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  1. Had a soul-crushing appointment with pdoc today. Don't feel like living. Want to stop my meds. Don't want to go back to her again or any of my docs. Most of my doctors think there's nothing wrong with me anyway, so why take medicine for something I apparently don't have? Fuck me...

  2. Super nervous about pdoc/tdoc appointments tomorrow. I want to be honest but I also don't want to end up in hospital.

    1. argh


      Agreed. Honest.

      Else this episode will continue to snowball further down to the point you are guaranteed a stay in the hospital.

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  3. About to see my new tdoc... Pretty nervous... Wish me luck! 

  4. managed to fuck up at work despite being home sick! i really am a piece of shit.

  5. Yesterday I bought two dresses that were on sale..

    I haven't bought myself new clothes in ages..

    Most of my clothes that fit have holes or are faded..

    I used some of the money that I got from doing my aunties hair that I was saving..

    It was meant for pdoc appointment..

    I shouldn't have done it..

    Now I'm going to have to be really tight on money when I have my next appointment..

    Unless I do my aunties hair before..but that's not a sure thing..

    Maybe I should take the dresses back..

  6. I see tdoc tomorrow and I have to confront her about this GAD primary DX issue. I’m nervous but it has to be done. I’m worried I won’t stand up for myself enough. I might have to find a new tdoc if she insists on her idea. Yuck.

  7. Haven't slept for two nights, have confessed my feelings/crushes to four guys in the past three days, so I'm feeling either very hyperthymic or I'm entering a hypomanic episode, and I have a dentist appointment in an hour. Is there a correlation between dentists and hypomania?

    1. argh


      The whole not sleeping could suggest hypomania coming on. Confessing crushes? Impulsiveness? Dentist? Well even in the best scenario, dental appointments suck.

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  8. Don't ever let feral cats in your home because you feel sorry for them in the frigid cold. They will destroy your place.

  9. Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck It

  10. Spent the last 8 hours straight researching and price comparing mattresses...so freakin stressed. If anyone has any suggestions for a side sleeper please advise. 

    1. argh


      The purple mattress that I have isn’t foam. It’s some sort of rubbery polymer grid thing. Doesn’t sleep as cool as a spring mattress but significantly cooler than foam, both normal and the cool stuff. Classic model is in your price range. I’m a hot sleeper myself, so heat was also a factor for me. I can’t quite vouch for longevity as it’s less than a year old and I’m pretty light.


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  11. Spent the last 8 hours straight researching and price comparing mattresses...so freakin stressed. If anyone has any suggestions for a side sleeper please advise. 

    1. argh


      Memory foam is decent for side sleepers but do sleep hot. Generally the softer it is the better it is for side sleeping. Look for the memory foam thickness to be at least 3 inches. The rest of the foam core doesn’t make much of a difference.

      Zinus makes decent quality for the price mattresses. I used to have one. Was comfortable but one night I decided to buy a new mattress on a whim. 

      Casper is also said to be decent and has a 100 night trial.

      i have a purple mattress. www.purple.com. The classic model. I really like it. Also comes with a 100 or 90 day...I don’t remember, trial period. My buddy also did it, didn’t like it and had no issue with the refund.

      i haven’t had an inter spring mattress in a while so I can’t help you there.

      this is a decent site to compare mattresses on.


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  12. Quick poll- my room is gross and it desperately needs cleaning. Is it better to:

    1) Just throw things away

    2) Take the time to organise into recycling/donate/etc piles

    please help

    1. argh


      Toss. Recycling or donate ime turns into never gets done.

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  13. I’ve been so tired for so long I just want to die.

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