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    Reading, mostly fairy tales, mythological fictions, and I have an interest in Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. I love makeup. I'm passionate about it and view it as art, instead of a shield for confidence. I love walks and cycling. Swimming is a hobby of mine as well. I enjoy writing when I feel inspired and I'm constantly finding story titles and suffering from writer's block. I write bizarre, vulgar stories to make my friend laugh. No one is allowed to read them. Lol.
  1. I'm glad the Rexulti is working so well. It really helps my depression. I didn't even realize I was depressed. I hope to get to a higher dose and drop my tegretol. I have disrupted sleep from Zyprexa. I also eat in the middle of the night because of it. I hear mainly positive reviews from Saphris. I also read it is great for bipolar, which holds promise. It hits so many receptors, and I think that is what I need for my schizophrenia to be handled. Zyprexa Zydis caused a 20 lb weight gain in me. If you go back you should try metformin. It works really well for me. But everyone is different and the zydis might work.
  2. I recently remembered I've been on Zyprexa twice without it losing how effective it is. I noticed something. Zyprexa does nothing for my bipolar. Rexulti totally controls it. I wish I could do a monotherapy with rexulti, but I don't think it will help the delusions and hallucinations. I think some are better for schizophrenia and others are better for bipolar. Rexulti is my favorite medication by far. I really want to test out Saphris for my hallucinations/delusions. I have never felt this good in my life. Rexulti is truly amazing. My goal is to try Saphris in place of Zyprexa as it hits a large amount of receptors, which they both have in common. I was fretting I wouldn't be able to fall back on Zyprexa of it doesn't work. I'm just so sick of this weight gain.
  3. Thanks for the info. Just scared of getting sick again. I'm about to attend a medical school, so trying a switch gets me anxious.
  4. Zyprexa for sure can be quite anxiolytic. It really killed my social phobia, but I still felt some fear. Rexulti is really slamming that risidual fear down. I feel somewhat low, but it is very weak. I think an increase would help. I actually read a study where loxapine helped someone with OCD. Glad your response to the Rexulti is so good. I really love it. The crazy thing is that abilify gave me rages, yet rexulti really stabilizes me.
  5. I've been on 30 mgs Zyprexa for about two years. The weight gain is humiliating. I was thinking about trying Saphris, but there is one tiny problem. In the event I need the Zyprexa after all, what is the likelihood of it not working? I have quit medications and once trying them again they no longer work (this happened with trazadone and geodon) . Is it possible quitting the Zyprexa will make it no longer effective?
  6. I was put on Rexulti for mania and mixed states. I took a combination of gabapentin and tegretol to manage bipolar, but that no longer works. I take 30 MG Zyprexa for schizoaffective. At . 25 MG of rexulti my bipolar is totally controlled, though I still have the gabapentin and tegretol. It has helped my depression too. I'm looking to drop tegretol and go up on both gabapentin and rexulti. I was pleasantly surprised that such a low dose controlled my bipolar. (I'm more prone to mixed states and mania.) It also is giving me more energy without being too activating. It did seem to relieve anxiety, albeit mildly. I am on two AAPs presently.
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