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  1. I’ve taken lithium for 2,5 years now. My kidney functions began to get worse steadily after a year. Had number of tests (blood + urine) even ultrasound examination for lower abdomen, though it was quite obivious from the start it was lithium. I hadnt realized that i was drinking too less comparing to the amount i was losing. My daily urine amount was 4,5 liters and i drank water ca. 2,5 litres. That was straining my kidneys. Paying attention to all of this, my kidney functions got remarkably better the next time i went to the tests. I agreed with my doctor to not quit lithium even with the risks since Lithium has given me a lot of stability in my life and taken away any trace of suicidality.
  2. Ive been hospitalized 4 times since i had my first manic episode with psychotic features -04. Id rather take the side effects that comes with medication than mixed episodes which ive been through in the past. As in many cases, medication keeps me able to function, leave the house and be social in everyday life.
  3. Hi, from 2013 through -14 the only med i had was Abilify 15mg. I cant say i was having problems with over eating/binge eating.. To be truthfull i was losing weight steadily since i had no appetite at all. All that wonderful came to an end when escitalopram and lamictal were added. From there on it’s been struggling with my weight problems.
  4. I agree with Iceberg that Abilify might work as add on together with an antidepressant. Abilify is in literature described as activating med and might help especially with low energy and anhedonia to some degree. About your question Unburdened, ive got very difficult bipolar 1. Ive had 3 episodes of psychotic mania and was put on a straightjacket the first time. but im currently in the middle of depression and recovering from it slowly. Please consider of getting an atypical antipsychotic as add on therapy, many have had relief of their symptoms with them. Lithium? I guess there are still options for u if your can hang in there.
  5. Of all the antidepressant i ve ever taken, Remeron was the thing which never made unable to have orgasms, i mean, never...wait! Lamictal worked too and maybe citalopram also. cymbalta was sort of cutting my balls off since i had absolutely no libido and when i had, my penis didnt follow my clear orders to send me to heavens...lol.. im sorry for being too open as the way i write my comments on sex.
  6. I can relate to you on this topic. Geodon was causing me become faster in thought processing and because of that my mouth was speaking slower than i was able to think. At work i used to yell at people, speak in louder voice and make big statements over things i knew nothing about.. my weight gain stopped after the remeron (which i took prior to geodon). Geodon is absolutely fantastic medicine if you can tolerate the side effect; akathisia, jumpiness, insomnia etc etc.
  7. I took remeron 45mg and seroquel xr 900mg together 2 years. That combo knocked me out all that time. Weight gain was the reason to stop remeron after all. Also, i had terrible situation because my anxiety fluctuated and eventually began to hallucinate which was not common to me back then.. hope youll be feeling better soon. The peace of mind means everything to me nowadays.. everything else comes after that.
  8. I was on escitalopram 10mg for 6 months and abilify at the same time and i had no problems with sex. I dont mean to be vulgar or anything when i say i had mind blowing orgasms everytime when i was in the mood for it. And boy i was in the mood! Turning to my late 30’s that lust for sex has subdued pretty much.. maybe i need to check my testosterone levels.. possibly maybe
  9. The third day in my life after that they switched me from Geodon to Abilify (by my urgent requests) i got to know what PEACE means... i wasnt psychotic prior the Big Switch, but i was completely unstable emotionally. And wretched to the point of giving in.. all i got until that. Its amazing what brain chemistry can do to a boy...! Such change of everything...
  10. Hi there! Today my new pdoc rang to me just after i got in from smoking outside, glad i answered the phone! She was talkative as she asked me about my current condition and wanted to learn why i wanted to have a change in my medication —> i had left a message to her if i could have olanzapine to be added to as-needed-medicine for the night time. Now i m about to go to the drugstore.. olanzapine is such a great medicine, at least for me.. i used to take it ten years ago when was studying as a medical nurse. Its amazing how i managed to graduate from university at the time.. olanzapine was my only med.. things have changed, i take five pills a day in total now. I couldnt survive with less than that.. Have a good day everybody! Lets not do anything crazy!
  11. This is a good topic.. i ve been processing my past lately and have been wondering if there were episodes in my life which manifested themselves just because the current medication didnt prevent or actually did induce my mood explosions. Always thought they were just me, but now have come to believe it’s more about wrong balance of chemicals. Ive got a few spesific examples of neuroleptics; Geodon and Perphenazine which are just as described —> totally inapropriate temper tantrums, shouting & yelling at loved ones for no reason. Deep regretting afterwards.. i’m definitely not a big mouth but Geodon made me a one. I thought that its pharmacodynamical profile was too stimulating with all that SERT, NET, 5HT2A, 5HT2C block job.. rumour has it that Geodon has activated full scale mania for some patient(s) and i think it s no wonder. Ive been on Abilify for 5 years now.
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