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  1. Sometimes I'm a bit drunk when I post things here. Sorry.
  2. An Englishman, Irishman and a Scotchman walk into a bar. They have a drink and no derogatory stereotypes are mentioned. Then they go home. Well the Scotchman stops to pick up a deep fried mars bar and some heroin on the way back. The Irishman brings home a sack of potatoes and some semtex. The Englishman colonises another country and and tries to teach them to spank him and to watch Mr Bean. I think I've offended everyone equally there.
  3. Exposure therapy is pretty effective at treating phobias though I'm not sure how it would work for this. The article mentions pictures of drugs but I'm not sure how relevant that is. Maybe taking a placebo would be a better way to desensitise you to your fear. Depends what the basis of your fear is. It might be a fear of swallowing pills or a fear of the effects they may have. I'm no expert, as if that needed clarifying. I'm doing a course on mental health and phobias was one of the things we covered. I'm a bit bambakomallophobic, which is surprisingly common. A fear of cotton wool. I probably wouldn't call it a fear because the stuff is pretty easy to avoid. It just feels horrible touching the stuff. Eurgh! My nightmare would be if cotton wool gained sentience and wanted to hug us. Kill it with fire!
  4. Everyone hates me and I want to die. Background noise. There's better soundtracks like maybe the A-Team theme tune would be cool. I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I haven't been diagnosed. I tried once but it didn't go anywhere. There's some comfort in having a name for it. Probably chronic depression with some social anxiety thrown in just for fun. I'm not right anyway. Thinking that everyone hates me and I want to die, even if at some level I know that's bullshit, it's not a good way to think. Would a label help? When it's a chronic condition it's difficult to see it as a disease because it's always been part of you. When did I first think about killing myself? Never acted on the thought but it's a fucking shitty thought to have. tl;dr miserable about being miserable.
  5. Awww! I remember the day I joined and you were there to welcome me. Something about not using the C word so much and not being an arsehole. Not sure how well I've lived up to my promises but you were the first person I met here, and I decided to continue anyway. Nah you were and are cool. Seriously, hope you make 10,001 more.
  6. Movies, television and adverts have taught me so much about feminism since they chose to embrace it, since equality is monetizable. Here's what I've learned: women can be anything they want to be as long as they're young, attractive and white. Maybe that's unfair. They can be black too as long as they're not too black. Light brown is OK. You can be a human being if you're a light brown. Dark brown women have to be sassy as fuck to make an appearance. "Oh no you didn't girlfriend!" That sort of shit. Black women are always streetwise and fierce. More complex emotions are reserved for lighter skin tones. Hopefully this doesn't sound racist since I was aiming for sounding cynical as fuck. Hate racism and sexism because it's fucking stupid. Claiming superiority while coming out with utter bullshit. Fuck you very much.
  7. Now you mention it they do look like they're up to something. Is it the deep state? The lizard people? They look so cute but they may be subtly encouraging you to become a communist. Pomeranians of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. We must stand firm against marxist pomeranians.
  8. Not especially relevant to the topic but I liked this. Hopefully not triggering or anything. I'm guessing that people viewing this thread have already self-harmed, and there's an element of "I've already got scars so it doesn't really matter anymore." Not sure a hedgehog would cover mine but I like it, and like the symbolism, whether it was intended or not. As I said, I hope the image isn't triggering, though if it gets removed I understand. People do apparently post images of their self-harm. Self-harm is a trend, a young girl on a mental health documentary I watched said. I don't get that. I've done it and I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. Probably less the damage you do to yourself than the state of mind you're in when you do this. I want to feel anything except what I'm feeling now. Never seen the websites which apparently encourage self-harm and suicide. Do they exist? They can fuck off if they do. Who would encourage the misery they feel themselves?
  9. We discuss Mein Kampf before the gay orgy. I think that's pretty typical of most book clubs.
  10. Boys don't cry. Is a song by The Cure. I used to cry a lot but then I learned to suppress my emotions like a real man because nobody cared anyway. A mixture of bullshit and boo hoo there. Anyway, some things that make me teary eyed. Some dog rescue videos. That noise she makes is just rips though me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD2iaGbAEEk This song. Though my own mother is a dick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7ntiymON3E
  11. Praise can be difficult. Anxiety can make you think that you aren't good enough and that you're going to fail. Then someone praises you and says "Good job banana!" This should make things better you'd think. In a Hollywood movie the main character would be shy and awkward but secretly loves to dance. Then she goes to a holiday camp with her parents and meets Patrick Swazye and has the time of her life and lives happily ever after, presumably. Not that I'm thinking of you as the girl in Dirty Dancing or anything like that. Where was I? Praise can cause a mismatch between how you think of yourself and how other people view you. And the expectations from someone holding up your work as a good example can make you feel anxious. It seems paradoxical that praise will make you feel worse, but if you don't think you deserve it then you won't really accept it, and there's the pressure of living up to people's good expectations when you don't think you can always deliver. Don't mean to sound negative. I know how these crappy thoughts work and it makes some sense that praise horrifies you. Ignore that shit. Yeah it's not that easy, but you apparently did well so give yourself a pat on the back.
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