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    Reading, my family, psychology, early periods of European history, sitting in front of my fireplace and looking out at the mountains, love, hope, aesthetics. And...food restriction.

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  1. I can likely help you with healthy strategies, but I think posting of your weight, BMI before/answer, age and gender may violate rules? And knowing your goal, of course. My ED is in remission ... if I can help, message me. I won’t pass any judgment or confidentiality. of course, it is a solitary disease, EDs. I could proffer my ideas, but the control is in tour hands. And perhaps the ED can be used for positive behaviors.
  2. Anorexia developed years before ocd, for me. Both are pretty bad.Focusing on numbers, Planning meals, weighing thing’s....it’s very time consuming like OCD, IME pngoing stress triggers both of the above. But yes ... OCD is exasperated y it. I taxkle house chores enthusiastically knowing the calorie burn. I have have bipolar disorder type 1 and this is affedctex too. Sorry for typos on my phone MDD and GAD suck...thinking of you
  3. Cogentin. Call your pdoc and describe your symptoms....the above posters have good ideas but none of us are doctors. Serotonin syndrome warrants the ER like mikl stated. Benzodiazepines are the min treatment and stand in front of an open freezer at home or pull a chair up until you are transported to ER. Not med advice from me Keep us posted.
  4. Back after a hiatus 

  5. Hi, Catnaper! That is wonderful that your treatment is going well! Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
  6. @Complicated Toad, Zoloft (Sertraline) definitely helps my OCD. There are some initial side effects the first couple of weeks. Tummy upset, drowsy...but they went away and I never gained any weight from it. I see you have tried it. Hmmm....does therapy help? Sorry you are struggling right now. OCD is rough.
  7. I feel you on the restriction...sometimes it feels like the only thing I can control in my life. Oops. Reply to an old thread, sorry.
  8. Hi, I am kitties. I am a newbie here, but not to illness. I have chronic pain 24/7 in my back and neck. Mentally....here are my diagnoses (got a second and third opinion....all objective and a consensus of the exact same diagnoses.) Bipolar 1 with psychosis, extreme, treatment resistant, rapid cycling. Mixed features predominant. Never had a remission to date...just a couple of weeks with my bipolar disorder. “Normal” for a few weeks a couple of times per year. No anxiety remission. OCD, GAD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety disorder, PTSD...I think that is everything. Oh
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