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  1. Incel forum still won't let me post. Disappointing. I wanted to suggest that, since we all hate women so much (I don't but I'm undercover), we should just go gay. Let's form an incel conga line! We'll connect to each other like Lego and fuck away the hate. I'll even go to the front, which must be the worst position in a gay conga line. Maybe not. I don't know. I suppose if you're at the front of the conga line then you get to choose where you're going. Let's go to the library! Oh no they've got revolving doors. How are we going to get our conga line through there? Break off. We'll reform by the cookery section. So we break off into groups and reconnect by the cookery section, like Transformers but anally. That's how I imagine it going anyway. Maybe this is a bad idea.
  2. My legs are fucking huge! Skinny jeans have never been an option. Normal jeans are skinny jeans. Damn you God for making me this way! They're out of proportion. I'm huge below the waist 😉 (yeah I wish) but my upper body struggles to keep up. No I'm a big man I guess. I should probably beat someone up or something but I'm soft and cuddly as fuck and I can't be arsed.
  3. God is that a before and after? Definitely before. I remember a Joan Rivers joke about Angelina Jolie. Something like "She's so beautiful. And those lips! Like a diseased asshole."
  4. I don't get the anti-face mask thing. Protect yourself and protect others. You aren't Braveheart for refusing to wear a mask, you're a stupid, selfish prick.
  5. Trolling morons is fun and I'm doing a public service. I sometimes scroll down to read the comments on Youtube videos and I just need to tell that racist prick what an arsehole he is. One time there was someone saying that black people are naturally more violent because it's in their nature. He wasn't a racist (he said) but these are just facts. Duh! No! Quick Google search of murder rates by country. Zero correlation between skin colour and murder. Do some research before spreading your dumb fucking opinions you fucking prick. He didn't even thank me for correcting him. He should feel grateful. Oh my God some people are so rude! You meant the Incel forum. So obvious now but at the time I honesty didn't get what you meant. That Incel forum won't let me post anything. "You have insufficient privileges to reply here". Like it's a privilege to talk to these arseholes. Those little cock teasers. I was going to explain why vaginas are evil. Internal genitalia! You trying to hide something? At least a penis is honest. And I was going to explain that H.P Lovecraft was really talking about vaginas with his tales of Cthulhu. And Shakespeare's The Tempest - totally about vaginas when you think about it. I probably don't need to say it but no I don't believe any of this ridiculous bullshit, but I'm curious as to whether these fuckwits will.
  6. My new hobby? Oh no no no. I wasn't saying that I want to fuck fizzigig or anything like that. I didn't mean to give that impression.
  7. Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. I didn't know this until someone here pointed it out. Just thought it was a funny furry little fucker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1FCqDJMWgY
  8. Oh hell yes! I just joined an Incel forum. I'm going to mess with these dumb cunts. My new friends. There's a thread which reads "I have zero empathy for women" and one which says "Fucking little cock-teases". My fucking God. I already want to punch these fuckers in the face but I'm going undercover.
  9. OCPD sounds pretty crap. Orderliness, perfectionism, control. Doesn't sound like someone I'd want to meet. But I did meet someone with OCPD and they were kind and funny and helped me when I was at my lowest. Haven't spoken to her for a long time because she was too depressed to talk (or just sick of me, and it would be nice to think that's true but it probably isn't. Just sick of me as opposed to all the other shit which made her wish she was dead). But I mean that reading the symptoms of OCPD makes you sound like an arsehole. I mentioned this to her once, like OCPD makes it sound like she should have a mustache and constantly be hitting people over the head with the rule book. "Orders must be obeyed and I think you'll find that if you look at subsection 2b... " She wasn't like that at all. You aren't like that at all. I used to relate a lot to Schizoid Personality Disorder, which also makes me sound like an arsehole - asocial, indifferent, detached. Maybe I am a schizoid but hopefully I'm not an arsehole (I am an arsehole). Anyway, what I mean to say is that meeting someone with OCPD made me see beyond the shit sounding DSM criteria. She was lovely, intelligent and hurt, and we had a lot in common.
  10. I wouldn't say frustrating. I've been there, done that, know it's shit but get why people do it. Still think about doing it sometimes but haven't done it for a long time. It's difficult to strike a balance between saying that's a crap way to cope with things and understanding why because you've done it yourself.
  11. His laugh though 😆. Reminds me of this oldie but goodie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q__bSi5rBlw
  12. Abso-fucking-lutely get what you're saying. Mental illness is shit but it's familiar, and it can seem relatively safe as opposed to the uncertainty of trying to change. I used to be more of a recluse and it sucked elephant balls. I know I'm better off for talking to people - more grounded and stable - but sometimes I feel like crawling back in my old hole. Don't talk to anyone, they'll probably hurt you anyway. Nah fuck that! I was fucking miserable then but I know changing can be hard. The belief that things can be better is difficult and sticking to what's familiar is easier even if it is fucking awful. Things can get better though. Oh and Freud would probably say you're stuck in the anal stage and you want to fuck your mother. I mean nothing by that because Freud was full of shit and I hate that prick.
  13. The song 'Daddy' by Korn often makes people cry. Makes me want to cry and I haven't experienced anything like that. If you haven't heard it before then I should add a severe trigger warning. It's about being sexually abused as a child and the lyrics are pretty damn brutally honest. It's quite horrible to listen to but I remember reading a comment where someone said the song saved their life because they realised they weren't alone.
  14. Maybe kick the shit out of a clown. Have I misunderstood the question? Kick the shit out of a clown anyway.
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