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  1. Hi, Sras..haven’t moved yet, nearing panic mode...yes, the Wellbutrin helped a lot. Didn’t hurt myself again, but I keep thinking about it. Holding on. Still don’t want to socialize. Maybe soon.
  2. Hi. Occurred to me, Juniper, that we just changed my meds last month. Feel like I can’t see my hand in front of my face! Am taking Effexor, lamictal, with xanax and ambien on the side. Stopped Wellbutrin and in a downward spiral since. Hope starting that again will help me pull it back together.. To Fluent, you hit the bullseye. I cut when I’m drunk, so first step for me will be Wellbutrin to help reduce drinking...and to connect again with my friends and family who I’ve been keeping at bay since Xmas. Maybe start walking my dog again. You helped me a lot, my friends.
  3. Thank you...so glad I’m not alone. I have a psychiatrist for 12 years, see him every 3 months for med checks...we have tried various drugs alone and in combo...our meetings have been “I’m fine.” Tried several therapists to no avail. We’re moving in a few months, so hoping for a clean start. New place is close to the beach...always a peaceful place to me.
  4. Technologically challenged...this is my first chat room. Hope I got it right and someone can see this... I am 66 years old, been on anti depressants for 12 years or more, why count...have never found a therapist worth the title. I cut myself for just the 2nd time tonight because the first time, a week ago, seemed like the right thing to do. After two or so years of life being crap, everything in my life started going great about two months ago, and when that happened I just started feeling nothing. These little cuts are the only thing I feel, and the only thing that is totally under my control. I know I am heading the wrong way.
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