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About Me

hey i'm echo!

BORING STATS: 22 years on earth / canadian / she or they pronouns are fine

my dxs are obsessive compulsive personality disorder with avoidant traits, generalized anxiety disorder, and intrusive thoughts that may or may not be OCD. i struggle with depression sometimes, but i don't have a formal diagnosis for it. pdocs seem to agree it's a result of PD stuff. 

i currently take 150 mg clomipramine (50 mg AM, 100 mg PM).
i also have a pdoc-approved stash of 0.25 mg risperidone that i can take PRN for breakthrough crazies.
3.75 mg zopiclone PRN for sleep.

in the past i have taken:
escitalopram 10 mg - gave me brain fog
sertraline 150 mg - too activating, even when i took it with risperidone. racing thoughts, obsessive spirals, and lots of anxiety.
venlafaxine XR up to 262.5 mg - not enough to keep anxiety covered by itself, but worked wonderfully with risperidone. discontinued in favour of clomipramine.
risperidone 0.75 mg - worked excellently, discontinued due to lactation.
abilify 2 mg - made me dumb as shit and didn't do fuck all for anxiety. took with venlafaxine.

take care!


last updated: oct 14, 2020

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