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  1. Yes, I self medicated with alcohol for about 20 years until I had to go to six weeks of inpatient and eight weeks of outpatient treatment this year. Sober 106 days...
  2. I have severe SAD, GAD, and PTSD. I'm currently early in month four of withdrawal from 4mg of klonopin daily for 16 years. Had to cold turkey due to six weeks of inpatient rehab for alcoholism. Due to my addiction issues I'm no longer prescribed klonopin. From what I know the first line for anxiety is a MAOI such as Nardil. It is the gold standard. It works on multiple neurotransmitters as well as GABA. I'm only 10 days in so it hasn't kicked in yet although I've felt relief at times early on. I'm on: Nardil 60mg, Clonidine .2 x 3, Propranolol 20mg x3, Trileptal 300mg x 2, Neurontin 300mg x 4, Seroquel 25mg x 1 (sleep). Try Lyrica or Neurontin. With Neurontin use at least 1200mg a day. Clonidine acts on neurepinephrine and does a nice job although it makes you sleepy for 15 minutes after you take it. A beta blocker stops physical anxiety symptoms. Trileptal is for benzo withdrawal and I'll stop it soon. I think SSRI / SNRI drugs are not effective for anxiety and have terrible side effects. That was my experience.
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