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  1. Seriously man. I'm not going to argue with you or insult you. Are you seeing a therapist or a counsellor or something? I know you might see this as an insult but I really don't mean it that way. We all have our problems and I've had my share. Not mocking or joking.
  2. That wasn't the response I was expecting. I thought you'd just tell me to fuck off, which I guess you sort of did. I know this is going to sound patronising but you seem like a troubled guy. I don't agree with what you're saying but you don't seem dumb, just sort of using your intelligence to say dumb things. I didn't mean that as an insult, though it probably sounds like one. I saw another post you made and I thought you sounded so wounded and unable to accept any sort of kindness. You probably won't appreciate me saying this. It would've been a hell of a lot easier if you'd just told me to fuck off. By the way, Cerberus explained what I was talking about far more intelligently than I managed.
  3. Dammit this has been bugging me. Sexist? Yeah like this is evidence of the preferential treatment women receive. When will men be treated as equals? This is just a bizarre conclusion to reach. I wasn't aware that women were offered a same-sex chaperone but it's pretty obvious why. Rather than seeing this as evidence of prejudice against men I thought it was evidence of what a depressing and fucked up world we live in where women feel unsafe seeing a male doctor alone. To see this as sexist towards men is just incredible. Yeah aren't women lucky! I understand that seeing a female urologist might be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but you aren't afraid of being molested by her. You remember hearing about the female urologist who was struck off after sexually abusing male patients? No you don't. It's really not difficult to understand and crying sexism is just utter bullshit. I don't like the "suspected immorality" either, but that's the fault of arseholes like Harvey Weinstein. This is all due to some men not being able to keep their hands to themselves, and while you may never have done anything of the sort it doesn't take much empathy and intelligence to comprehend why women feel like that. End of rant.
  4. The thought of self-harming passed so I probably didn't mean it. Doesn't that sound self-pitying? And that makes me hate myself even more. I probably need to sleep. I am fucking trash though.
  5. You have a very immature sense of humour. Me too!
  6. Someone liked a comment I made on Youtube about dropping babies. They didn't just click 'like' but replied and said "thank you for making me laugh". That's what I'm here for. Thank you random stranger for propping up my self esteem. So I felt good about myself for about 10 minutes before it wore off and I remembered to hate myself. I made someone laugh enough to thank me! It was a joke about dropping babies, which might sound strange and immoral and not funny when taken out of context. But (insert defence here).
  7. I remember weather. It's what happened outside in the beforetimes.
  8. Much more fun 😆. Tony Brasco now lives with the dolphins. He's having a good time. Fredo Corleone now sleeps with the fishes, and his review on tripadvisor was brutal.
  9. My nieces love Nerf guns too. I've got a few and the last time they were round it was like a scene from Reservoir Dogs with one of them lying on the floor while they both pointed guns at each other. I try to restrain my potty mouth in front of the children and the only time I remember swearing in front of one them is when was when one shot me in the eyeball with a nerf gun. It was a sort of Velcro tipped thing as well. Fucking hurt.
  10. Hi Odio! Welcome (back?) to the boards. I wasn't sexually abused but I also have attachment issues. When you've been treated like crap as a child you learn all the wrong lessons about what relationships should be, and it's difficult to unlearn even when you recognise that it's bullshit. It's difficult to really let anyone in, and you hold yourself at a distance because you're afraid of being hurt. Or I do anyway. Saying 'you' sounds like I'm trying to analyse you. Saying 'I' sounds self-absorbed. Saying 'one' would just make me sound like a pretentious arsehole. "One holds oneself at a distance." Sounds like you want to let someone in but I know that this isn't easy. It's not a story you want to tell but if people don't hear it then how can they really know you? I think that's where feeling fake comes into it. I sometimes think about telling all to people I know but I don't. That creates a distance. I do find it easier to talk about stuff like this online though. People here are friendly and understanding and I'm glad you've (re)joined.
  11. Self-loathing as a defence mechanism. Avoid uncertainty about relationships by thinking everyone hates you. Don't give anyone the opportunity to prove you wrong.
  12. Maybe the ants are trapped in the Matrix. The promised ant will one day appear and then make two shitty sequels.
  13. Sort of creepy but funny. We must unite to stop the dogs taking over. The pets will thrive and we'll end up with a planet of the Apes type situation but with dogs, which sounds adorable but the human race will end up enslaved. But then Donald Trump is president. We welcome you our new doggy masters. Oh you have a coherent plan to deal with covid-19? Who's a good boy? (yeah I'm not American, but if that's the only problem you found with that plot line ...)
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