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  1. I wouldn't say so, an addiction is something you need to to in order to gain a specific set of results, like a high of some kind. You almost answered it for yourself, it's the outcome of an emotional response to a traumatic situation. I suspect you're doing it because you're upset & feel that you think there's something wrong with you, so the cutting gives you a reason to believe that it's true. I doubt that you'd be doing it if you were still in the relationship. Try to find something to take your mind off things & maybe socialise a bit more. I doubt you'd be cutting yourself while you're with other people.
  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. In fact I think we all do it & even talk to ourselves in our heads. It's our way of coping with boredom & stress. I think it's totally normal, if it isn't, then add me to the insanity list, i'm guilty of doing it too. It's more often when a song you recognise is heard, even if you hate it, it still happens. If you don't want it going around in your head, physically listen to it, several times, & then it goes away, or listen to something different.
  3. I know it's an old post, but I came across it after searching for a reason as to why i've never been able to stop pulling out my own hair. You're not alone & I posted the following somewhere else too. I know it's no fun & not a competition, but I think I have you beaten. Check this out, & please don't judge (those of you who don't pluck) it's not as though we can just stop, because we cant, otherwise we would have done so by now and not had to resort to posting about our experiences or questioning why we pluck or can't stop. So, here goes.... I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, & I'm almost 50 now. Pubic hair, moustache, beard, chest, eyelashes, eyebrows, nose, ear, anal & armpit. In fact, I pull everything but my arms, legs, back & scalp, for some strange reason. I'm terrible, aren't I? The thing is, most of the time I don't realise I'm doing it, other times I do & stop, only to start again later on. It can innocently start with twiddling the hair, or from an itch or tickle. Maybe even stress or boredom starts the process off too. Maybe my hands have to always be doing something. Being male, I often get weird looks having very little or no eyebrows & sometimes they even look like i've been trying to shape them. The face, on the other hand, is even worse. I tend to have at it for hours & before I notice, I have bald patches. At that point, I feel the need to pluck out more in order to get rid of it. Forget shaving off the rest, it all grows back at different rates. After the pulling out, I sometimes stick it to something or pull off the root or twist the hair in my fingers before I dispose of it. I've been known to stick it on tissues, the chair, or the bed, by the root until I realise what I've done & there's hundreds of them that I then collect, or group & throw away. I try to reason that the eyebrow, nose, eyelash or pubic tickle means I need to pull it out to stop the tickle, though an itch in those places results in the same same thing, a good plucking. The eyelash & eyebrow plucking also starts when I rub & notice a hard or wirey hair, I have to remove it because it's irritating. The same goes for the face, a hard or wirey hair & it's pulled out & generally starts me off. An itch or tickle in the back passage often starts that plucking process, or just washing the rear & having the hair in the way might cause me to pull it out. The only upside to all this is that it saves me money on shaving equipment & it doesn't grow back for a long time, but the downside is that the far sides of the face & neck usually hurt when I notice i'm pulling them out, the rest seems to be painless though, which is probably why I can go for hours before i've noticed what i've done. I figure it's not hurting anyone else so there's no point trying to get help now, it's been going on for far too long that I doubt I could ever stop now. I just have to deal with the odd embarrassing moment when I answer the door with half a plucked face & forget that I actually look stupid or like i've had electrolysis or something.
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