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  1. @jt07 I've been focusing on the exact same thing. I think it's because people with MI are still a socially acceptable group to scapegoat and they need some narrative- however false- that allows them to distract the public from the fact that they don't know what they're doing and that they're not even going to try to prevent more violence.
  2. I see. I'm sorry you're going through that, it must be very difficult. I hope that your parents will come around soon. It's always good to know these things, but especially while you're going without medication, it will be really important for you to develop skills to cope with stress and mood disturbances. If you have access to a counselor at school, you should go and see if they can offer you resources. Therapy can help. If you can't get access to a therapist, I would recommend that you look to find a support group in your area. If that is also our of your reach, you can order workbooks online. It's not a replacement for therapy, but some of those books can teach you valuable skills and give you information about how to help manage symptoms. Another thing to do is to try and focus on 'the basics,' such as keeping up with good nutrition, regular sleep habits and exercise. These things might be difficult to maintain when you're not doing well, but they really can help contribute to a sense of stability. It's also really good to have a solid routine so that you can more easily recognize if something is off. I hope that maybe some of that is helpful to you.
  3. Caffeinated, or it's not worth it. How many people live in your town?
  4. I agree with WC. Also, who diagnosed you? Maybe they could offer you some support or point you in the right direction?
  5. Both hot and iced. Depends on my mood. Do you prefer to write with a pen or pencil?
  6. Two. A 9 year old dog and a 10 year old turtle. How do you feel about tomatoes?
  7. It's maybe an off-label use, but propranolol helps me with milder anxiety without being too sedating. Low doses of seroquel/quetiapine as PRN work really well for me, but can be sedating.
  8. They are very helpful in enabling my inability to get out of bed AND are pure evil for the exact same reason. So very easy to use! What is your favorite supernatural movie?
  9. Thanks so much everyone for replying. It's really helpful to hear your experiences. It sounds like it really varies from person to person and the best approach is to be cautious with it. I think I am going to try adding the Wellbutrin to see if that will help. And I'll definitely take it slow so I can catch any possible mania before it gets too bad. When I was on Wellbutrin before it didn't get bad until the Lamictal was taken away, so I'm hoping with the Lithium and the Lamictal together my mood will be grounded enough. It would be amazing if it could even touch the depression. With the exception of mania and mixed episodes, depression is a constant for me, whether severe or low level. I was on Abilify and Lamictal immediately following my last mixed episode. The Abilify immediately evened me out with the agitation and anxiety, but it unfortunately didn't do anything to lift the depression that I went into immediately after. I didn't have a psychiatrist at the time due to my insurance and my depression got to the point where I couldn't read or think clearly at all and I had to leave school.
  10. Wood floors with area rugs. I prefer the wood alone, but without the rugs my dog would be slipping and skittering all over the place. When was the last time you used a rotary dial phone (if ever)?
  11. I'm having a difficult time with concentration, focus, brain fog and sleeping 16 hours a day. It's making functioning very difficult. I recently got a new pdoc. I'm currently taking Lithium and Lamictal as my main combo. He suggested that I try taking Wellbutrin to help give me a boost and increase my ability to concentrate and hopefully improve my mood. I'm cautious about it because I have had bad experiences with antidepressants in the past and I was told by one pdoc to never take antidepressants again. Before I was diagnosed BP, Effexor pushed me into a mania with psychosis. Years later, after I had been diagnosed, I was put on Lamictal and Wellbutrin. I was still really symptomatic but somewhat stable. A few months in, I lost my insurance and had to see a GP rather than a pdoc. She took me off the Lamictal and the Wellbutrin by itself pushed me into a severely agitated mixed state. The pdoc in the hospital that time was the one who told me never to take antidepressants again. Despite all of that, I'm seriously considering giving Wellbutrin a try again. I am desperate to have even the slightest amount of energy and ability to concentrate. I am trying to get through graduate school. I've returned after dropping out last year due to mis-medication and depression. I don't want to repeat that! I want to ask you all what your experiences are with being BP and taking antidepressants, or even stimulants. I have read some threads where it is mentioned that BP people are able to take antidepressants successfully with mood stabilizers, but I'd like to hear more if anyone is willing to share. I've also read that BP and ADHD share some common traits and that stimulants can help with this, but again that makes me a little wary of possible mania. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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