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  1. I found tramadol greatly reduced my OCD when both manic and depressed. When episodes used to get a bit rough it would take me about an hour each time I wanted to lay down in my bed. My germophobic/numeracy related OCDs when manic always made me late for things because the routines were repetitive and so so loooong lol Tramadol around the 250mg range shrinks the time and the counts in my head that I'm usually doing RAPID for me that 250mg dose will kill the worst, most time consuming parts of the OCD for about 3-4 days. Doctor says I may have a rapid cycling version of bipolar given my age and how long I've had it for, so lately bad manic phases are not lasting more than 5-6-7 days for me since around September 2016. For me 2 lots of 250mg ( total 500mg ) taken in a 3-4 hour time frame will kill it for anything up to a fortnight for me. For my current condition Tramadol has been like having a TACTICAL NUKE in my spiritual armoury LOL Its a bit tragic I discovered it so late. But better late than never you know that ! XD I remember having genuine opiates in the past (oramorph, percocet, heroin) and all not having any real effect on my mental wellness one way of the other or that I could remember noticing anyway; I remember just feeling high sicky and smacked up like it makes you feel and I think my depression would feel worse in the long run. Opiates detached me like they are supposed to, but thank God in a way I could never take to... Maybe because Tramadol Hydrochloride is a synthetic drug it has such a different effect on me maybe? Tramadol is nothing at all like the traditional opiate based meds so I'm told (?) it just shares and mimics a few of its actions, the rest of its mechanisms are a bit of a mystery I think. I did read that the people who made it don't really understand how it all works lol As a med for pain management however Tramadol for me is a bit ineffective even when taken with zero tolerance. Aspirin for me works much better for shin splints, toothaches and headaches. Weird man..lol
  2. Hi Takeachillpill ? I was actually just prescribed a few Tramadol for dental pain when I was getting all my root canal fillings done - so I stumbled upon them by complete accident. I was buying on the black market for a bit but then thought this is silly so I told the doc and get a proper prescription for them, which obviously saves me lots of time and money lol GP says it's still all a complete mystery so my suggestions are just as worth trying as his lol Hi Wilesoph, basically I've been using Tramadol only during episodes ; so both for the upside and the down. Yh I try and blast it hard and as heavy quick as I think it's coming. My periods of time on an even keel - 'normal life not being too bipolar' lol I don't take it. Hi brokendishes, am sad to hear about your dad. Yes agreed, sadly to many things around us have that potential to be addicting and destructive to us. I know how vicious alcohol dependence is and it has to be one of the cruellest addictions I've ever witnessed. Especially cruel for the families. So really I wish u well and hope you're finding some sunshine m8!
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe and feeling well xxxx I got my diagnosis about 14 months ago. I got a manic depressive diagnosis at about 15-16. Ignored it for a good 20 years until this last one. Bipolar is nicer sounding I think, but I've been told it's basically the same old chestnut just re-badged a bit like a 90s mini metro if you like ? Tramadol for me when taken in the first few days (3-4) at the start of a manic phase it works so well ! It slows down my rapid thinking to a crawl, and seriously drowns out all that background 'clutter' noise so I can focus like normal (one thing at a time). It also shortens the manic phase by miles (weeks I reckon, seriously!) and transitions the downer period into something that I can cope and work with without completely grinding to a halt. I take them at fairly high doses (400-600mg in a 12 hour period) and break each 12 hour period with 48 hours of physical exercise and good rest and diet. For me Tramadol is a lifesaver alongside the natural herbal remedies (mainly edibles). I found CBT helpful also on a more practical side, the tools we were taught were simple to remember and effective. I had a good go with every bipolar type related chemical out there, our family GP had tried me on Depakote, Lithium, Lorazepam, Serequel, kitchen sink. Tramadol and cannabis should not help to lessen the harsh nature of this condition. It should make things alot worse. But for me so far it's been a 'cure' I've not taken any long extended time off work, I've not been online gambling, I've not been chasing sex and hurting peoples feelings. I think I'm just reconfirming the general consensus that we are all individuals with unique chemistry and there is no such thing as a one size fits all. What works for you has no guarantee at all that it will ever work for me sort of thing. Love and peace xxxxx
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