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  1. I've been on Abilify for a few months and it seems to be making my depression worse. If Rextuli is having that impact on you, Abilify may, as well.
  2. a mood tracker can help. just mark symptoms as they happen. i use emoods which is pretty helpful but has ads.
  3. i learned just a year ago that my belief that i could control the wind, my conviction i was destined to give birth to the antichrist were delusions and that the music and voices i was hearing, the feeling of bugs on my skin and talking to myself were all signs something was wrong. this stuff started when i was still in jr high. i graduated in 98.
  4. quick update: the official dx is bpi and i'm currently trying out lamotrigine 100 mg
  5. i was diagnosed with mdd in my early twenties after several hospitalizations. after talking with my current pdoc, i was rediagnosed with bipolar. not sure which designation just yet. i see her again on friday. after lurking here for a while and reassessing my memories, i know now that i was pretty delusional, even as a teen, and have no clue how i managed to go undiagnosed for so long. at any rate, here i am at 38, starting to test out new treatments and maybe find out what it feels like to be functional.
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