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  1. I've had lately discussion with my friend. He has very anti therapy and genarally anti psychology views. I must say I couldn't manage to find good replies on some of his argumets and I acctually agreed with some of his views. It gave me some second thoughts about my current therapy as I'm not very satisfied with it recently as I think it leads me to nowhere. He recommended some interesting articles about it. I'm sure many of yo heard about James Hillman. What do you think? Here are some of the materials he shared with me which I found the most interesiting: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092656616302410?via=ihub
  2. I'm not the best in giving fast response either. The best one I could tell always comes to my mind much too late...
  3. I have the same but with cyclists. It's a nightmare, whenever I drive by them I always have a panic attack. Especially on narrow streets. Unfortunately I don't know how to overcome it, but I know it's a pain.
  4. I also notice that the personel in hospitals is a nightmare sometimes. Have my European experience and all I can say they also don't treat you nice here. I have very good and nice pdoc I visit regularly, but hospitalisation is a different chapter of my life. I don't know if they're tried of their everyday job, but they seem not to care at all sometimes.
  5. It's a good question @sugarsugar. No, I don't have many outside activities. I only hit the gym once a week, and sometimes meeting with my family and my husband's friends. That's what I'm writting about it will be completely new place of liviging for us, with no family or friends living as close to us as now. So it will be hard at the start, that's why staying at home also for work can be disastrous for me. But on the other hand it would be nice to avoid loosing the time on driving and spend more time with my little son.
  6. I bet on crocs. Don't know why but they always seem to me to have the most morderous minds. Maybe because they're so quiet. So what would you rather be eaten by, a croc or a shark?
  7. I'm really happy for you @jt07 that Abilify works that well. It is the drug of my life too. Yes, I know that Abilify can make some people manic. I know somebody personally who reacts like this on the med. And I'm aware I can be exception on that matter, I just shared my experience, maybe it will help. I hope that pdoc of @Cinnamon knows what is doing and know the case well.
  8. I'm not sure if I can totally agree with you @jt07. I'm not a doctor either, my username is just the character from the book by Chuck Palahniuk, to make it clear. But in Europe Abilify is approved for BP I too. I don't have only bipolar, but also schizoaffective disorder, so mayby that's why it works good on me. But as far as I know Abilify works both ways, can stimulate you when depressed, but can cure your mania either. I can tell it from my experience that it always calm me down while on mania or psychosis. I don't know if it's typical reaction as my pdoc says I don't react on the med as many patient do, cause I also sleep a lot on Abilify, but it definately helps me to deal with my mania, as I don't have many depressive periods. Like I said I'm not the pdoc, I only shared my experience. And I agree it should be real doctor that knows the best what will help in this particular case. I hope you get the best possible med option to cure your mania, it doesn't have to be Abilify, but it helped me @Cinnamon
  9. I always wanted to be an artist @Rabbit37 but I guess I'm not very artisticly talented. But I'm glad to hear you found something that you love to do. I'm not sure if I have this level of tolarance for my own solitary periods of life. I wish I was more social, so I guess working from home can cause even more difficulties with people. The thing is @argh I have no problem with contacting people over the phone or email them, the thing I need to work on are contacts in person. I'm always deadly scared to meet new people face to face and have interactions with them. So probably that's why my therapist was so sceptic about it. Thanks for advice anyway!
  10. It always works for me. Normally it's about a week or two to behave normally, full recovery takes some time though. I need couple of months to get me there.
  11. Thanks @argh the problem is when I decide I want to work from home it will be permament. It will be just from home with meeting with my coworkers maybe twice a month as the company is very far away from my new place. You were lucky you could choose that from time to time you work from home and the other you stay in the office. I would love to work from home because of my little son but I'm afraid my social phobia will progress.
  12. The thing is we're moving in few months. I will need to change my job. The place we're moving into is quite far away from the city we live now in our apartment. I might find a job somewhere closer but I have another oportunity from my cousin. She works for the company where you can just work from home. I could do what I do now proffessionally, but I could appear in the office just from time to time. What do you think? Is it a good idea for someone with a bit of social anxiety? Or will it only deepen my phobias? My therpiest is very sceptic about that as she thinks i shoud be more among people. I really liked the job I've had and the people there. But there is always a risk that in another office it might not be that good. On the other hand I don't know if i want to stay at home most of the time and separate myself from the people even more. If you have any ideas or experiences please share.
  13. Congrats! I know it's hard decision, hope you will soon be arranging big housewarming party! I hope that for me too, as we're moving to our house this autum. Have a great time with arranging your new place.
  14. I can relate. I hate driving and I'm awful driver. I only drive if I have to. Everytime it costs me a panic attack, so I feel for you. Try to drive always with someone at the start, it helps me a lot if I have someone to guide me and support me a bit. Maybe it won't be so bad with SUV. You never know, maybe if you try it you will love it. Good luck!
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