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  1. at an intellectual level i can understand the idea of cognitive distancing. I appreciate and know the truth of what CBT says about the nature of thoughts, but it doesnt seem to lessen the impact of them. They can still punch me in the gut and leave me winded. Must try harder i guess. thanks for replying
  2. I liken my intrusive thoughts to a visual “ear worm”. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with a constant “visual worm” of , without going into too much detail, an unpleasant scatalogical nature?
  3. Ive taken the plunge. Been 4 weeks without an SSRI/SNRI for the first time in 25 years. Ive got Pregabalin & Diazepam to cushion the blow. Still getting Paresthesia tho it is milder so maybe its the Pregabalin??? Intrusive thoughts are through the roof and i feel like i could burst into tears at any time. Depressed as well though not in a "cant get out of bed " way. im going to give it another two weeks and see what happens. Going to see Doc about paresthesia if its still there and im thinking of lowering Pregabalin and getting back on an SSRI at a level i can tolerate the Paraesthesia at
  4. ive had two lots of CBT, done a mindfulness based cbt course and an ACT course. To be honest ive found the Stoic philosophers more helpful than any of these courses theyre not really working (maybe mildly) that's why im thinking of stopping them. Its just side effects all the way - im hoping to go back on them in the future in the hope that the break will leave my system a little less primed to overreact I know its a fanciful idea, appreciate the replies
  5. has anyone tried taking a holiday from meds? It seems my system just cant cope anymore. The most recent drug Reboxetine has been horrible. constant Dyspepsia , vomiting and the dreaded Paresthesia. I think im gonna just stick with pregabalin (which side effects i can cope with) and try to taper off Diazepam (cos of the bad reputation long term use gets). My Psych is against it and has persuaded me to try Trazodone. If my system reacts badly again i think thats it, ive had it. I just cant see an antipsychotic or tricyclic being tolerable whilst the others arent. Im tempted to tough it out and just put up with the OCD/anxiety and intrusive thoughts for as long as i can & then if the wheels start to come off go back & try an SSRI again. Ive had 3 years of coming on and coming off meds and im sick of it! sick of feeling ill. I may as well just be mentally ill instead of physically ill too has anyone tried this before?
  6. ive been on them for 25 years. for some reason about 18 months ago they started to give me bad paraesthesia. I switched from snri cymbalta to sertraline, then fluoxetine, then citalopram then effexor which ive justed tapered off. Dunno whether to try Luvox (which ive never tried ) or try escitalopram again (which id had about 7 years ago). next step is clomipramine or an AP but im convinced that anything that touches serotonin is going to give me this paraesthesia.
  7. Ive taken 5mg of diazepam every day for a year now for irritability and anger (on top of pregabalin). Im currently SSRI free and feel horrible , Ocd is florid to say the least! 5mg isnt alot in comparison to what some take but im going to have to come off it at some point. Im seeing the psych on Monday so ill find out what the plan is then
  8. no youre not the only one. Sometimes I can actually smell some of the things im having intrusive thoughts about. the two main strategies i use are these - mindfulness - observe the thought, dont react, let it be there, and watch it pass. Ignore/distraction - this is basically "white knuckle riding" it and is my least preferable method. Sometimes it works. its counterproductive to try and not think about something. If someone tells you not to think of a white bear what happens? you think of a white bear. Its the same principle. Theres no easy answer to any of this. This has been the most distressing aspect of Ocd for me and even though ive learned to meditate its an aspect i still find distressing.
  9. SSRIs went all weird on me after 20 years. They suddenly started giving me paresthesia. Same with SNRIs. I tolerated it for about a year but eventually it got to much. Reboxetine has proven to be useless. Got an appt with Psych next week to see where we go from here. Fortunately ive got Lyrica and Diazepam to keep me calm(sort of...barely) whilst intrusive thoughts are trying their hardest to tip me over the edge
  10. yes im gonna need to try Clomipramine. im just assuming im gonna get paraesthesia cos its listed as a side effect. It seems anything serotonin related sets me off which was why the psych suggested Reboxetine. Any particular AAP you recommend for intrusive thoughts? ive been wary of them because I need to stay reasonably functional as I run my own business. ive probably read too many articles abut them being blunt instruments.
  11. Ive had to come off SSRI's/SNRIs due to very bad paraesthesia. I toughed it out for years but cant hack it anymore. Im on pregabalin 450mg, diazepem 10mg and recently started Reboxetine which whilst helping me feel like getting out of bed isnt touching the intrusive thoughts or the irritability and anger. The pregab and Diazepam combined with CBT and some Stoicism keep the anger and irritability at just about bearable. Anyone got any ideas for off label stuff i could suggest to the Psych? Is it possible that 25 years of SSRIs have made it so that any drug that touches serotonin is going to give me paraesthesia?
  12. In this sort of situation I sometimes find Epictetus's dichotomy of control helpful. Whatever is within your control is all you can deal with. Whatever is out of your control, let it go. You cant change what you've done in the past so forget it and let it go. Whatever you think you need to do to avoid going to hell then do it now. im not saying its easy but if you keep reminding yourself to "let go of what is out of your control" it can be quite empowering and helpful
  13. i'll probably have to give them a go. Ive started taking n-acetylcysteine and i think im gonna try nicotine gum. its out of desperation cos of the discontinuation syndrome & startin Reboxetine. Intrusive thoughts galore!! but ive got to wait and see what happens thanks for taking the time to reply
  14. i think thats coming next if Reboxetine doesnt work. Its an NRI so doesnt touch serotonin. Ive had rage and irritability for the last two years so its to see if SSRIs are the problem. Im worried about weight, have you had any issues with anti-psychotics?
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