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    Reading, mostly fairy tales, mythological fictions, and I have an interest in Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. I love makeup. I'm passionate about it and view it as art, instead of a shield for confidence. I love walks and cycling. Swimming is a hobby of mine as well. I enjoy writing when I feel inspired and I'm constantly finding story titles and suffering from writer's block. I write bizarre, vulgar stories to make my friend laugh. No one is allowed to read them. Lol.

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I am a twenty-five year  old college student. My life was in shambles from severe social phobia. I had dropped out, and at twenty-three I fixed my life and headed to college. I'm attending a medical school and learning radiography. I suffer from schizoaffective bipolar type 1. I'm presently on Zyprexa and Rexulti. One for the delusions and voices and the other for bipolar. I'm just trying to make a life from myself, and recovering from social phobia and getting into a medical school really showed me that we all have the potential to survive and find happiness. I hope everyone I meet on here does well in their treatment! 

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