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  1. Thank you everyone! Even though I never updated my address with Social Security - they have my new address. As I discovered Monday when I called. I've been working it out with my ticket-to-work person and Social Security. It's been a bit of a strange week. Oddly, I did receive the overpayment notice YESTERDAY!! HA! Thank you for all your help!! db
  2. Thanks!! Only SSDI...no SSI. We moved May 11 and I told the PO in April to make my address change effective May 1. So, yes I was still getting mail at both addresses up until we said "Hell out" on May 11. (Back story - I'm fortunate to have a partner use his savings for a down payment on a house). I tried calling SS today but they are closed as the new federal holiday went into effect. CrazyRedHead - yes, I've memorized that site. I also want to ask my bank why they let this happen?
  3. My therapist and I have only been doing emails. She doesn't like certain technologies and I don't like the ones she is willing to use. My pdoc otoh - does this thing where he texts me, I answer, and then I can see him on my phone. I don't know what he is using or doing because he is in such an awkward physical position. EVERY SINGLE TIME since this pandemic started. He is the same age as me. Back in the days when we met in the office he wasn't so damn awkward. I've had some other physical problems that required me to see in-person doctors. That has all been fine.
  4. Hi, Yes. It is the real december brigette from years ago. I've mostly lost my mind the past few days and then this happens. Let me catch you up. I have a job. That I'm quite good at. I *might* even be up for a promotion. I'm also an Ed.D candidate and I.HAVE.NO.TIME. My ticket-to-work employment person (or whatever they are called) has been collecting my paystubs as I turn them in when I get paid. We discovered that I was getting an overpayment. I sent a check to social security back in Feb this year. They sent the check back to me with a letter that there is no over payment. My employment lady says this happens all the time. So....I left that overpayment money in my bank account. I did not touch it. I've been waiting for the SS to send me a letter saying "Whoops, you do have an overpayment, we will accept your check now." Never received such letter. I did move - a month ago. I changed my address with the PO. I've been receiving other forwarded mail. I didn't even think about changing it with SS until today. Today I go on my bank app to make a zelle payment to my partner for my portion of the new sofa we just bought. There wasn't very much money in there..... why? Social Security took out $4500.00!!! I thought that was illegal. How does this even happen? What do I do? Yes, I have emailed my ticket-to-work chick. db
  5. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd type an introduction since it's been years since I've been on cb. And stuff has changed since I've last been here. Currently I am on my second quarter for a Masters of Arts in Education w teaching credential. Let me say this: I LOVE SCHOOL!!! (and I got all A's my first quarter and I'm really proud of that). I hesitated about getting accommodations because it's a lot of heavy reading and if you don't read you can't participate in class. So, I would usually go to the library when my kid was in school and I would work. My kid - 5th grade and she has the lovely mark of being "Twice Exceptional." You ask what that is = gifted + an IEP. An IEP is a individualized education plan for students who have issues that prevent them from learning in the normal school environment. She has become very anxious and sometimes depressed because, get ready for this........ Her dad suicided in Nov 3, 2016. So, yeah, she's a little messed up. Her dad was a member of crazymeds and CB. That's how we met. If you are suicidal I'd suggest not asking for my advice because my views have greatly shifted against the current thoughts in the mental health world. The big thing that brought me back to CB was the CA law of recreational marijuana now being for sale (oh, we will fight Jeff Sessions). I don't use. But I did have a friend on CB who did and unfortunately he passed away many years ago. His mother wrote me a card to let me know about the loss. I can't imagine the pain it took her to write that to me but if she didn't I would have never known. Anyway, now that pot is legal I think about him all the time. In CA there are a lot of radio commercials that started on Jan 1 reminding us that "being high can also get you a dui." Make Books Not Bombs, db
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