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  1. I’m on 25mg Seroquel IR. It’s supposed to help with my anxiety but it’s causing me to sleep through my alarms and be late for work. Being late, rushing, and feeling like I’m not a valuable employee is one of my triggers for an attack. So I don’t think it’s helping. I’ve been on it since Monday (today is Friday) and I called my Dr’s office this morning. They said I could stop taking it and be able to talk to my Dr on Monday. I don’t know. Should I stick with it through the weekend? I just hate being such a waste and the sedating effect makes me feel like I can’t get anything done.

  2. I wasn’t diagnosed until 2011. I tried several medications that didn’t work but finally started Wellbutrin in 2014. It worked and then it became less and less effective. My doctor upped my prescription. It worked for a year and then I felt that it just didn’t work at all. I decided last year that I would stop taking everything. It was maybe seven months of pure depression and anxiety. I was a self-hating angry mess and a self-made puddle of tears all the time. I could be happy but then quickly get back into the hole of depression in a few minutes. I’ve been back on Wellbutrin for the last two months at the lowest dosage. I can honestly say that, in my experience, being without medication, even if you exercise and practice yoga, have a loving supportive spouse, a dog, gainful employment; all doesn’t matter if your brain is working against you. I tried going without and was suicidal. 

    I don’t know if I answered your question but all I know is my own experience. I’m better on medication. 

  3. I’ve been dealing with major depressive disorder and anxiety for several years now. I’ve read a lot of books on psychology and neurology. But I’ve only recently started seeing a psychiatrist. I was getting prescriptions from general physicians. Currently I’m on Wellbutrin and it works great for my depression but my anxiety still shows up. I told my doctor that it feels like an under-lying current. The anxiety is constant but I keep it at bay. He prescribed me Seroquel 25mg. Today is my second day on it. I don’t think I really knew how to describe my anxiety before today because today my brain feels silent. It’s like before there was a constant negative voice, my own voice - I guess, that would always repeat any negative thought I ever had. All my doubts were vocalized by this voice. I’ve never described it as a voice before because I always associated it with just thoughts. But today those thoughts are not there. I’m calm and that’s weird. So my question is, is it really anxiety? 

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