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  1. i'm actually really interested to see in the future what comes of that research. i had an experience where taking mushrooms (unsure of the specific variety, it was dumb college experimentation) lifted me temporarily out of quite a dark depression. my mood was instantly and significantly brighter for at least a few weeks following that trip. the other two times i tried them, i took a lot less and didn't trip, but also didn't get any antidepressant effect. i've always wondered if the brightening effect from the first time was placebo or if something more happened there.
  2. @MiaB i've always written, lots particularly in high school. dry spell through much of university. i'm trying to get back into it a bit. also, granted! but you have to list them off one after the other, starting now. any repeats or hesitations will result in the evaporation of everything you've wished for so far. can you do it?
  3. granted! you suddenly develop a deep interest in minimalism. everything that isn't absolutely essential must go. you get rid of your knick knacks, your books, your decor. you compulsively paint your whole house white. now your living room looks like this. you get lots of compliments! partially because there's nothing to do in your house besides sit and talk. you sit neatly on your charcoal couch and eye the bird sculpture on your sideboard. your eye twitches. no, leave it, it's artful -- or is it clutter? you decide to make a coffee to settle your nerves. you only have one mug. it sits cleanly on your espresso maker. you are forced to throw your coffee grinds out the window, because you have no garbage can. where will you sit to drink your coffee? the couch, with no reachable side tables to rest your cup? the metal basket chair, which has no cushion to interrupt its clean, modern lines?? your bar stools, where you can look upon your white kitchen with its white cupboards? you sit on your couch again, holding your mug. the bird sculpture haunts you. i wish my back didn't hurt.
  4. mia, this got such a laugh out of me. thank you. and, granted! the local mob pays your speeding ticket. now, it's not the government that you owe, but Stone Cold Harry. what will it be, the money, or your little finger? i wish i could leave work early today.
  5. definitely have a cold, which is actually a relief. i was afraid i was making myself ill by anxiety alone.
  6. @dancesintherain I hope everything turns out okay. making mistakes at work is so upsetting.
  7. unwell. i took yesterday off and just phoned in for today as well. i don't know if i'm coming down with something or if this is some sort of weird anxiety thing. i have a sore throat, feel shaky, and keep alternating between too cold and too hot. nausea yesterday and a bad headache.
  8. -14 C (7 F) here this morning. it's been such a mild winter so far, this has really been a shock to my system.
  9. granted. you call in a genie instead. he fixes your light on your first wish. on your second wish, he grants you the knowledge of an electrician, so you can fix all future light failures. on your third wish, he double-crosses you and turns you into an electric object yourself. it's not so bad, but plugging yourself in at night gets rather boring as you sit there, awake, waiting to recharge. i wish my office was warmer.
  10. bump abilify to 15 maybe? it's approved that high for depression adjunct, i believe. or, if you think that the spike in depressive stuff is coming from the added stress (and i'm assuming added anxiety), maybe a better place to look would be your anxiety meds. do the ideation and depressive symptoms get better at all when you take your ativan? how often are you taking it lately?
  11. hey, i'm not sza/sz but i just wanted to say that i also did an accounting degree and now do bookkeeping for a small business. i think it's a really good sort of job for people who benefit from routine and don't like to deal with the public. i do payroll, invoicing, ordering inventory, entering transactions, etc. i almost never have to talk to anyone besides my boss and the accountant who does our year-end stuff and quarterly GST reports. the other nice thing about bookkeeping is that it can offer some flexibility for folks who can't work full-time. lots of small businesses only need a part-time person to keep their records up to date and process payroll. some bookkeepers even work from home. going into public practice or doing your CPA is obviously quite a bit more demanding, but i can't comment much on those options as i'm not currently pursuing either. just wanted to drop in my experience as a MI person in the accounting field. i wish you luck in your studies!
  12. have not one, but TWO infected cuticles right now. biggest shoutout to my constant anxiety-fueled skin-picking.

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    2. jarn


      It is.  And yet I can't stop biting/picking at my cuticles.  It's worse in the winter too.

    3. echolocation


      winter is terrible for me too. i always chew my lips in the winter as well as the ongoing cuticle destruction. i end up looking pretty pathetic with my band-aids and scabby lips. sigh.

    4. jarn


      Are you sure we're not related?  lol.  Let alone the cold I have which split my upper lip owww

  13. okay, but some anxiety in the pit of my stomach.
  14. horrible mood has lifted? don't know why, but i feel much calmer now.
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