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  1. I’m new: Where do I post to talk about a new medication that I don’t like? Started Seroquel this week and I feel terrible. 

    1. MiaB


      If you have questions or concerns about a med, post on one of the forums for that class of drug. To talk about seroquel,  start a thread on the antipsychotics forum,  which you can find under the meds section in the index on the front page of CB.

    2. Zaroxley


      Thank you, much appreciated

  2. I’m feeling better today. Leg is twitchy and I woke up super late but other than that everything seems okay.  

  3. It doesn’t seem like this site is very social but of course that’s not surprising either. 

    1. saintalto


      People don’t often reply to status updates. I don’t think it’s you personally or the site, they just seem more overlooked than threads or journals. 

    2. Zaroxley


      I appreciate that


  4. I seriously don’t know what to do right now. Been not working at work all week now, day three. I’ve sent a few emails and responded but done nothing else. 

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