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  1. I have bad akathisia right now, driving me to suicide thoughts. If you don't know akathisia it is an intense restlessness both physical and mental. Every cell is screaming do something! DO SOMETHING! You twitch, pace, smoke cigarette after cigarette. You do not sleep. Your thoughts run wild. You see the only solution as ending your life. I'm typing this as an alternative to pacing, crying, banging head against wall. It is a fairly common side effect to neuroleptics and a less common side effect to other psychiatric drugs. I got it from 9 days of 20mg fluoxetine, then they switched to 5mg Citalopram (a crazy low dose) and I still have it. I have cut this today to 2.5mg after advice from the Surviving Antidepressants board. Also on 2mg diazepam (a tiny dose) and 60mg propanalol. Today is the worst it has been. It's one saving grace is it tends to ease now and again. There is no real treatment, in fact doctors tend to assume it is a worsening of your condition and up the dose of your meds, so you can't really get help from the medical community. I went on the anti depressants for a mild case of anxiety. I am now extremely ill Anyone else suffer this hell?
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