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  1. seeing that you currently have psychosis going on, prozac might not be the best option. @jarn swears by loxapine iirc. loxapine is a mid potency AP, the risk is moderate to low for movement disorders, especially among the APs. The pseudo AAP effect further reduces the risk.
  2. Carbamazepine ? lamotrigine to 400 mg? Drop nuvigil? It might be adding fuel to the mixed episode you might be in. If i was in your shoes, id drop something that might cause anxiety or mania first before adding on. add in pregabalin/lyrica for the anxiety? as bad as it seems, maybe a first gen AP. I know movement disorders scare you...they scare me too. But you’ve already gone nuclear. Haldol is supposedly the fastest. Maybe one that almost works like an aap like loxapine? I don’t remember if you’ve tried lithium..but if not..lithium? There is a famous pdoc, kay redfield Jamison. Manic as hell. Got on lithium and after some adjustments, it got her into remission.
  3. https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/bipolar-disorder/two-ways-treat-fatigue-bipolar-and-depression TLDR, use a light box or a dawn simulator I can vouch for the dawn simulator. it actually does work.
  4. I can't make heads or tails of this, but from my limited understanding of the article, there isn't an exact 1:1 equivalent requirement between the brand and generic. It's not a huge variance, however. Not the 80-125% variance that is usually stated. https://www.pharmacytimes.com/contributor/timothy-o-shea/2016/06/debunking-a-common-pharmacy-myth-the-80-125-bioequivalence-rule lol of course at his description of things then following it with the "very simplified" qualifier, makes my brain hurt Hope you remember statistics from college (university?) as i sure as hell don't. If what i got from that isn't right, let me know as i'm quite curious. To @Blahblah point. yes the fillers can be different. However, to note, for sustained or extended release formulas it can vary. Bupropion XL made by teva was found to not have the correct extended release dynamics as Wellbutrinn XL. So in effect was not bioequivalent. It was temporarily pulled from the market. That was done via the FDA, so i'm not sure if NZ has an FDA like entity if NZ health care, or your private insurance covers brand name at little to no extra costs, i'd say go with brand. For me, wellbutrin for a month is 10 dollars. Brand name is 100. that takes into consideration that my insurance for RX covers a ton. It's 1700 for brand name without insurance coverage. FWIW, I find that taking 100mg BID of generic wellburtin IR feels better than the generic XL. Much smoother for me
  5. stuck in my head. shut up head. calm and collected otherwise.
  6. What brand? Last attempt was with focus dailies. At one point they were amazing, then owww fuck take them out.
  7. It's good that you're catching yourself. Watch out though. For me it's a ton of small purchases that add up. Death by a thousand paper cuts
  8. biotene (not sure if you have that) makes lozenges, gels and mouthwashes that can help. I wasn't very impressed with the mouthwash however.
  9. Tired. Catching up on work. Bleh We will see how the mood holds. Always dips a bit once I'm back from vacation. Was neutralish recently
  10. It depends on what is classified as bipolar. Strict dsm 5 is where the numbers above come from iirc. It doesn't consider people with hypomania for 4 or fewer days as bipolar. That has been criticised as arbitrary. If you consider people on the bipolar spectrum, the number will be higher
  11. Was it monotherapy? I got the 4hrs a night and wasn't tired when I was only taking it.
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