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  1. I am born as a female, but I cannot say that I am 100% female. I dress like a girl and hates having breasts. But, that's not the reason. I have never felt completely like a girl. I feel uncomfortable in situations where a group has to be split into male and female. I use the word "female" only because it is closest to what I think I am. I have been through this my entire life. But, this has been an issue for the past few months. I can't stand next to a girl. I feel boyish and want to hang out with boys. I have my girlfriend, who cannot understand my love because I look like a girl in the outward appearance. I want to live like a boy. I want to cut my hair short and have my breasts removed. But, my parents are against it. I am sure that I cannot live up to their expectations. I am thinking about having a female to male procedure. What do you guys think about it? Is this a personality disorder? I feel like ending my life.
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