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  1. I was prescribed busbar a few months ago. My anxiety has got the best of me and I was too scared to even start taking it (I have a lot of tummy issues since anxiety rules me) but last night as I walked into my brand new house (just bought a home but I’m anxious and scared and completely on edge every night that I go home) I thought I can’t do this anymore! Being completely uptight, nervous and shaky, scared of every little noise-feeling like I’m not even letting a full breath out! So I took it. I know it’s not gonna affect me for some time-but what can I expect? I’d like to hear the good and bad of this med
  2. I have an extreme fear of water. Not lakes or oceans but DRIPPING WATER. Turn off the shower and I panic. I refuse to take baths because I cannot stand to watch the faucet drip. I hate the rain because I hear dripping. I am the same way about anything that CLICKS or TICKS. Hot water tanks, scare the crud out of me because they ‘tick’. My children aren’t allowed to use hot water after 8. My future husband and I just bought our first home together. It has an energy efficient heating system which creates condensation vs. the old heating systems that did not. Well the drain for the condensation line DRIPS into the drain for the wash machine. I heard this and went into complete panic...running out of the house screaming and pure panic. I try to not let my kids witness me acting like this because it’s ridiculous. That is the thing, I KNOW and REALIZE how ridiculous my fears are. Yet I cannot control it. If I hear a drip, tick or click noise I go Into a pure panic. It’s embarrassing. It’s ridiculous, and I’m tired of constantly wearing earplugs and living in extreme fear of noises. I start shaking, my heart races, I get soooo hot, I can’t stop it! I feel nauseous my stomach goes into horrible knots.... I have talked to therapists in the past-they are so quick to offer any medication. I don’t want medication, I want to know WHY I do this? I can’t think of anything from my childhood that would cause this and I have been this way as long as I can remember (I’m now almost 40). Does it sound like anxiety? Panic? Ocd?
  3. Mine is social situations and dripping water. So many people laugh when I say dripping water but it’s awful. If the faucet is dripping hours after I’ve turned it off I spiral into complete panic. Heart racing my whole life starts to go into panic. I can’t stand ANY ticking noises, or dripping water noises. I honestly don’t even know what I’m afraid of, but those things really make me panic. I also have major social anxiety which has just recently started to affect me. My stomach is tight to the point where i cannot get up and walk because it hurts so bad. I used to have a very active job and I switched to an office job about a year ago.
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