanting to go to the streets again. I won’t survive there again
  6. Is it doing anything for you at all? What symptoms are you still dealing with ? I’m sorry your not doing okay
  7. What I haven’t been in is mood stabilizers, just lithium. I haven’t been on combos either. Mostly just antipsychotic and adivan
  8. No I’ve been on all of them except Abilify. Ten years Ive been sick. Only started this online support a couple years ago. I was told a few times clozeral may be a lifesaver. Is it helping you cheese ?
  9. Schizophrenia, Ocd, ptsd Schizophrenia, Ocd, ptsd . How is clozapine? The last hospital I was in wanted me to try it.
  10. I’m doing a bit better but my phych is no longer taking medical. He was the biggest piece of crap anyway. So I’m stuck on risperdal till January 15 when I see my new doctor. I still have major voice issues. Geodon put in mania and Seroquel made me dark and creepy ? What meds have helped you? What med combos have helped you? “You’re beautiful because you know your own darkness and still, that alone doesn’t stop you from finding your own light”
  11. I'm doing better and seeing my crap pshyc. I get uncontrolled laughing know. The Zyprexa was making me really sick. My symptoms have gone down by half. Anyone have uncontrolled laughing or crying?
  12. I got off Zyprexa which was making me allot worse. Voices and hallucinations screaming at me and I really couldn't stop eating. I spent a whole night screaming at voices top of my lungs following a full dystonic reaction. My so called phych gave me risperdal and lithium. Im still messed up but not dying from Zyprexa. It's been two days on risperdal and I just start laughing. Ill get a past memory and start laughing. I'm not doing it . I have no control! Help.
  13. I can't take Zyprexa anymore! It was making me go more insane. Within 20 minutes I was in violent rage and voices got ten time worse. I was screaming at the top my lungs all night. I had a major dystonic reaction at 6 mg. I could not stop eating . Trying lithium and risperdal today. I'm very manic please god let this work.
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