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  1. Lol I like llamas but... there is some similarity there. I'd much prefer a llama as Prime Minister.
  2. You can be caring, empathic, helpful and emotional while being a man. I know it's somewhat discouraged, but thinking that those are exclusively feminine qualities seems like bullshit. Not what you said really but yeah. Morally wrong? Nah.
  3. Where's your Dunkirk spirit? If we can fail to defend France from the Nazis and somehow call a humiliating defeat a victory then we can deal with Brexit. I'm sure it's what the people who died there would've wanted. They'd be glad that we've honored them by banging on about the fucking Dunkirk spirit and comparing a stupid political choice to what they went through and many of them died for. There's a thread under News and Politics about Brexit. All opinions about what a shit show this is very much welcome there. Don't worry, Johnson is in charge now, and it's not like he's a gormless upper-class fuckwit who doesn't give a shit about anyone but just wanted to be PM by any means possible because he's been raised to believe that he's born to rule despite lacking any of the requisite abilities. Look at his floppy hair! So I don't really have an opinion about Brexit or politics in general. Much. Boris Johnson is a twat! Fuck him and the llama his mother fucked to create him. But, I don't think you need to worry about meds. Whatever else goes on with the trade deals and all that I don't think that it will lead to any supply problems with medications.
  4. I shoved a moonstone up my arse and it made me feel something. Uncomfortable and ashamed mostly.
  5. Well if you haven't played The Last of Us then do so. A PS3 remaster but still a great game with a great story. God of War is amazing.
  6. Was that an anti-drugs message. It worked. I like his eyebrows. Sorry.
  7. Hmm. Was on fluoxotine for a while, which made me feel great, for about a week, then doom, death and fucking misery. Switched to sertraline. I think I started on 50mg. Worked it's way up to 150mg. I'm not sure it does shit to be honest. I think it's one third of people for whom they don't do anything. I guess they've provided a crutch of sorts, even if it's just a crutch made of the placebo effect. I'm depressed Doc! Fill out this questionnaire. The questionnaire says you're depressed. Take these pills and come back in 4 weeks. She was like an angel! Oh wait. I spelled arsehole wrong. An arsehole! She was like an arsehole! Sertraline FTW!
  8. Difficulty forming relationships? Hell yeah! My parents were miserable together, and shared that misery with us kids. Some people are traumatised by their parents separating, others are traumatised by their parents staying together. Love is a good thing, or so I hear. Sexual attraction is one thing but relationships seem frightening. They all live happily ever in the movies, rather than living ever after, in a mutually destructive relationship which drags down all who depend on them. If any of that seems at all relevant then maybe you're closing yourself up when you go on dates. You're ambivalent about being in a relationship and are maybe as scared of someone liking you as you are of them not liking you. Or is that just me?
  9. Ooh I haven't heard this for ages. Youtube suggestions sometimes work. Help I'm Alive
  10. Must stop trolling trolls when I get drunk. It's so much fun though. People who post poorly worded racist responses to YouTube videos IN FUCKING CAPITAL LETTERS. VOLUME IS NOT AN ADEQUATE SUBSTITUTE FOR INTELLIGENCE!
  11. If you've got the money to spare then go with what you like. The price isn't any indication of how much you should like it. Two points to make though. One is that many of us crazies aren't exactly rolling in a bed of cash. The second is that our 'craziness' can lead to us making bad decisions. If things like rent and having enough baked beans in the cupboard isn't a worry then go for it. Otherwise that is quite a large amount of money to spend.
  12. Don't call yourself a moron because that's part of it. The self-loathing and thinking that you're just an idiot who can't be better than this. You know what you did and you aren't a moron.
  13. Didn't he once propose to someone? With that mustache? That's pretty damn optimistic.
  14. @CrazyRedhead That's still the ways that humans can use technology, which I agree is scary. I'm talking Terminator or Hal 9000. It's interesting that we have such apocalyptic visions about a true AI. If we could create a superior and Godlike intelligence then it will want to destroy us. Though I guess Christianity got there first. We're all sinners but God loves his children in some vague and unconvincing way. Sorry. I'm an atheist, and though it's an interesting parallel I probably could've phrased that better. But the AI apocalypse would either be the result of wrongly using it (eg Hal! Solve global warming) or would mean that an AI has developed emotions like self-preservation and hate. Which would make it more human than Godlike. Am I making any sense? Maybe when we create true AI it'll want a hug.
  15. I read something different recently. They were at least as intelligent as chimps, cared for their young, and hunted in packs. Fully grown T-Rexes would've been too big and slow to hunt, but younger T-Rexes would've been smaller and faster. So it's thought that a pack would consist of both older, slower, more powerful tyrannosaurs, and younger, faster Rexes cooperating with each other. I've heard about 'Chick sexing'. That is what it's actually called. It does seem quite brutal to throw an animal into the shredder because it's not profitable. I do get my hypocrisy as a meat eater but... erm? It tastes good? I don't think I'm opposed to eating meat but sometimes the thought of industrialised slaughter puts me off my burger. Animals are more interesting when they're living and breathing, but some of them are also good wrapped in breadcrumbs. Yeah I'm a hypocrite. There's an argument that by refusing to eat meat people are denying their relation to other animals - you won't persuade Lions to become vegan but we're trying to convince ourselves that we're somehow better. Yeah probably bullshit. Are creationists all vegetarians?
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