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  1. I know this is an old thread but I found this with seroquel when my psychiatrist prescribed it to combat the insomnia I was getting from Parnate. I would wake up in a panic or crying because I couldn't tell which was reality. Once I cried because my alarm went off and I it wasnt stopping when I turned it off, I was trying to turn it off in the dream but it was my actual phone... BUT I happened to stumble accidentally on the solution for me when I was distressed before bed and a nurse gave me my PRN which was largactil 10mg. This completely solved the problem for me, I dont dream at all now Just wanted to share in case it might help someone else
  2. Just thought I should give an update, I was in hospital for 6 weeks and I went up to a 50mg a day dose. My postural hypotension got pretty bad, I was getting 80/45 standing up on bad days, but that's settled down heaps and I think it's started to make a difference to my mood. It's hard to tell sometimes, especially when other compounding factors make life hard, but I think purely mood wise it's getting better. Also I should mention, it completely wrecked my sleep. I can't sleep now without medication, I take 200mg of seroquel (half of that is XR) plus 10mg of largactil to offset the disturbing dreams I was getting from seroquel, but it's a side effect I'll gladly take for mood improvement.
  3. Thanks guys, I will check with my doctor when I next see him. Thanks for all your answers.
  4. Hey guys, not sure if anyone is still checking this but I can't find anywhere whether halloumi is safe to eat on an MAOI? does anyone know if it's okay?
  5. I don't feel like it is yet, I'm going into hospital next week so my Dr may increase it again. I'm currently on 40mgs a day and have been on this dose for about a month.
  6. Radical acceptance, my physio told me today that I need to take a break from the gym for a while, I'm upset, but I know it's for the best and I need to let my body heal
  7. This stigma made it so hard to accept my diagnosis, when my psychiatrist first suggested that what he thought I had, I was a complete mess, I felt personally insulted and attacked. I assumed that he was putting me in the category of the manipulative, violent, desperate, awful bitch that I had linked with BPD after my experience in the public mental health system. Watching the way the staff talked about and treated the people that had that diagnosis led me to believe these people were genuinely awful. How wrong I was, it makes me so sad how little this condition is understood, my own psychiatrist avoids putting it on a lot of my forms to external providers because he doesn't want me to be typecast before people even see me
  8. I'm hoping this isn't too close to describing method, but does anyone know if scalding is any worse/better than cutting? I'm trying to manage the self destructive urges the most responsible way I'm capable of.
  9. That's a good idea, they'e pretty expensive here in Aus, I'm not sure if it's the same for you guys, it's not an expensive I can afford at the moment, but I'll definitely keep it in mind, especially if my dose increases any further.
  10. I appreciate your concern Wooster, at the moment I'm managing my mood by distracting myself with my ED behaviours, my gp and psychiatrist are both aware, it's just kind of the lesser of a few evils at the moment :/
  11. I'm afraid of getting a little bit better mentally and my doctors and therapists assuming I'm okay now and leaving me, I know that it's partly irrational but it has happened before so it's not completely just in my head
  12. I've tried about 15 different meds, including 2 tricyclics, nothing has worked for me either so far, I'm on an MAOI now as a last resort, I haven't been on it long enough to tell you whether it's worked for me but I do know people for whom it's been an absolute lifesaver
  13. So I've been on parnate for about a month, I've been really careful, and I'm averaging about 300 calories a day for other reasons so I haven't really had any issues, the only times I've felt sick are on New Year's day after drinking about 8 standard drinks the night before (over a long time frame, and all vodka mixers) I threw up about 20 minutes after taking my morning dose. The only other time is last night I had about 4 honey soy chicken chips out of my mum's packet, and this morning after taking my tablet, I was so nauseous I just had to lie on the bathroom floor next to the bath until it passed. TBH I just completely forgot with the chips, but I really didn't have very many :(. I'm just worried I'm doing myself damage, particularly if it means my blood pressure is being messed around. Does anyone know if eating restricted foods causes lasting damage?
  14. Yeah I've been on parnate for about a month now and I feel like such a pain asking for lists of ingredients and it takes me ages to work through a menu, though if it makes you feel any better so many people have dietary issues these days or are vegan/vegetarian most people don't even flinch when you say you can't eat something, I just say I have a blood pressure condition
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