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  1. Then I woke up! I like this band. Might not be everyone's cup of tea.
  2. I've been torturing myself all week. Mentally I mean, as if that's better. There is no hope and I'm just fucking deluding myself by thinking otherwise. I have this shit opinion of myself which I can't get rid of. To think that I could ever be happy! Worthless piece of shit that I am. And I try to struggle against it but not believing such shite seems worse in many ways. I'm a nice person and I don't deserve to be alone. Thinking that makes my eyes all watery so it's much better to think that I'm worthless. Arsehole.
  3. Theresa May's going, which solves absolutely nothing. There are many reasons to hate Theresa (the Windrush scandal for example) but I don't think anyone could've solved this mess. And you look at the grim parade of tories who want the job and don't see how any of them will solve this and stop the country tearing apart. Boris Johnson. That mop haired fucktard was fucking useless as foreign secretary and many tories dislike him. But Boris is Boris, with his floppy hair and his anti-muslim baiting comments. The thought that this twat could be PM! He was a good host on Have I Got News For You but he's made a fucking mess of everything else. I was already thinking of emmigrating but this guy as PM? What the fuck is wrong with people that this could even be a possibility. And Nigel Farage, why do people still listen to that frog faced cunt after all the lies he told about Brexit? But people still believe in him because they're fucking stupid. A general election would be a good idea, but that doesn't solve anything either. Jeremy Corbyn has spent so long sitting on the fence that he has anal splinters. Useless prick! He was an old school principled politician but he's had nothing to say about brexit. He's seemed either indifferent or opportuntistic when he's called for a general election. Have an opinion you beardy manhole loving twat! So we're all fucked. A second referendum which maybe this time asked... ok people voted to go for a meal, and we've been arguing whether to go chinese or thai or italian etc. Let's just go thai. Fuck you! You're betraying the spirit of the vote because we all know that everyone wanted chinese. But thai is still a meal. Just everyone is pissed off with the political system and thinks brexit is going to solve it all, because we won't have europeans interfering with our politics, just our own good ol' fucking incompetent politicians fucking everything up without the EU bureaucrats telling them what to do. Canada or New Zealand? Jacinda Adern is amazeballs! And Flight of the Conchords.
  4. Yeah I have wondered if they're just making this shit up in order to piss off us English people. Here's an English person! Let's talk some gibberish so they'll think we're talking shit about them. Wibli wobli cmywngwny obylobgveny dodadob. Though to be fair (to be fair, to be fair, to be fair. You're watching Letterkenny the other dayee. I'm up to season 3. Good recommendation, and that's whats I appreciates about yous) oh I was going to say something else but I've forgotten what it was.
  5. From about 4:40. Hopefully not blocked in other countries. There's subtitles if you can't understand Scottish.
  6. Some Welsh words I learnt today. Microwave = Popity ping Jellyfish = Psygod wibli wobli Pancake = Crempog Her over there = Onco fonco Butterfly = Pilli pala Scarecrow = Bwgan brain Disgusting = Ychafi Might as well = Man a man a mwnci Idiot = Twmffat/lembo Spinach = Spigoglys Don't lift your petticoat after you've peed = Paid a chodi pais wedi pisio Welsh sounds like a much more fun language than English. Why are all us lembos speaking boring English when we could be saying things like "Crempog"? The world would be a better place if we all spoke Welsh. There would be peace in the middle east if they just learned Welsh. Though it would be harder to ask for directions.
  7. It's not a dumb question and it can be difficult to know if you're feeling "normal" if what's "normal" for you is feeling depressed. Maybe not at all relevant but I think there's a difference between people with long term depression and those who are suddenly hit with depression at some point in their lives. The people who might wake up one day feeling depressed probably suffer more acutely, because they can remember being "normal" and can't get back there. With long term depression you don't really have any baseline for what it's like to feel fine, and it can be difficult to believe that such a state can even exist for you sometimes. Being confused about how you feel is pretty normal when your feelings are so confused, as they often are for me. I think that when suicidal ideation rears it's ugly head then it's a pretty unambiguous sign that I'm not feeling great. I know such thoughts can come and go without you being in danger of jumping in front of a bus, but it's never a good thing to think about.
  8. You've got some talent there. The colours! I know very little about art but I like that picture.
  9. I'm not sure where to start. The woman who called you pathetic for self-harming was a dickhead. Equality means that women are just as capable as men of being dickheads. But men aren't from Mars, and women aren't from Venus, as Ananke said. Women aren't Venetians, they're from the same planet as us, and you shouldn't generalise from one bad experience because that would be fucking stupid. You know that old tale about the fox who wants the grapes? The fox can't reach high enough to get the grapes and so decides that they're sour anyway and he doesn't want them. Women are all bitches anyway, who want to steal your house. You see the parallel I'm trying to draw there right? You want to be a 'Slayer' of women? My name is Buck, I'm here to fuck! Not prepared to deal with women's shit? Oh yeah! All they talk about is handbags and periods. No they don't. Maybe try to see women as human beings and you might get laid. They don't all want to steal your precious fluids in order to ruin your life. I'm no expert on women (or humans in general) but I think they like to be thought of as something more than just a thing to fuck. But anything offensive you might've said says more about your own insecurities. And you've talked some shit but you're lonely and insecure. I don't say that in order to offend you but because I think it's true. .
  10. You sound great. Those people can go fuck themselves. Yeah you can't punch everyone who's an arsehole unfortunately, and a concussion is unlikely to do anything to improve their personality anyway.
  11. God I'm sorry if I sounded too sneering about religion. Or if I didn't then I'm sorrry for being sorry about... fuck it, I'm sorry that I exist. Evangelical atheists piss me off and I don't mean to sound like one of them.
  12. That's odd. Yeah you wouldn't be crazy if you could only believe in the bearded white guy who sits on a cloud and sends us natural disasters to punish the gays (I know, and I'm sorry to anyone who's religious because that was an unfair characterisation). Religion shouldn't come into it and it's pretty scandalous if someone you're seeing through the NHS is trying to convert you. Have you tried letting Jesus into your life? The guy's a riot! He can play bass guitar and chugs beer like an elephant. Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone who's religious, and rest assured that I'm going to face eternal torment in hell, which seems proportionate for a few cheap jokes about religion. Hello Satan! You're shorter than I imagined. That's shit though. Have they tried an exorcism with you? "The power of Christ compels you!" Christians apparently hate garlic, or is that vampires? Something like that anyway. Or was it onions? Normal onions or spring onions? Probably either would work. So what you want to do is smell of onions in order to get good mental health care. I'm sorry. We laugh or cry at such shit and it really is awful that this has happened to you. I've had my own problems accessing mental health services but nothing like this. If I haven't made it clear enough already I'm not religious, and if the help that was offered me was someone trying to convert me to Christianity I'd stick that cross up their holiest of holies.
  13. I have nothing useful to say. Just always seeing the title of this thread makes me think of this song for some reason.
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