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  1. Sort of a fitting end to Trump's Presidency. Horrific and embarrassing. If America was founded after the tea party that seemed more like a meth party. I never thought Trump was like Hitler, Mussolini maybe, but what's more worrying is that there's people who support him despite hearing the nonsense he's come out with for four years, because it's fake news and your country is run by satanic pedophiles. He doesn't have the intelligence or ideological motivation of Hitler, luckily, he was just a dumb narcissist who thought everyone who isn't him is inferior and needed constant validation from wha
  2. I don't know the James Young who has anything to do with gay marriage. That's not really a good argument is it? He mentions someone, who I googled but still don't get who he was referring to, then suggests that I might be too old to understand kids these days. I was commenting on a response to a music video, which is about 35 years old, after someone talked nonsense about gay marriage. Firstly, I'm not old enough to be called a boomer, and secondly, he was objecting to me disagreeing with someone's bigoted opinion, like "You're too old to understand us young'uns and our homophobic opinions gra
  3. Who the fuck is James Young? I wrote a long and sweary response to someone (on YouTube) who'd talked about the slippery slope of gay marriage some months ago, and someone replied with "Don't you know who James Young is you fucking boomer?" No. Should I? Does this have any relevance or is this just some bloke you know? James Young was a Scottish chemist who discovered a method of distilling paraffin from coal and oil shales. Eh? And calling me a boomer like all the yoof know who this fucker is but I'm too old to be down with the kids. Who the fuck is James Young? Not bothered by being called a
  4. Reading it back I did wonder why I kept mentioning that. Christmas. A bit drunk at the time and drunks tend to repeat themselves. Did I mention that I'm not gay? I really want to make that clear because I don't want to be mistaken for someone who exercises regularly, dresses well and knows how to dance. Being called gay would be a compliment. I know those are stereotypes. But yes, saying that I'm not gay so much? The lady doth protest too much. No, that was excessive and probably due to my inebriated state of mind at the time rather than me wanting to hammer home the point that I'm not gay. Di
  5. Holistic has always seemed like quite a vague word, and maybe a meaningless one. Politicians sometimes use it in order to sound impressive - "I believe we need to take a holistic approach to the problem". Which isn't very specific. Yes a holistic approach is better than a small minded approach based on a narrow perspective, but what are you actually going to do? Holistic includes everything. The whole rather than the parts. But then before holistic became a thing people believed that their perspective included everything. Psychoanalysis - wanting to fuck your mother explains everything. So may
  6. I came across an old post I'd made about Poland and their homophobic laws. Wondered if my response telling people to go fuck themselves (on a travel site) was still there. It was, surprisingly. There was this response which said that that Poland's anti-LGBT laws weren't prejudiced because they're only there to prevent gay indoctrination and stop them getting "uppity" (Yes they really did use that word. Uppity gay people acting like they have human rights. They do. Fuck you.). What the fuck is gay indoctrination? I'm not LGBT myself, just have a minimal degree of intelligence and have never com
  7. I don't think I've met a Trump supporter with mental health problems. I mean, if you think he's a good President, or even a good human being, there's clearly something wrong with you, but "crazy" people seem to unanimously despise him. We're just crazy, not stupid. I'm probably going to sound wankingly pretentious but it does highlight how sanity is socially defined. He is such a fucking idiot. Leaving politics aside and just going by the things he's tweeted, there's something seriously wrong with the boy. And he hasn't achieved a damn thing. Ripped up some of Obama's policies and built some b
  8. Erm. Reading that back I have no idea what point I was trying to make. Whatever it was the point wasn't to sound rude to you notloki, which it does sort of sound like now. Sorry. Or am I being paranoid? Sorry anyway.
  9. Not a picture, though I suppose a video is a lot of pictures shown one after the other with sounds. So not a picture. https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_qlyxq2HTLZ1y8aven.mp4 Epic roast battle between a transgender woman and a guy in a wheelchair. Very offensive, but funny.
  10. Do you think I was born a female? I shall take that as a compliment. Though I do have a prostate.
  11. Hah! Yes. Back in the day we had things called videocassettes, which we'd pick up from a place called Blockbuster. Hopefully I won't be discussing this in a nursing home one day. Does anyone else remember Blockbusters? What's wrong with kids these days? We aren't that old.
  12. Follicle-stimulating hormone test. Had to look it up. Jesus Christ being a woman sounds complicated sometimes. Though I'm probably approaching the age where I should get my prostate checked. Hmm. Or HHHHHMMMMMMMMMM! as I might say during the procedure.
  13. I was studying this recently because I had to make an academic poster on the effects of a drug on synaptic transmission. I chose to do it on alcohol, for obvious reasons, and it does really mess up your brain chemistry. Explains "hangxiety" and the insomnia, neither of which is a good thing for someone already prone to depression. Another thing I read was that people who don't suffer the worst effects from drinking alcohol are more at risk of developing a problem. If you vomit all over the place and wake up with a murderous headache another drink is probably the last thing you want. Serves as
  14. Oh damn! Missed the Queen's speech again. What was 'one' talking about this time? No, I was thinking Christmassy thoughts about Jesus and his little elves, then I saw my previous post and thought that it required some sort of explanation. At the time I really didn't know what they were referring to. What the hell did I say which would provoke that response? Maybe don't listen to that song because it's annoyingly catchy and you mighty find yourself singing the words at the wrong moments. "Don't play stupid don't play dumb vagina's where you're really from."
  15. I know. But just because I stop after a while and I'm not drinking everyday doesn't make it fine. Like MiaB pointed out bingeing is hardly better. Maybe worse in some ways because you're still doing damage to yourself but think it's OK because you can stop (or at least do stop). Also the fact that I'm not usually a bad drunk. If anything I'm nicer and more outgoing since I'm not as cripplingly self-aware. I've seen it as self-destructive for quite a while now, and sometimes in the past that was very much the intention. And I don't want to need to drink to get over the crippling self-awareness.
  16. Oh I do remember what that was about. I was saying that vaginas aren't evil and that we all came out of one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp-KeVBNz0A
  17. Drinking for four days, you're going to crash eventually. Knew well enough it was coming but went there all the same. After posting that I did do the sensible thing and go to bed. Woke up feeling terrible for much of the week. Drinking now but it's Christmas day, and I haven't drunk as much as I usually would. I've never been in much danger of being an alcoholic. I do stop eventually, though that might be after an epic binge which lasted a week. My liver explodes with delight. I have been drinking less regularly recently since I have to attend online classes and study, and I know that my brain
  18. Really find it difficult to like myself. Stupid fucking worthless prick. Sorry. This is too much isn't it.
  19. But maybe I'm a better person when I'm drunk because I've never really managed to fit in anywhere. Ah stop it!
  20. Hello! I'm Fluent in Silence and I don't think I have a drinking problem. Just drink for days. On my forth day now. That's normal isn't it? Try to ignore how I'm destroying myself. I don't want to do this but I can't feel comfortable in my own skin without it. Stops the thoughts about how crap and worthless I am. I wish I could feel good without it. No I don't have a problem. What the fuck are you doing to yourself you fucking idiot?
  21. I get some weird messages on my phone sometimes. Someone has replied to a comment on youtube that I don't remember posting. This morning it was "You're wrong, my mother had a c-section." What the ... ?
  22. Did LOL at her reply. Over 10,000 posts here. But well done you! Keep up the good work! 😆It's just a number and probably about half of those posts I regretted anyway. I do talk some shit sometimes.
  23. Thanks Hopelessly Broken, that's cleared a lot of things up. I would make an effort if I was driving to not endanger autistic children, it's just that putting up a sign explains nothing. I'm not totally ignorant about autism and have read about it, and I've met people here who I like who are autistic, but seeing that sign, I wouldn't really know what to do about it. And I've met people with autism and I'm studying psychology. I should know better than most people what it means. So if I'm ignorant then god knows what normal people make of it.
  24. That's the sort of useful information which these signs are failing to convey. Although if they're eloping then they aren't eloping well if they're staying in the same area with the sign posts. I hope I'm not sounding like a dick. Honestly do find these signs confusing. They don't put up signs for bipolar disorder. SLOW. FAST. SLOW. FAST.
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