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I don't have a proper DX but fear not, as I'm sure you'll eventually realise I really do have some fucking issues. I mostly a nice person. I say mostly because I despise bigots, maybe because I have to make an effort to be a rational and normal (whatever the fuck that is) human being, and those arseholes come out with the most irrational and stupid shit. No thought, no questioning their own sanity or wondering if they sound stupid. As a result they come out with the most idiotic bollocks. I wouldn't wish depression on anyone, but maybe it would improve some people's personalities.

So I might sound offensive to bigots, and I do sometimes come across as self-righteous and politically correct, but it's only because I'm right and you're wrong. It's not that I think I'm better than anyone else, just better than you if you're going to whinge about the gays and the feminazis. And if you stick around long enough to read my posts you'll realise that I'm full of self-doubt and not the pompous arsehole that I'm probably sounding like right now. Depressed from a young age and been through all the usual crap which depression brings.

Currently trying to turn my life around and the depression isn't as bad as it used to be. I used to be the person who regularly posted about wanting to kill myself (before I came to this forum), and was just terrified by existence and hopeless about the future. I'm not exactly cured or a shining example of what can happen, but I never thought things could get better. They did. Not perfect but more manageable. I want to help people who are stuck in that same pit. It's not just you. 

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