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  1. irritated should be more tired than i am buying random things rubbing myself raw. crap crap crap.
  2. argh

    Targeted ads on CB

    i guess serve discomfort in everyday tasks? Or the dude is wearing a g-string that is made out of burlap, backwards.
  3. argh

    Targeted ads on CB

    Fear seems to be the theme. When I click on it nothing happens. I went and googled it..3d underwear..which I guess is better than the 2d shit I'm wearing. Extra comfort. So i guess my junk will be comfortable when I'm scared. Or the channels in it will act as a shit trough
  4. argh

    Targeted ads on CB

    I need to buy that underwear that the guy is afraid of. I don't like being scared
  5. Nice! I'm in the max rexulti first before trying to switch, camp. Give it a fair shake before you jump. This is good however. Maybe this was the drug you were looking for.
  6. Your issues might not meet the dsm criteria but doesn’t discount them at all. If you believe it is borderline or close to it..what about dbt... unless you have already been down that path? I think thats the first line for bpd.
  7. Can you get away with less benzo? All your meds are known to be super sedating
  8. argh

    Targeted ads on CB

    Uggs are really being pushed here. I havent been looking at shoes but here we are. I use the brave browser. Nukes tracking requests but i keep the ad blocker off for this site. maybe the demographics for uggs are sorority girls, hipsters and crazy people. Some sort of weird trifecta. Unfortunately, or fortunately i only match the last one
  9. argh

    Targeted ads on CB

    Yeah I bought but for comfort but of course the weather seems to be 90+ degrees in Nov so it's way too warm to try it out.
  10. Tired but not. This taking a nap thing before a possible all nighter is not working
  11. Thanks everyone. I think part of my issue is dialing in my meds. Fall aside I seem to be doing well. Wish the pharmacy didn't switch generic brands so much. Kaiser so I don't have a choice nor can I go anywhere else like Costco or CVS to fill them.
  12. argh

    Targeted ads on CB

    Some female based workout or lipo. Get rid off fat forever. More ways to retain my girlish figure I suppose.
  13. Hmmm. I wonder if I have bpd or something.
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