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  1. pretty good, but i have a painful, monster zit brewing on my chin, one of those really red angry ones that doesn't come to a head. i'm grumpy about it. also @jt07, how's it feel to have hit 22,000 posts?
  2. i don't know, but i find myself afraid for the future a lot these days. i'm afraid of how things could get worse. i wonder why it's happening too and all i can blame it on is greed. maybe technology has given us better ways to weaponize greed now, or spread it faster. what was the first place you lived after you moved out from your family home?
  3. feeling pretty good. i get to help with a garage door install at work today, which should be fun.
  4. raise your hand if your back hurts. :angry:

    1. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      Now that you mention it...

    2. echolocation


      my lower back has been giving me the works lately! i think i'm on the mend, but jesus have i been stiff. hope yours is feeling better, harp.

  5. always, no matter how short the drive. one of my ocd fixations is preventable injuries. have you ever kept a journal, or do you keep one now?
  6. valued, appreciated. i was chatting to my coworker about our boss's weird antics as of late and i expressed that his bad mood has been hard to be around for me. coworker said, "don't quit. please don't quit." i wasn't thinking about quitting, but it was really nice to hear that i belong here.
  7. not good, very afraid. there is conflict between my boss and coworker, and my boss has been in a horrible mood for the last few days, and other people's bad moods scare me. they are family and i think the issue runs deeper than just work stuff. i'm trying to stay out of it, but my boss keeps talking to me about how he's going to have to hire someone new. i don't know if he'll go through with it, but i wish he wouldn't involve me in it.
  8. i have a bearded dragon!! his name is Finch. he's very sweet. are you good at word games?
  9. i can't stop picking at my face. i swear i actually have decent skin, i just destroy every minor bump or spot that appears.
  10. @Unstrung Harp good luck with the retreat! wishing you healthy productivity and a clear mind. :^)
  11. eggs, alone. i just cannot eat a plain bite of scrambled/fried/boiled eggs. do you read any comics, and if you do, what's your favourite?
  12. ketchup, i guess. i'm not a big condiment person. is it already getting hot where you live?
  13. not bad, but not great either. i've been really down on myself lately.
  14. for the record, effexor isn't stimulating at all for me, and actually sedates me pretty significantly. i actually like that, though, because it totally knocks out my anxiety and day-to-day jitters, and has me sleeping like a rock. it does mean that i'm reliant on coffee to get going in the morning, though, and my body appreciates a mid-day nap when i can swing it. the sleepiness was more acute when i started effexor (cue flashbacks to falling asleep in lectures...) but obviously it never totally wore off for me. i believe it got better for me after i reached my target dose (225 mg), but i also adapted better and found ways to minimize the sleepiness. it's a really good med for me. i hope it works out for you, too. also, @browri, thank you for sharing your knowledge! very interesting stuff.
  15. i went to a play put on by the local amateur theater club. it wasn't very good. i actually ended up leaving at intermission because it was grating on my nerves. what the most important thing you have to do tomorrow?
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