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  1. Part of that is the intruse thoughts. Intrusive thoughts are a major part of what I go through as well. Thinking "what if I ever get drunk and put the cat in the microwave?' or "someone in my family is getting blindsided on the highway and now they are dead". It's common. Well at least to us. As for the voices, I almost wish I had that problem. Not being funny. I started talking to myself a few years ago and that other person I created had its own personality. I would switch at in public if I saw something I didn't like. I started to like different food. different TV, you name it. It became weird. I finally myself without therapy just confronting it was just the inner me, just trying to be something different. No, I wasn't Yes, I was. OK, the last part was just me being funny.
  2. Actually, it's usually white frosting, though... Oh, we're still doing this. Umm. Dirty snow covered in dog pee? My guess is as good as yours. EDIT: You're right! I have been screwed for 40 some odd birthdays. Thanks.
  3. Fluent, I meant Carrot cake can have no issue becoming cake but Cheesecake. Heh! Dammit, Martin! This is compressed air! (Points at your brain.)
  4. Cakes. They are still food racist against dairy. Meanwhile, carrots get into a cake like it's no one's business.
  5. Less cheese. Did you not read my manifesto? Short as it was.
  6. I have to admit, I was giving up on mental health forums. You guys are awesome! A forum that doesn't take a condescending view and a great sense of humor. Hello there, sign me up! Wait, I just did.
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