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  1. I'm newly diagnosed with bi polar 2 bi polar depression 12 days on seroquel and coming off cymbalta but I started on seroquel 50mg 1st week 100mg 2nd week now I'm on 150 mg I'm feeling so depressed having bad anxiety it's taking forever to feel better I'm scared it's not going to work for me feeling hopeless last night taking the 150 was the first time seroquel even made me kind of sleepy first couple weeks I felt nothing still wide awake but I passed out at some point hours later got up woke my whole family up @ 3 am hallucinating I was coming in and out I remember very little but it was so crazy and at some point I also ended up outside I remember nothing of that I fell twice bruised myself up I was so sore next day but I was all over the place for hours I was seeing ppl who weren't there my husband couldn't get me bk in bed I woke my mom husband and son up totally out of it scared me to death hearing about it all the next day but that's not happening anymore thank goodness but idk maybe I just need to be patient as I slowly go up but it's definitely not easy I'm sure some can relate I've read 300 mg is usually right dose for bi polar depression and some up to 1200 mg I'm just anxious ? anyone been in my shoes?! I would love to hear what y'all think just feeling lonely and lost I totally isolate myself is there hope??? I pray and hope it'll get better my fear is I'm going through all of this for nothing thanks in advance
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