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  1. i do like where i live. i studied in Vancouver for my degree, but i moved back to my hometown because i missed it. i didn't appreciate the beauty of where i live as a kid/teen, but i love it now. and i'm perfectly happy living in my mom's house. she's got a big yard to play with the dogs in. what's your favourite kind of bird?
  2. i live in my mom's house. i'd like to own my own home one day, but in this economy... yeesh. what was the best med you ever took? including any you are still taking.
  3. not too bad, but had to email our accountant at work, which is always unpleasant. i always have to defend my competency with her.
  4. i have a few toques that I wear partially for cold weather, but also for fashion. oh, and i have a snapback that i got this summer to try and venture further into hats. mild success. will/did you have to talk to anyone you dislike today?
  5. work went by quickly enough, and pdoc bumped my abilify, which i wanted. plus, it was a nice drive up to pdoc's office this morning (35 minute drive).
  6. what's your dx? my pdoc just gave me 2 mg abilify for low mood/anxiety stuff. i took 0.75 mg risperidone for a couple years, which worked great until i started lactating. >:( it's not doing much good so far for me, though i've only been on 1 mg for the last few weeks. besides the anxiety, did you find any activating effect from <5 mg? i doubt my pdoc will raise mine beyond 5 mg, since i don't have a mood disorder dx. my issues seem to stem from anxiety and OCPD.
  7. @Hume's doona i love christmas shopping. i think giving gifts is a big way of how i express my appreciation for others, so it's always really fun for me to find something they'd like.
  8. @Geek oh my GOD! that's hilarious. i've had to call the CRA (canada revenue agency) quite a lot lately at work, and after skipping over plenty of french "press 2" options, that bottom french line just really got me.
  9. can the workday be over yet? fucking goodness. it's been a good day but quite long and tiresome.
  10. @yarnandcats take time for yourself at all costs. try your hardest to some alone time every day. dealing with people all day for days on end is an excellent way to burn out quickly. i've been having a fuckton of job anxiety lately. i can't do this, i'm stupid, i'm underqualified, i should quit. BUT! i finally requested some time off to visit my sister and my friend in calgary. that had been weighing on my mind a lot.
  11. norman fucking rockwell! by lana del rey. her music is hit and miss for me, but i really like this album. it's too early to pick a favourite, but "doin' time" is great.
  12. hey, welcome to the "PDs that aren't BPD" club. i thought the same thing of my OCPD dx when i was first looking into it. like, so what? i work too hard, i'm attentive to details, how is this a disorder, and what's bad about it? i think my first CB post was actually to the effect of "this is my dx, is it actually bad?" you know how they say that people with PDs sometimes don't recognize it because they see their behaviour as normal? that's true, and it takes a looooong time to begin to actually see the ways in which your behaviour or thoughts are disordered, and it takes a hell of a lot longer to correct them. the other thing is that there isn't much info about PDs outside of BPD, so you sort of have to feel your way around. it takes time before you can look at something you're thinking/doing, and realize, "hey, wait, i know what's going on here, and it's not right." i'm able to see OCPD patterns in the stuff i do outside of the symptoms listed in the DSM, but i've had this dx for a couple years and have been in therapy for the majority of that time. what helped me was talking to professionals who were familiar with my dx (my first pdoc who dx'ed me was amazing in that regard), talking to others with it (i found folks on tumblr, and also @ananke here!), and reading everything i could get my hands on about it. there might be limited info online, but there may be a book or two about HPD, or some studies. information is out there, it's just up to you to find it. like any new dx, you'll have to sit on it for a while. i don't think i really "got" my OCPD for the first year or so of being dx'ed. it takes time. for now, keep it in your back pocket, and when you get to see the guy who tested you again, push that you want to talk about it.
  13. the kindest thing anyone did for me while i was grieving after my dad died was bring food. a friend brought a big platter of deli meat and cheese and buns, and we just ate sandwiches for days. another brought us date squares. i really appreciated both. it sounds like your friend is going to be taking on a heavy burden by supporting a grieving family. if you have time and ability, cooking dinner for her one day would probably be appreciated. soups are a good option because you can make a lot of food for not much effort or money. the best thing you can do for someone who's going through a hard time is giving them one less thing to worry about. beyond that, check in on her, like harp said. it always helps to know people are thinking of you.
  14. that's a tough one. i know i feel comforted by seeing other folk's scars, but i'm not actively harming and don't get any "itch" to harm when i see someone else's scars. someone who is actively harming (or recently in recovery) might be more triggered by them, particularly if they're long, wide, or pink/red. that's what i experienced, anyway. i think if i were you, i'd be more inclined to let them show, even more so if they're very obviously old and long-healed. depending on your style and dress code, you can always take along a light cardigan, sweater, or other arm-covering piece of clothing. my go-to is an open flannel shirt, but i'm in a very casual workplace. also worth considering is an arm sleeve, like the kind used for UV coverage. i think sports places carry them, but also amazon, for sure. obviously it depends if you would feel comfortable wearing one/if it would mesh with your style, but it would cover the scars themselves. plus, it might act as a flag for folks who self-harm(ed). i know i, as someone with scars, tend to suspect seeing someone who never rolls up their sleeves, or otherwise goes to some length to cover their arm(s). as for the tattoo, gearhead has good advice. tattoos can do a good job of disguising scars, particularly in the case of shallow scars, but i've found that if you know what to look for, they're not too hard to see under the ink.
  15. i'm so anxious, and i know why, but it's a stupid, irrational reason. so i'm anxious and irritated with myself.
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