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  1. jarn, never apologize for talking about your dogs! noted. i'll look into it. thank you! @Persona_Is_Life thank you for sharing! that makes me hopeful. my obsessive stuff is not severe, but it's beginning to turn into a contamination-type thing, which i'm concerned about. i'm struggling with using the washroom at work because i'm afraid of getting someone else's piss on my hands, somehow. it's rather stressful. plus the usual sexual intrusive thoughts about people i know, which got a lot worse on abilify. hopefully it all settles down soon.
  2. calm and relaxed, but still struggling with self-harm thoughts despite a pretty okay mood.
  3. hi everyone, figured i'd just resurrect this thread instead of making a new one since there's all sorts of good info in here. i'm going to be starting clomipramine soon. my OCD-ness is up in the air, but i have OCPD, intrusive thoughts, and a chronically low mood, so pdoc figures it's worth a shot. i was on effexor 225 mg and risperidone 0.75 mg for ages, and it worked great until risperidone made me lactate. :^( we dropped that and tried abilify for a bit under the theory that i seemed to respond well to effexor + low-dose AAP. abilify gave me pretty bad cognitive side effects (terrible memory) right off the bat and i had to discontinue because my work performance was beginning to suffer because of it. i was on 2 mg for a couple months. effexor, currently at 262.5 mg, is going down to 150, and i'm starting clomipramine at 25 mg this week, once i manage to get my script to the pharmacy. not on an AAP at all currently. my main question is, did any of you find clomipramine sedating at all? i don't seem to do well on activating drugs. anyone who's tried this and hasn't chimed in on this thread already, please share your experiences! my hopes are still up, but it seems like many of you had a mediocre experience on this. @Catwoman if you're still around, and still on clom, how have you been doing?
  4. hungry and a little anxious, though not for any good reason.
  5. how to fix thin, wrinkled skin? elderly at 21, i guess.
  6. i feel okay moodwise, but i also want to cut? also, how am i this off balance after one beer? pfeh. alcohol and MI/meds really don't mix. this bitch loves escapism, though.
  7. acrylics are HARD to use. sooooo much blending and mixing!
  8. this is what I got when I went on CB using the shitty wifi at pdoc's office. hi @Fluent In Silence!
  9. oh jeez. love a PD ignoramus! i think i might throw out the childhood trauma theory i've been going with and start taking laxatives. thanks for the laugh, ananke!!
  10. nah. i sometimes don't like it either. however, in my partying college days, a 1 AM pizza to soak up the booze tasted like heaven. what's the worst-tasting med you've ever taken? doesn't necessarily have to be psychotropic.
  11. i have a very good therapist right now and i clicked instantly with her. after our first appointment i felt pretty hopeful, and by the second or third i knew for sure it was a go. if you're feeling good, definitely go back at least one more time to "double check" with yourself. i drive 35 minutes to see my tdoc and pay out of pocket completely, which is about $160 CAD (~$120 USD) per session. i'm lucky that i'm able to do this, as i have a car and can swing it financially between living at home and working full time. it's totally worth it, in my opinion. i only wish i could see her more than every two weeks, but i'm trying to save money right now, and doubling my therapy costs wouldn't help that. anyway, my point is, it's worth it for someone who gets you. if you can manage the time and cost, go for it.
  12. lousy. i was stupid at work today. plus pdoc is timed inconveniently tomorrow and i feel like my coworker is irritated with me for needing to come in late because of it. i'm sorry! my brain doesn't work!! i wish i didn't have to go either!
  13. cheap contact lenses, some sketchy investment in gold/gold mining, and zumiez clothing. the last one, i get, because i browse around there from time to time. what can i say, i dress like a teenage skater boy. the gold investment though, i don't know. i'm not very interested in investments. or gold, for that matter.
  14. @DogMan i hope you get good news. i hate uncertainty too. bored and a bit antsy this morning.
  15. not so bad today, but work is very, very slow. i'm having to make up things to do.
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