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  1. Another fucking year. Ugh. This is exhausting

  2. Ok I suppose. Dicking around with a new tablet. No need for it but I wanted it so I bought it. Wish Google invested more in android tablets. Digging this better than my old ipad
  3. Might be moot as it does have windows 10 already installed but it is the lack of security updates that pose a problem to unsupported versions of windows. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4467761/windows-what-happens-when-windows-7-support-ends
  4. I disabled the shit out of cortana the first day. it's like the modern version of that paperclip thing in MS word.
  5. It doesn't matter much as all modern devices have a hardware based cut-off where it will not overcharge the battery when full. 100% is not actually 100% anyways, so they are never full in reality. Your laptop being off and unplugged but still at 100% is not unexpected. Lithium ion batteries do not suffer the the same drainage issues that older devices on the NiCd batteries. Up to 80 is the healthiest and not draining to 0%..say 30 or 40, but that is only marginally better then keeping it plugged in all the time. Most battery guidelines are hold overs from the old NiCD battery best practices. Windows 10? yeah, no choice. I don't much like it either.
  6. another for contacting the pdoc. If nothing else you get super depressed about buying stuff once you crash. That's a guarantee that you need to avoid.
  7. Isn't stelazine your brain glue? Would that help in this situation?
  8. Yeah it's the damnedest thing. Even surprised my pdoc. At 300mg XL i wasn't depressed at all. i felt great. maybe a bit too great? Lamotrigine dose has been stable since last August @ 200mg. When i went back to the old dosing bupropion my memory returned. Going to 100mg x3 of the instant release works much better for me. Not as strong as the 300mg xl as an antidepressant, but i can remember shit.
  9. Tossing out the XL bupropion dose as it clobbers the shit out of my memory. Anti-depressant: Bupropion (Wellbutrin IR) 100mg TID Anxiety/adjunct mood stabilizer: Gabapentin (Neurontin) 400mg TID Mood stabilizer: Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 100mg BID Sleep: Trazodone (Desyrel) 25-100mg qpm
  10. How are you holding up now? Make it to the hospitals? Stayed at home? Anyone to reach out to? Your best friend? Your ex.?
  11. My eyes are dry. I want to buy a new suspension trainer but I don't need one. I already have two trx like trainers and two sets of rings.
  12. I can relate. Currently doing the same thing right now but instead of dresses, it’s man bags. mood is slightly unstable atm however. Mood starts normal but then goes up or mixed respectively. What you are describing sounds like the beginning of my elevated bordering on hypomanic states. Well the super mild ones at any rate. generic med mfg changes can be felt. When my bupropion Ir mfg changed, it didn’t have the punch, for lack of a better description than the old one. Damn shame as the old one had enough punch that would have avoided the bupropion roller coaster that in currently riding.
  13. Ok actually sort of fired up. Maybe 150mg bupropion does work
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